kingkeld's Journal, 06 January 2013

Good morning, Fatsecret!

I didn't weigh in this morning. It's 4 AM, and I've been up for hours, had coffee and water and I have no idea where my weight is gonna be today. No biggie. I'll do it tomorrow.

I did NOT do good yesterday. I will have to think of it as an Indulgence Day, and just move on. That's okay. I was up for one, I just didn't think I had earned one just yet. Oh well.

Yesterday was a great day. We had my awesome nephew visiting, and he brought his girlfriend. They're super nice people, and we just click. It was great having them here.

Wife did a super Mexican dish for them, enchiladas with the works, and we all loved it. I know I did bad, I had too much, I enjoyed cake in the afternoon, but you know what? I enjoyed myself. I had a good time, and I didn't want to mess with it.

So I decided to just go for Indulgence Day. Accept the gain, and start on 1600 again today. So that's what I'm doing. I haven't had breakfast yet. I am still debating what is a smart move.

I'm going to the new circuit training gym today, in 6 hours. There will be a trainer to introduce me to all the machines and help me get going. I can't wait!

I am, however, curious about foods around this. I have no experience in this field, so I am calling on all you guys out there. What is the smarter way to eat around a "proper" workout? I know I've seen a lot about proteins afterwards. What about before? What about during? I probably only have access to water (and it's cheaper too), will that generally do?

My buddy JP mentioned recovery drinks. They are HARD to come by here, and they'll cost a fortune. That's probably a no-go.

Still, any suggestions?

After workout, I have a couple of hours to regain a little energy, then I'm off to rock out for the first time in 2013. I can't wait!

For now, we're gonna watch a couple of movies, and just chill. It's way too early to do much (it's now 4 AM), and I might take a nap before exercising. At this time I would normally (at least, the last week) do my exercise DVD and get on the bike, but today I'm skipping to make sure to have strength for the gym.

It feels weird skipping. But it's all for the greater good.

My cold is still bugging me. I'm starting to think it's something else. Maybe allergies? I do try to take allergy medicine, and it doesn't do much. The thing is, I don't really have cold symptoms any longer, just that damn stuffy/runny nose, and lots and lots of sneezing. It's SOOOOOO annoying and SOOOOOOO frustrating.

Tomorrow, I'll weigh in. I gained a kilo yesterday. I had Indulgence Day yesterday. I'm really curious - and terrified - to see what the scale says. Still, gotta get on it and get going. It's good motivation!

Today, I'm thankful for:
- Nephew and Co.
- Gym!
- Morning coffee!

