Cireena's Journal, 08 March 2011

FINALLY, i got myself new jeans that actually fit,, i miss the feeling of wearing the baggy ones :P cause they actually made me feel i lost weight, coz i don't see it when i look in the mirror,,, i need to work extra hard to make these new jeans looser so i get that feeling back.. i almost lost half of what i need to lose, after i lose 22.5 kgs, i need to lose the exact same ammount to reach 65 kgs (MY DREAM !).

my doctor says medically i should be 49 - 50 kgs loool ,,, i'm like YEAH RIGHT !. he said i can do it, a little exercise,, keep doing atkins and u'll be there without even noticing...

at this moment,, i truly hope to reach 65, and i'm sure i'll keep going and lose the extra 15 to be 50kgs, i know i can do it, but i need to be patient which is something i'm not very good at ...

this journey has got to come to an end. a happy ending of a weight loss journey :P maybe i'll write a book about it some day, try to help others to do the same.

Best of luck to all, i love you all for the support you gave me to last this long !!

i owe it all to you
on diet Atkins  


Fantastic on the new jean! I too felt the same when I got smaller pants, I felt 'fat' because they fit. When my old clothes used to get tight or fit real good I always knew a new size - up - was coming and didn't like it. Its hard to get used to clothes that actually fit. I too love that 'loose' feeling. You are doing a great job and I like your doctor know you can do this. Not far now. Isn't Atkins great? 
12 Mar 11 by member: sarahsmum


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