kingkeld's Journal, 13 May 2013

Good morning!

This morning is a morning of records.

1. New low.
2. The biggest drop in weight I have ever had in one day.

Yesterday, I was kinda shocked - but not surprised - about the weight-in. I had done really poor the day before, and I knew it was gonna be bad. I weighed in at 83.8 kilos, and just had to deal with that. It wasn't the worst weigh-in, but it definitely wasn't good, and knowing all the junk I had eaten the night before, this wasn't a good thing at all.

But this morning...

I weigh in THREE KILOS lighter! That is 6.6 lbs to you Americans out there. I have never dropped three kilos in one day before. Ever.

This automatically brings me to a new low too, just 100g under the previous one, but a new low regardless, at 80.8 kilos.

I'm really close to my 80 kilo goal, where I essentially I feel that I would like to be. Then we'll evaluate from there what's gonna happen next.

The answer to that is pretty much a given, though. I feel great doing what I'm doing, and I feel that I generally have really good control over everything, so I'm simply gonna keep going. I keep adjusting a little on my intakes, but I never really reach high numbers, unless I do dumb stuff that I know not to. Those times, I am usually good at compensating, or - if nothing else - I have been low on calories for long enough that it really doesn't matter.

This is how naturally thin people do it without even thinking about it, right? They just generally eat less than they burn, so when they go nuts it doesn't matter. Right?

Doing what I am doing now, with my much higher activity level, this is pretty easy. I can definitely see the activities - gym, walks, just generally moving more - helping me out a lot. They make this fairly easy to do.

I burn about 400 calories extra from my walks on a daily basis, and an extra 250 from the gym 3-4 times per week. This is essentially enough to put me in a deficit, and help me balance it all.

It is, of course, also somewhat hard work. At least the gym is. But I love doing it, and seeing that it's only 30 minutes every time make it a lot simpler to do. :)

It feels like I am overall just getting a great hold on things, and I really like that. Many days I have absolutely no concern about my foods, but at the same time I really like entering everything and keeping track. I think it's a smart thing to do, whether I lose weight or not.

Should I ever stop counting calories? I am thinking a lot about this, now and then. It would be nice to be able to simply let go and go live life. Just forget about it all. But on the other hand, we have great tools to help us maintain a healthier lifestyle and keep us in check (at least most of the time) and why not use the tools that are available for us? They're free, and really no hassle to use. Why not just keep doing it?

For me, it's nice to have that little support. Like with everything else in life, I like knowing what I'm doing and where I stand. NOT knowing, and not caring, is what made me fat in the first place. NOT doing anything about it made my life incredibly hard compared to how I am feeling now. NOT doing anything almost killed me.

So, if all it takes for me to remain in control is to spend a few minutes on counting my calories on a daily basis, then that's what I'll do. If I one day feel that I am 100% in control and won't need this, then I'll reconsider. But there really is no point until then. :)


So, speaking of remaining in control - today is the 2nd day of "Prepping for Paris"-week.

Friday night, Wife and I are flying to Paris. I know from last time that it will be hard to register all my food, as I won't have internet access all the time, and a lot of the foods can't be fount in the database. A lot of it will be hard to decipher enough to enter it correctly.

So, I know there will be a LOT of winging it. I will do my best though, but it will mostly be taking pictures of the foods and then enter it later, after the fact.

So, I am gonna create a MASSIVE calorie deficit this week to simply make sure that I can be worry free and just enjoy the trip. And also, doing this makes me physically feel great, as long as I don't over do it like last time.

My plan is simply to stick under 600 calories from Monday and until Friday - maybe just until Thursday, depending on the travel arrangements.

I do it all the time now, the 600 calorie days, so I am in no way intimidated by it. I like the fact that this will give me about 6000 "saved up" calories extra that will give me some wiggle room in Paris. Of course, I won't be burning extra calories from gym over there, but we WILL be walking quite a bit. I'm counting on putting my phone to trace me through the day so I can tell just how much I actually have walked. I'm not sure it can handle it when it comes to battery capacity, but I would like to try. Maybe I can do it using my tablet instead. I'm gonna test that out today, I think.

I'm also considering maybe doing the Extreme Weightloss workout every morning while there. That's the exercises I used to do, way back last year. They're good, not too time consuming, require NO tools, and don't take a lot of space.

Still, I'm not sure if I will have space enough in the hotel room. The rooms we get are nice and clean, dirt cheap and TINY. I'm not sure I can lay flat out on the floor anywhere. I'll have to see when I get there. But I will make sure that the workout is sitting on my tablet waiting, so I can do it. It would be a great way to start the day. Maybe I will also do it here at home tomorrow and Thursday, when there is no gym, just to get the grip on it again before going.

I can't wait for PARIS! :)


Today is walk, gym, work, home for dinner, and then teaching my weight loss class. I'm always looking forward to doing this - it's so much fun. I'm also gonna call a few new clients that wants to join, and arrange start with them. I hope they're all still interested, and we can get going on a 2nd class. It would be nice, and the income from 6 extra clients would be MORE than welcome. :)


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Paris later this week!
- A great night's sleep!
- Massive weight drop, and feeling better and healthier!
- Low Cal Week! I actually like these. Low Cal Days make me feel awesome (dont' worry, not in a "let's avoid all foods"-kinda way, but in a "I can feel my body being happy and waking up"-kinda way.
- Morning coffee!
- Kitty Cat purring in my lap.

Happy Mondays! Life is good!

178.1 lb Lost so far: 163.6 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   losing 46.3 lb a week


Congrats sir on your accomplishments. From the East Coast of the US, I wish you a great day. KathyW 
12 May 13 by member: ClassicRocker
THanks, Kathy! :) 
12 May 13 by member: kingkeld
You could really max it out with the weight lifting the last two days before you go, it will allow the calories to go to good use :) 
12 May 13 by member: Cthulhu
Cthulhu, I will be going to the gym most of the days this week, so I'm way ahead of you. I get plenty of weight lifting from the circuit training. When I'm done with a session of that, I am BEAT. And boy, does it show on my mucle building. I'm amazed! :) When I weight 80 kilos on my way down the first time, I looked like a scrawny baby bird. This time I look strong and energized. It's wild. :) 
13 May 13 by member: kingkeld
I'm with you, it is much more encouraging to have more muscle underneath. 
13 May 13 by member: Cthulhu
It's funny the reference to 'how natural thin' people do. The other day I was overhearing a conversation where people were talking about a new restaurant and in short the comment was 'oh, I was too full to try a dessert' and the response from the other person was 'so was I but that didn't stop me' and naturally I turned and looked at that person - normal sized. Just 'didn't stop me', no 'oh, I was bad' or 'oh, I dread the scale' and on and on like we do here on FS. Of course, he could be journaling that now, LOL, but it was just 'oh, I ate more than I needed but no big deal.' Some day I will be that person. Some day. 
13 May 13 by member: FullaBella
Some day, indeed, Bella! I know you will. I love the fact that I feel that I am becoming that person. Two days ago I went totally overboard, not of hunger, not in need for anything, and did about every dumb thing I know to not do. Today, I reach a new low. The more I do this, the more I see that it's all about averages. Do good most of the time. When you do bad, compensate somewhere else. Live life. Life is good. :) 
13 May 13 by member: kingkeld


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