Diet Calendar Entries for 06 January 2013:
1388 kcal Fat: 35.30g | Prot: 77.66g | Carb: 212.69g.   Breakfast: Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, Egg, Butter, Toasted Reduced Calorie High Fiber Rye Bread. Lunch: rye bread, makrel, Skim Chocolate Milk. Dinner: whole wheat spaghetti, canned tomato, parmesan. Snacks/Other: Sugar Free Orange Gelatin, Apples. more...
3465 kcal Activities & Exercise: Music playing - 4 hours, Conditioning exercise (health club) - 50 minutes, Sleeping - 8 hours, Sitting - 10 hours and 40 minutes, Standing - 30 minutes. more...
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Hey Keld. I have always had oatmeal 1 - 1.5 hours before a morning workout. My nutritionist had me on 30g of protein before a workout and 15g of carbs with protein for muscle recovery after a workout. That's always worked for me. if it was an afternoon workout, it was yeti be 3 hours before the workout for carbs. However, just 2 days ago I think, Sandy701 introduced me to this book by the authors of Atkins on the effects of a low carb diet on performance. I downloaded in kindle format and I'm halfway through it. It's a fascinating read and is based on the theory tat you can train your body through ketosis to use its fat reserves (instead of being carb dependent as is traditionally taught) to fuel your workouts. Pretty wild stuff for endurance athletes. Anyway, have a great time and come back with many details.  
05 Jan 13 by member: Helewis
Whew, I think you may have to stick with Chocolate milk over there Keld. They say its just as good. Supposedly the Hersheys Syrup (Sugary Chocolate Syrup) is just as good, lol (and much cheaper). I had a bit of a spike day yesterday too. Makes me wonder if it is even possible to stick to RDI with hard riding days. Heather, I cant fathom low carb for any workout routine exceeding an hour. I am not in the Atkins camp, I did it for a few months, lost 25 lbs, but had about enough energy to walk from my desk to the toilet, and that was it. I just felt ill, lazy, and generally not good. To each his own, i do certainly try to limit carbs at certain times of day, which many on here may debate too.  
06 Jan 13 by member: posterchild66
Well hope u feel better soon and glad u had agreat time with the family. I know its makes it almost impossible to keep on track when family comes around that u ave not seen in a while. U have done so well u have earned it to have an off day.. Today is new day my friend 
06 Jan 13 by member: bonthronm
After workout ( within an hour) I used to like a banana, (or 1/2) with low fat Greek yoghurt and some protein powder. Before I may have 1/2 banana and a little milk. Or my usual breakfast of egg on toast ( an hour before). Wheni did spin class, I would have water, with a quarter or teaspoon of sugar ( for glucose) 
06 Jan 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
I'm not in the Atkins camp either, JP, and low carb below 50g carbs is really tough for vegetarians. The concept of utilizing fat stores for fueling though is VERY interesting though, because we have so many of them stored (40,000 as compared to 2000 carb). The book is all science. I'm terribly efficient at refueling during endurance rides. It took me 4 months last year to find the right formula so that I wasn't famished after a 7 hour ride. But my jersey is crammed and carbs end up being like 300+ to accommodate it. I never really believed that all those gus and gels...too much sugar. I like the carbs with less than 8g sugar per 100 cals, and preferably with at least 5g fiber, 5g protein. For me that's nut butter sandwiches and pistachios. With 4 centuries last year it was all I could do just to maintain my weight. I'm still reading though. I'll send you my highlights. 
06 Jan 13 by member: Helewis
Hubby works out and says milk is the best recovery, he says the sports drinks are a con, they are little more than coloured sugar water and unless you are an athlete working your body hard for hours every day, a total waste of money....just good old water to keep hydrated. He plans to workout between meals that are healthlily balanced so no need for topping up on extra food if you are looking to burn off fat. If he is late home he'll have a hard boiled egg and a glass of milk, though he says leave it 20 mins before you get on the treadmill as an egg burp whilst running is not pleasant lol.  
06 Jan 13 by member: Di Happy
Good morning Kingheld, usually before work out, it's recommended carbs and after some protein shake. Unless you do some intense heavy workouts 2-3h long, like I do, you don't need recovery drinks, but if you want to make use of it, you can in the breaks during the workouts, you should buy them in powder, which are quite cheap(comparing), not as caloric, and you dissolve it in your water bottle, they are great also to avoid/diminish muscle fatigue and keep your energy levels through training. 
06 Jan 13 by member: Goethe
No workout fueling advice from me! I'm glad you enjoyed your day with your nephew. What's done is done. And even if Isaac Newton didn't say it ... What goes UP can come DOWN! Hope you figure out what is causing the cold symptoms! That can be incredibly annoying. Take care Keld.  
06 Jan 13 by member: madaboutmoose
I've heard that some people like to drink coffee or take caffeine capsules to increase metabolism and endurance. That's the only excuse I need to have more coffee :-) 
06 Jan 13 by member: Djburney
I don’t eat anything special before a work out - or a run or bike ride...I feel if i eat something it weighs me down and I’m not as efficient or work as hard- I do eat an egg for breakfast, and usually work out in the early evening. I do find Im hungry after - but then I have my dinner and that takes care of that. Keep your water intake up, and of course you feel better working out- it give you happy endorphins, makes you stronger and recent studies have concluded it keeps you mentally and intellectually more resilient against dementia and other degenerative brain disorders. so GET MOVING!  
10 Jan 13 by member: sarahduke


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