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22 August 2014

Good Morning, FS Warriors! It's raining pitchforks and hammer handles out there, or cats and dogs; anyway, it's coming down pretty good. And they say it may do the same tomorrow. I'm praying it does rain during the 10K. If it's already got to be over 90 degrees, with high humidity and a heat index of 105, I think I'd enjoy a little cooling rain. Who knows, if it's coming down hard enough, I might just save some time and skip my shower in the morning. Kind of silly to worry about rain since, with the humidity, I'd be soaking wet anyway. Well, it felt great to sleep in this morning. Funny thing about sleep, you get more, you want more. I'll have to be careful about that. I could get used to sleeping more than 6 hours in a night. LOL! I think, when I retire, I'm going to push the envelope and go for maybe 7 hours a night. 6:00 AM seems like an honorable time to get up in the morning, run in the daylight, take a shower, have morning coffee, and still start working around the homestead by 8:00. Sounds pretty good. I wouldn't wake up grumpy; I'd just let her sleep. :)
I do think I've lived a charmed life. I've had a few medical issues over the years, that I came through just fine, but I've never really had anything too serious, other than a really uncomfortable couple of years with a bad gall bladder, that they finally removed. Been great ever since - over 30 years. Why do I bring that up? Well, I attended the visitation for a friend on Sunday that, left a party, got out of his car at a car wash, and fell face down in the parking lot and died. We were both in the Navy together. He pursued a retired life of, basically, drinking. Tonight, I've got to attend the funeral for another friend that checked himself in to a nursing home, with no extreme health issues, just for assisted living and was in the obituary yesterday. We talked with him not more than 2 weeks ago and he seemed to be fine and in good spirits. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow; any of us could develop a brain tumor or some fatal disease. But other than that, exercise and good eating habits can cure a multitude of sins. In just about every case where friends have died, none of them pursued any kind of exercise regime or followed even remotely healthy eating or drinking habits. I don't want to live forever, but I do want to make the most of the years that I do live. As they say, "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away." In any case, I'm living for the moment, and trying to make the best of each of them.
There is a man who works for me, whose daughter is only 18, and she has to have a masectomy. The growth is benign, but is so large that she will have to have her breast surgically removed. I hope you will pray for her; that has to be very devastating for anyone, let alone a girl just entering college. Her name is Sarah.
I am a little better prepared for this race. I know that I can pick my packet up at 6:15 in the morning. I have mapped out the race course. I did want to visit there and check it out, but never found the time. It's almost a 2 hour drive from home. It is uphill most of the way for 3.5 miles and then downhill, with small exceptions, for almost 3 miles. I'd rather it was flat, but if it has to have hills, it's better this way than the other way around. The worst of it though, is only a 100 ft. climb for about 1/2 mile to the turnaround point. The 5K and the 10K use the same course, but the 5K runners/walkers turn around at about the 2 mile mark. So, there will be a lot of people taking off really fast, and I have to be careful I don't get caught up in that. Well, anyway, wish me luck. I'm excited about it, but I wish I had about 3 more years to plan for it. Well, here's wishing everyone a wonamous weekend. Toodles!

21 August 2014

20 August 2014

Good Evening, FS Warriors! Just thought I'd update my journal before I retired for the evening. Got back from the Nursing Home gig. An hour goes really fast; each of us really only had time to do a couple solos and a few group songs. We went around and either shook everyones hand, or like with the older frail ladies, just took their hands in mine and gave a little squeeze and told them we were glad they could come out and watch us. Got home and fed the big boy, and went and did my workout on the Weider Ultimate Body Works. Let me tell you, it doesn't take long for that thing to kick my a$$! I was sweating as if I'd run 3 miles. Of course the humidity is outrageous right now anyway. They keep predicting it's just going to get worse until some time mid-week next week. Anyway, I concentrated on upper body and abs, doing all the exercises I could remember, going from one to another sitting up facing the cables, lying on my back, sitting up facing away from the cables, pull-ups, those side thingy-does for the abdomen. Anyway, 20 minutes on that thing is enough for me right now. Got to run 2 miles in the morning, and that's the last run before race day. Just have to make sure I don't overload the digestive track for the next couple days. I don't think there's anything worse than getting half-way through a run and starting to worry about the where the nearest bathroom is. I know that race day is going to be miserable, so I just have to keep focused on my pace. They bragg that the start and the finish is both downhill. I hope that doesn't mean that the other six miles is uphill. Oh brother! Well, it is what it is; doesn't do any good to fret about it now. Well, I hope everyone has a good evening. And if you're reading this tonight, you really do need to get a hobby. LOL! Toodles!

20 August 2014

Good Morning, FS Warriors! Got up early, did my 2 mile jog to keep the joints from welding together. One more short run tomorrow, a day of rest, and then my first 10K. It will be a PR since I've never run one before. Since I haven't been doing any speed work, only concentrating on distance, it will be a very slow and long race for me. If it's as hot and humid as they are predicting, I won't even try to make any time, I just want to finish it, to say that I did it. They say you shouldn't run any pace you haven't trained for, so I won't.

