kingkeld's Journal, 06 September 2013

Good morning!

It's a beautiful morning in Denmark! It seems that the summer - which we were assuming had packed up and moved south already - is back! It's weather for shorts and sun glasses! I like!

Yesterday was a BUSY - but fun - day. It was our long day at work, and straight after work I went to work at the gym. Man, it was BUSY! I did 9 rounds of introductions to our system and machines in 4 hours! Wow.

I was BEAT when I came home.

The result today was pretty clear. I'm down 1.2 kilos, so today I am at 82.7 kilos. My legs are sore from HOURS of standing up, but I feel great.

I decided to skip my walk this morning and go to work early instead. Early in equals early out - and I can do my walk when the sun has warmed up the air and I can take wife out for a stroll. It'll be nice.

I did my workout, though. I sent a text to the owner of the gym letting him know that I'd go in early, and be gone again before he'd get there. I was working out at 5:45 am, and done 6:15, and at work at 6:30. How about that! Talk about efficiency! :)

I was actually debating whether I should do the workout today, or wait until tomorrow. I'm working the gym tomorrow, so I could just squeeze it in before work. I'm glad I went today though. It would have bothered me if I didn't.


A buddy of mine asked about the scales that we use at the gym. The one that measures bodyfat, metabolic rate, muscle mass, etc.

I took a look at it this morning, and found out that it's a Tanita Innerscale BC-545N - take a look at it here.

I'm seriously considering buying one, if I can find it at a good price. It's expensive, but it's a GREAT tool.


So, today I have NO plans, other than work and walk. I have NOTHING going on. I have no food plan, nothing.

My idea for today is to leave work around 11:30, and Wife and I will go have lunch. It'll be a very reasonable lunch, the same place where we normally go on Saturdays. Since I'm working tomorrow, I figured I'd treat her out.

There is no buffet today, so I am a lot safer than I'd be tomorrow. :) Today is just general, average, Danish house hold dishes, and I can easily find something good with plenty of meat for my protein intake.

Dinner will be cooked at home, and we'll shop for it after lunch. I have no idea what it'll be just yet.

There will be no snacks, other than fruit and maybe a protein shake if I need it.


Yesterday was great on the calories too. If I was to critique anything, it would be that I was too low! I had 900 calories left when I went to bed. I felt this a little during my workout this morning. I felt that I didn't have the same raw strength that I usually do, but I was still able to push through it and finish everything.

I had all my protein, and enough fat.

Again, 1.2 kilos down since yesterday is really nice.


So, tomorrow will be a busy day. I probably won't get to journal much, unless Wife and I wake up very early. I will try to get my sleep in, so it probably won't happen. We'll see.

Tomorrow will be a GREAT day to SKIP Indulgence Day for me. It will be a normal eating day.

I will be at the gym from 8 am to 3 pm, and in all that time I obviously can't have any bad foods. I can't be munching pizza or eating candy while people are working out to lose weight! That would be SO wrong. LOL.

So, once I am off from work, I essentially just have to "behave" for another 4 hours, and my feeding window will close and I won't be able to do any further damage. The trick is simply for me to eat proper food for lunch at the gym, stick to fruit for snacks, have a nice, large dinner with Wife and Daughter, and then leave it at that. Maybe a small snack post-dinner, but nothing major. I can do this.

I'm curious how this will affect my fluctuations, my further weight drop, and everything else that I normally see going up (and going bad) on Sunday mornings. I hope to see that I can still drop another kilo or two, but I am not at all sure that this will happen. Just how much fluid build-up do I have? How much can I actually shed?


It's interesting, though. I measure my weight, body fat, abdominal fat and BMI every morning. And of course I observe my looks. And some strange/interesting things are happening these days - it's coming after I upped my calories.

1. I weigh more. A couple of kilos. They come off fast, though, and might as well be from me pigging out on weekends.

2. I have increased weight on so many machines at the gym over the last few weeks. Two more today alone!

3. My body fat percentage is climbing. When I weight around 80 (and under) it usually sits around 5-7%. Today, at 82.7 kilos, it's 11%. Several days this last few weeks has it been 10+%.

...these thing would make me think that I am getting fatter. Increased weight, increased fat%.


4. I can CLEARLY see my arms and upper body get more toned. I see veins on my hands and arms that I never knew I had. Not even when I was 8 kilos lighter did I see these. I am leaner than I have ever been.

5. My belt is still buckled in the last (innermost) hole. I have never been able to do this before. Mind you, I have cut 5 holes in the belt to accomplish this. The last to were "just in case I'd ever get to that point, though I doubt it". Well, I'm there now. I can't get any skinnier, as my hip bones won't allow me to tighten the belt any more.


Seeing these things makes me wonder if there is much more fluid to shed, but that it just hasn't happened because of bad food choices on the weekends? I have definitely been going overboard way too many times. I really want to skip doing that tomorrow, to see if I can knock it out of the ball park over the course of the next week.

Again, all it requires for me to do is it eat real food. It's easy.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Having the keys to the gym!
- Getting my workout done!
- Summer having a small comeback this weekend.
- Wife!
- Morning coffee!

Have a great weekend! Life is good!
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Busy, busy, busy. Just shows that an active life (exercise apart) is good for keeping you in shape. Not that I am saying don't exercise... Just that... If we keep moving all day, instead of sitting on our b~m$, we can keep to a reasonable weight and fitness level. Life sounds really good :-) 
06 Sep 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
I couldn't have said it better, Pam. You are 100% right. The more we move, the more energy we have, the healthier we get. I like it! 
06 Sep 13 by member: kingkeld
I love that you punched those belt extra holes ahead - not as needed - totally goal oriented and fulfilling :-) 
06 Sep 13 by member: FullaBella
It's nice in Boston, too, but I KNOW this Summer is going South soon around here. :-) oh well. :-) 
06 Sep 13 by member: kdennard
Glad yo got summer back. Glad you have dropped a little weight. You sound as if you are where you need to be, in terms of mentally, in terms of weight and in terms of looks. Now just keep it up, keep doing what you are doing and you just may find that this is maintenance for you. Sticking to real food and avoiding crap is definitely working for you.  
06 Sep 13 by member: sarahsmum
If your weight is going up, and your body fat is going up, but you look mostly the same while your lifts are increasing - there's a good chance you are adding actual mass and not just water. Fortunately, it sounds like you are developing some muscle mass. When I bulked the first time, I added nearly 25 pounds but relatively little body fat - if you're lifting, eating a small calorie surplus, and getting enough protein, you will add a mix of lean mass and body fat. But because muscle is so much denser than fat, you can add a good amount of weight before looking any larger in the midsection. It's nice to get larger AND improve body composition at the same time! 
06 Sep 13 by member: Nimm
Wow - you go guy!!! I am always amazed at home much time and energy you spend on your journals and your well being. Where does it come from? Wish you could put it in a bottle and sell me some. 
06 Sep 13 by member: Neptunebch
Ditto what Isabel said. Well done. Keep up the great work. 
06 Sep 13 by member: Helewis


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