marcia200's Journal, 15 March 2013

as of yesterday I have started back on atkins i have put all the weight I originally lost this time I am determined to take it off and keep it off. Today I did oer 1100 calories but my carbs were low but I still thnk my calorie count is too high

Diet Calendar Entry for 15 March 2013:
1123 kcal Fat: 67.51g | Prot: 96.80g | Carb: 38.40g.   Breakfast: black coffee, splenda, half and half, eggs, sausage pattie, atkins shake. Lunch: chicken, peppers. Dinner: broccolli, spinach, fish. Snacks/Other: pork rinds, cool whip, sugar free jello. more...
on diet Atkins  


Hey Marcia200 -- Good for you for gettin back on track !! Don't worry about yesterday -- only look forward !!! Nothing feels as good as healthy and strong feels !!! I sent you a Buddy Request !! 
15 Mar 13 by member: Ra Ra
Thanks ! I thought I did way too many calories yesterday but the scale is down 2 pounds! I know I just started and its proably just water weight but hey its 2 pounds Ill take it! 
16 Mar 13 by member: marcia200
If you are trying to do Atkins correctly, make sure you are following all the requirements. Women must eat at least 1500-1800 calories per day with 60-70% of them coming from fat. Induction is 20 NET carbs per day, not less, with 12-15 of them coming from veggies. The veggies are NON-negotiable. Total Carbs - Fiber = NET carbs If you do this correctly (and I mean CORRECTLY) you will have a lifetime of health and success at keeping the weight off. 
21 Mar 13 by member: CRM1981
I could not loose weight following your 'regiment'... I had to increase the % of fat to 80 at least and lower the carbs to 10 max (lower veggies too)! I am now at my goal weight and with 20 carbs a day I keep stable, less than 20 carbs and I loose and more I gain. 
21 Mar 13 by member: Caroll51
From what you all are telling me I am not doing it right? So what am I doing wrong ? not enough calories? Maybe you could give me an example of what you are eating. i really want to do this right. Any healp would really be appreciated. When I have tried this diet in the past I start off good then I either stop losing or start gaining HELP!!!!!! 
21 Mar 13 by member: marcia200
Marcia, I'm say you're doing Atkins, but have you actually read any or all of his book? I'm asking because you keep mentioning calories. Atkins doesn't focus on calories, especially during induction. Perhaps you stop losing/start gaining fairly early on because you need a true understanding of this way of eating that a paragraph or two here can't cover. PLEASE read the book! That is the true way to "do this right". There's no way all of us can tell you what to eat, when, or how...the choices are endless. Reading and educating yourself will show you how to make the correct choices for YOU and your lifestyle. :) 
21 Mar 13 by member: RavenSoul69
Yes I have read the books in the past and currently read the new atkins. You are right they do not mention calories but everyone here and at the atkins website mentions them. The book mainly deals with fat and net carb percentages but when you add your food here at fatsecret it gives you the calories. 
21 Mar 13 by member: marcia200
Not saying calories don't matter at all...just that they shouldn't have to be a main focus. I hate the new Atkins book-- my opinion. I like to stick with the last one 2002 edition that the doctor wrote, himself. Hey, if you've read his book in the past, you have the correct way to do this! Maybe I'm not understanding what you're needing help with, sorry! 
21 Mar 13 by member: RavenSoul69
Hi Marcia, about calories, my opinion is it depends on how active you are. Your calories will fluctuate from day to day, personally I try to maintain between 1200 and 1700 calories a day depending on how active I am that day. If you spend the day outside gardening or a relax day on the sofa your calories should reflect that, again this is just my opinion and experience. I have lost about 68 pounds, my sister lost around 90 she has been at her goal weight 115 for months now, we are the Atkins girls (that's what people around us are saying!!!) For us it is extremely important to keep our % of fat as high as possible and even if the protein are also important, we try to keep them lower because they cause us to stall. Yes the new Atkins book is great but we follow the old one. Atkins have been "accused" to be too strict on veggies so they changed it so they don't get sued... but the real doctor Atkins had it right the first time... Again this is just my opinion and experience, I am not a doctor. Good luck! 
21 Mar 13 by member: Caroll51
I agree weith Ravensoul69, you should not sweat over calories... 
21 Mar 13 by member: Caroll51
My sister Caroll and I (Joann) are on the same Caroll51 name, someone asked us... 
21 Mar 13 by member: Caroll51
thanks for all the information. I noticed the difference in the older book and the newer one is that the newer one focuses more on vegtables while the older one focused more on fats. I think I will dig out my old book and reread it. 
21 Mar 13 by member: marcia200
The only difference regarding veggies in the new book is they actually gave them a number. In the 2002 book, Dr. ATkins said to get 20 "digestible carbs" (subtract fiber) with "MOST" of those carbs coming from veggies. In the newest book, the authors quantified the "MOST" by saying "12-15" of your NET carbs must come from veggies. Not that big of a difference if you ask me. Whether you follow the old or new, please make sure you're eating enough calories and veggies. 1000 is simply too low. It's best to do Atkins AS WRITTEN first. Then, if you are still having trouble, only then should you tweak things like switching around the fat percentage, calories and veggie net carbs. Do it as written first before you give up on it. 
22 Mar 13 by member: CRM1981
Thanks I am having a hard time getting all the calories in. My back went out 4 days ago and I have been on bedrestwhere Iam used to working and just laying around kind of kills the appetite. At least I am not eating junk food which I would have done in the past.  
22 Mar 13 by member: marcia200


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