kingkeld's Journal, 05 September 2013

Good morning!

So, a little of the weight came off today. Thank you! :)

Yesterday was a good day. I stayed within the RDI with no hassle (I shouldn't have any "hassle", RDI is so high that this is easy enough when I do good), and came through the day with 700 calories to spare. Absolutely no issues, and fairly sane choices all day.

I did invent a little "weight loss mini game" yesterday. I wanted to see if I could handle having "just a little" of a few things, as I just felt like something. I decided that I wanted ONE little piece of chocolate from the huge bowl sitting on the fridge at work.

I went, got one, and had it - mindfully. I enjoyed it, took a minute or two eating it, and then moved on. I didn't feel like I wanted more, I didn't feel like I needed more. I felt that I was in a safe place, and that the carb monster wouldn't wake up from it. I was right.

In the evening, seeing that I had 1000 calories left for the day, I decided to have a small(ish) ice cream. I did, it was great, and again - no carb monster. The clock hit 7 PM and my feeding window closed and I had no urge for anything.

This was a GREAT feeling. :)

Could it be that if I just make the decision on the portion size beforehand (and make it a SMALL one!), and don't go overboard on anything, the carb monster will simply stay asleep?

I think it shows that there IS hope that I can learn to just have a little. It takes practice, but it can be done.

The next challenge is cake day today. The DREADED cake day.
Wife is doing an experiment on the cakes today, inspired by a Danish candy called "P-tærte", translating to "P-Pie". P is for Peanut, I suppose. It's a small peanut/marshmallow/chocolate treat, about 20g. She will, however, turn it into a larger cake.

Basically it will be a chocolate cake with layers of marshmallow, and peanuts, and then as topping a hard shell of chocolate. This is cake heaven, if you ask me. LOL. I will definitely want a piece.
I have already entered it in my calorie counter, and added 50% more than I want to eat, to make sure I count enough calories, and I have ensured that I have plenty of apples available if I suddenly want more, more, more. One piece is what I will have, that's all.

Can you tell i'm excited, though? :) This is a cake that I do NOT want to completely miss out on. I will restrain myself though. One small piece. That is all.

I'm working tonight, and I won't be able to go buy any treats that can get me in trouble. Today is a good day to do this. If the carb monster shows up, then there really isn't anything I can feed him.


Yesterday was really uneventful, so there really isn't all that much to say today. It was a nice day, with enough to do to keep me busy, and quiet enough for me to not stress over anything. A good day.


I'm really looking forward to working the gym tonight. It's such a fun place to be. So many cool people, so many who wants to do better for themselves. So many questions to answer and so many I can lend a hand. I like it.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- easy days maintaining weight.
- Wife
- Morning coffee
- The walk I'm about to go on

Happy Thursday! I can't wait to report that I did NOT wake up the carb monster today. See you tomorrow! Life is good! :)
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What a great game to play... I shall have to try that myself :-) 
05 Sep 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
It's fun when you WIN it. And when you lose it - you get MORE CANDY! LOL.  
05 Sep 13 by member: kingkeld
mmmmmm.....supersized P-tærte my idea of heaven :0) dont blame you for being excited!!!! 
05 Sep 13 by member: qapl
Yay you - and yep - you CAN do it. Instead of saving it for indulgence day and going overboard you have a small single (thing) and satisfy the craving and be done with it! Thanks for stopping by my journal - I've decided to get two air sharks ( well - 1 shark & 1 killer whale) so visitors can play too - you helped me remember guys and toys :-) 
05 Sep 13 by member: FullaBella
Bella - TOYS ARE IMPORTANT! As a guy, I can not say this often enough. LOL. I'm SO jealous. Can I please come to the party. I'll pass the delish foods if I get to play with the shark. :D 
05 Sep 13 by member: kingkeld
UPDATE: P-tærte cake is canceled, as our little supermarket apparently is out of marshmallows. How is that even possible?!? Anyways, the menu says regular chocolate cake, so I have decided to go for apples instead. Chocolate cake is not interesting today. I can't say I'm not disappointed, but I'm also relieved. :) 
05 Sep 13 by member: kingkeld
Sorry your cake party got cancelled. But very pleased you managed to have some treats and that you didn't go overboard. You proved to yourself that you can have your cake and eat it too, so to speak, and that you don't have to just dive in to the bottom of the pit and lie there. Such a good lesson to learn. But be cautious. One foray into that land doesn't make you bullet proof. some days I can handle a piece, some days the candy wagon drives over me. So I usually tend not to 'poke the bear' and just not eat it. But I am so pleased that you handled it, I know this is an issue that worries you. And congrats on the weight dropping.  
05 Sep 13 by member: sarahsmum
In your photo if you leave the two middle fingers down like that and stick out your thumb - in Hawaii it means "Hang loose". I lived there in 1985 and 1986. Glad to see you're doing well... 
05 Sep 13 by member: GlennM
In your photo if you leave the two middle fingers down like that and stick out your thumb - in Hawaii it means "Hang loose". I lived there in 1985 and 1986. Glad to see you're doing well... 
05 Sep 13 by member: GlennM
I think we eat mindlessly. We don't think about it at all, therefore, we OD. I remember an episode of Star Trek, The Next Generation where one of the crew members was eating 1 piece of candy and savoring it as if it was the last piece of candy on the "starship". If we did that with everything we ate, learn to appreciate the taste, texture, aroma, maybe we'd eat slower and less. Cool that you didn't resort to just grabbing something else carby to take the place of the decadent cake you were supposed to have. Therefore, no regrets. 
05 Sep 13 by member: ClassicRocker


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