Cireena's Journal, 12 March 2011

Did any one during atkins, even though it is working great with them, just ruined it for no reason because of emotional eating? i'v been ruining my diet a lot lately, on the excuse that if i get it out of my system now ,, i won't miss it, like today, all i could think about was having pepperoni pizza, my mind didn't rest until i got out and got myself one ! ate 2 pieces .. later on i felt so overwhelmed with guilt !! just then i remembered what Dr. Atkins said in his book "the folks who lose perfectly well and feel perfectly fine - but give up anyway. their situation really troubles me".

i don't know why i did it! i want to think it is emotional eating, but i can't pin point the certain emotion that i had to ruin what is a perfect diet for me !.

did anyone face this ? if yes pleaaaseee give me some advice i don't want to ruin the hard work i put into this for the past 4 months !

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I don't know how long this has been going on, but the ingestion of carbs (like the crust, and possibly the sugar in the pizza sauce) ...will continue to cause metabolic responses inside your body! You're not going crazy, or anything... you are over carbing. And when you do, it becomes a vicious cycle that can be difficult to turn around. Ok - here comes the good news!!!... YOU CAN STOP THIS. 7 days of a CLEAN Full Induction Only Diet...will rid you again of the cravings, of the thoughts, the hormones, the insulin responses... there's a lot going on in there right now... It will settle back down, and then you can move forward again. Please be drinking your water, everyday, all day, non-negotiable. And TRACK EVERYTHING!!! Total accountability. Make a commitment to this 7 days to get this stuff out of your system. Whole, clean, natural foods. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! 
12 Mar 11 by member: jsfantome
Take note of what jsfantone has stated. It is true. The sugar, the insulin responses all part of it. If I fall off the wagon and would have even some--the cravings will come back. It's not good for me to even try. By the end of the day I would only end up jonesing for more. 
12 Mar 11 by member: carolm121
Also slow down if you get the urge so you can pick up what is going on...change the response from eating junk food to something else.  
12 Mar 11 by member: carolm121
Thank you all for the support !!! Jsfantome i think what you said really gave me a boost !! i think if i cleared my system from all the carbs i'v been consuming and take a good look at my what i'm eating again by recording it i might see y i got these cravings back and ruined my diet the past two days.,,, as for watter,, i stopped drinking soda's for a week now, i give my self a treat to have one diet soda in the weekend, but since i stopped, i started drinking alooot of water ! more than 7 small bottles daily !. Carolm121 thank you ,,, i think i need to find a new alternative to vent other than food :D  
12 Mar 11 by member: Cireena


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