Ever wonder how an inanimate object can have so much control over your life? I'm talking about the scale. That little idiot box that can take your mood from swell to hell in a matter of seconds! Perhaps it doesn't annoy you as much as it does me. If that is the case, I applaud you. But some mornings, I just want to take the little b$as@*rd and stomp it and throw it against something really hard. However, some innate sense of reasoning surfaces and I realize I would just have to buy another one. The funny thing is that those daily fluctuations, or lack of fluctuations, aren't really its fault, and in most cases, aren't even representative of your progress or lack of progress. For example, an 8 oz. glass of water weighs half a pound. A healthy adult bladder can hold 16 oz comfortably; that's a pound. And a constipated person can be carrying around about 2.2 pounds of feces, and those that are "normal" would be somewhat less. I know a lot of people have those scales that have a resolution of tenths of a pound, but I can't help but wonder how they keep from going batty, trying to reconcile their progress on one of those. I have lost 6 pounds in a day, and gained 5 back the next. The point I'm making here is that, between what is in your stomach,your bladder and your intestines, and the amount you may sweat out during a workout, or evacutate during a bowel movement or urinary event, body weight can change dramatically from one day to the next, regardless of how disciplined you are. It is the trending over time that tells you whether you are being successful in your efforts at this lifestyle change. I don't care if you take a sledge hammer to the little b$as@*rd; if it makes you feel good, do it! However, it's not its fault. And the daily fluctuations are not your fault. Do pay attention to trends, but radical and impulsive adjustments are not what is going to give you the lifestyle change. The FS RDI calculations are an estimate, based on statistical studies of the "Norms." It is a starting point. Consistently follow it for a couple of weeks, and if it works for you, great. If it doesn't, make an incremental adjustment.

While I'm on a roll here: We all know that there are a number of exercises that will burn calories, and firm us up. I hear a lot of people on here talking about how they are going to get into biking, running, swimming, calisthetics, etc. to lose the weight. All of that is great. But consider this: If you are in this for a permanent lifestyle change - and we all should be - why get into something you know you're not going to even consider doing once you get to your goal weight, assuming you don't get burned out before then? Pick something you at least think you might enjoy doing for the rest of your life. For some, it will be walking, which is a great way to burn calories and get fit. For others, it may be running, swimming or biking. But if it isn't something you enjoy, or at least you think you would come to enjoy, you're setting yourself up for failure over the long haul. The main thing is that you do something that is going to get your heart pumping faster for 20 to 30 minutes each day. If any of us do that, and discipline ourselves to eat in moderation consistently, we will take it off and keep it off for the rest of our lives.

So, anyway, I didn't have much to say. Just thought I'd drop in and tell you all just how much I appreciate you. Have a great day! Toodles!

19 August 2014

Good Morning, FS Warriors! Up at the crack of dawn - no wait - sunrise isn't until 6:13 AM; it was only 3:30. Muggy and foggy already. Ran 4 miles about as slow as I could run it. Rationed out the bottle of Gatorade; took a couple sips every mile and sucked down the remaining 1/4 of the bottle the second 4 miles clicked off on my GPS watch. Soaked again! The microbial running Tee isn't working anymore. I stank. I think I killed the Tee by putting it in the dryer too many times. I'm putting my running attire on a drying rack now when it comes out of the washer.
Took the shirt off, because I couldn't stand it either, and went and fed the Lab, gave him his treat and rubbed his belly for a while. What a baby! I'm trying to ease him into spending more time upstairs with the rest of the family. Right now, he's a wrecking machine; he's OK around the cats until one of them runs away from him, and then all hell breaks loose, things flying everywhere (120 pounds of pure muscle). He's got about an acre to run in outside, and he can come in to my workshop downstairs to sleep and eat, so he doesn't have it rough. It's just I feel bad for him because his buddy died about a month ago. He's adjusting pretty well though. And the neighbors love him and come over and give him dog biscuits - too many I think - but I don't have the heart to say anything.

Got back upstairs in time to hear the Newscaster say that this weekend is going to be in the 90's with a heat index of 105. What is it with my luck and these race days? That's going to suck! No other way to say it. I'm going to drive almost two hours to the race, then subject myself to 1 1/2 hours of sweat soaked grueling exertion - in the name of recreational sports, which by definition provides entertainment to its participants. LOL! I think it would be more entertaining doing 12 oz. curls on the couch watching NASCAR racing. But, the running helps keep me in shape, and the race gives me an opportunity to participate with others that understand the commitment it takes to get there. I told DW I was considering not racing Saturday. She glared at me. Geez, I didn't know she was so passionate about me running! Maybe it's the only excuse I have, in her eyes, for not getting some of the Honey-do's done. Guess I'll run then.

Well, all I have is an easy jog of 2 miles tomorrow, and 2 miles Thursday, off Friday, and then we'll just see what happens. It looks like I'm going to earn that Hardees Sausage, egg and cheese biscuit. Well, enough rambling on company time. Wishing you all a wonamous day! Toodles!

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