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18 June 2015

Good Afternoon, FS Warriors! Geez, it's hard to believe that I haven't been on here for a week, well, closer to two. And it doesn't take a whole week to get into trouble, believe me. I am not getting on the scale just yet. I don't know where the time goes; it just seems like the hurriered I go the behinder I get. I've been spending a lot of time trying to get my Linux server up and running. I'm rusty on that operating system to begin with, and I'm definitely exploring new ground. Still pickin and grinnin at church and at the nursing homes. This Saturday, the men are having a Fathers Day fishing get together at some local lakes, and I'll also be bringing along my charcoal grill to make some hamburgers and hot dogs. Yeah, we don't ever count on catching fish. I'm pretty sure we will all be able to talk about the ones that broke our lines and got away though. :D

I stopped logging and started eating. Funny how that works. In statistics, they would say there's a correlation, but not necessarily a causal effect. Well, I think it is causal, because when I don't log, I go off my diet. Turns out DW has a fractured rib, and she hasn't been real active. That has meant a few external dining experiences, as well as takeouts. I start out skipping breakfast, with the intention of cutting back for the day, and then end up getting a sausage, egg and cheese McGriddle just before getting to work in the morning. So, my resolve hasn't had much longevity.

I've got to get to work on my truck. I'm lost when I can't use my trailer. I still haven't picked up that old Ford 8N tractor I bought. The tires are all dry rotted on it, and flat, and rolling off the rim, so I'll have to take my bigger tractor out there to get it up on the trailer, and then go back and get the tractor that I used to get the other one on the trailer. There's no hurry since I bought it from a friend, who will no longer have space for it, because he's moving into town and selling his place out in the country. I'm going to have to settle down though; I probably don't need 3 tractors, since I don't have a farm.

Well, anyway, that's all that's going on in the life and times of DK. Praying that everyone is having a great week. Toodles!

05 June 2015

Weigh-in: 245.5 lb lost so far: 9.0 lb still to go: 55.5 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   (10 comments) on diet DairyKing's own diet   losing 1.0 lb a week

03 June 2015

Good Morning, FS Warriors! After a pretty hectic couple of weeks, I took time out yesterday for a little R&R, and stopped by a friends house on the way home from work. It was good to get away from all stress, even if just for a couple hours. DW put on a steak, wild rice and brussel sprouts when I got home. It was great. I think my portions were a little big, and I realized that I had gone about 100 over my RDI, but I'll survive.

There is no rest for the weary, I guess. One of the granddaughters texted me, requesting $550 so she and her boyfriend wouldn't get evicted out of their apartment. They live in Pennsylvania. Now, this granddaughter is about as wild and loose as someone can get, and has never been held accountable. I texted her that I was done enabling her, that she had shown no accountability or responsibility since the last time I bailed her out, and I wasn't bailing her out this time.

Since I was on a role, I contacted my deadbeat friend/tenant and told him I had waited long enough for him to contact me, and I wanted to know what his plan was. He told me he had tried to contact DW (not man enough to contact me) on numerous occasions, but he couldn't hear her when he got through, his truck broke down, and he is going into town to get some money for us today. He's had over six months to come up with an excuse, and that was the best he could come up with. I told him I was very disappointed with him, and expected him to be more accountable than he had been. I expected that he had wanted a hand up instead of a hand-out.

Well, between the village board meeting, and the issues with my granddaughter and tenant, I guess I'm just not living up to everyone's expectations. C'est la vie! At least none of this has thrown me off my diet yet. Thanks for listening. Toodles!

02 June 2015

Good Afternoon, FS Warriors! I am definitely an emotional eater! I did not blow it, but I came close. Had another Village board meeting last night. I'll just say it was very animated. There are always a few people that find fault with everything the board does. I knew the agenda was going to be tough, so I prayed hard for restraint, before I went. We had the Sheriff and the Village Attorney there last night, and some people had no conscience when it came to telling them and us what they thought of all of us. I wanted to reach out and touch someone, but I knew it would not go well if I did. Got home about 9:00 PM, and all I wanted to do was eat. I wanted something fattening and I wanted it "NOW!" I settled for some green grapes, blackberries and strawberry halves. I told myself that it wasn't worth going off my diet, and I was too tired to fight with myself. Still doing pretty well on my eating plan. DW made some Weight Watcher chile with a recipe she had from 30 some years ago, before Weight Watchers had the pre-packaged stuff. The unique thing about this chile is that it uses french style green beans instead of kidney beans. Believe it or not, it tastes like good ole Texas chile. Sure surprised me, but I've been enjoying it off and on for over 30 years now. Just thought I'd check in and  rant a little bit. Toodles!

01 June 2015

Good Morning, FS Warriors! Made it through the weekend without having to manage any real Damage Control. I had a couple instances yesterday where the cravings were starting to get the best of me. I wanted something, but really hadn't thought much about eating, so I would grab a few cashews each time I passed the kitchen counter. Now, I know that cashews are not the most horrible snack you can have, in fact they are probably a good protein snack. But they do have a lot of calories, and if you are like me - a calorie counter - munching on them can rob you of the opportunity to eat a nutritiously balanced meal. So, I just had to say, "Enough of this!" and looked up on FS, the caloric deficiency I was running thus far for the day, and sat down to a pretty satisfying dining experience that got me through the rest of the day. I think dieting really ought to be about getting the biggest benefit from the things you do shove in your mouth, while staying true to your RDI, or whatever drives you in your eating plan. I have found that unplanned snacking just leads to more snacking; I have never found that I am ever fully satisfied from snacking. When the box is gone; I generally want to move on to something else. Bottom line: if you are truly hungry - eat; but eat right. Just sayin. Toodles!

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