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16 September 2014

Good Morning, FS Warriors! Got up at 4 to run. I didn't want to. Didn't want to get up, and didn't want to run. Did it anyway. Didn't want to go through the day wishing I had run, and feeling guilty because I didn't. Ran a slow and easy 3.5 miles. I was a little stiff starting out. At my age, I probably need more than one rest day following a long run, but the hell with that! Haha! I know to take it slow. I'm not going to get up those 12 and 13 mile runs by talking myself out of the shorter ones.
So, it was about 48 degrees this morning. Didn't need my beenie or gloves. Stars were out, but they weren't giving off enough light to leave my flashlight behind.
After showering and heading out the door, I was surprised that it was so foggy I could hardly see to pull out onto the highway. Funny how God clears everything for me to run and then drops the shades when it's time to drive. Haha, that's all right, I made it safely to work. I've got a bunch of meetings scheduled, but just wanted to jot something down so you didn't think I was backsliding here.
We had baked trout last night, that we got filleted and coated from the store with crumbled almonds, with skin still on the one side, (but almonds were coated on both sides). DW baked it and loved it, while I could take it or leave it. There's no way I could eat the skin cooked that way. I'm assuming that trout are meant to be pan fried, and I'll reserve my judgment on the taste until I try it that way. Now, I love salmon cooked that way (never had it with almonds) with the skin on one side, and of course you don't eat the skin. Twice baked potatoes and a huge salad topped off the dinner. I told DW that I couldn't keep eating this much for supper. She wanted to argue with me and told me it wasn't much. You can't win an argument, or discuss something like that without it becoming an argument, so I did what any red blooded male would do - I changed the subject.
Nursing Home Ministry tomorrow night, so I will probably just give the fingers a workout tonight. I don't have to worry about practicing my singing, I just do that for an hour each way to and from work. I have to be careful though when people pull up next to me; they don't know if I'm insulting them or not. Of course not. I'd make eye contact if I wanted to do that. LOL! Well, got to go. Toodles!

15 September 2014

Good Morning, FS Warriors! Today is a day of rest, though I will try and get a strength training workout in this evening. Got some extra beauty sleep last night, but it doesn't seem to be working. :( My calves are still rebelling against me this morning. My 6 mile run yesterday was at a pace faster than I ran the 10K in last month. I know my long runs on the weekend are supposed to be a lot slower than that, but I get impatient and I want to see if I'm doing any better. I am, but I need to stick to my training plan. As I'm increasing mileage, the last thing I want to do is overdo it and get some kind of debilitating injury that sets me back. The weather has been great for running; it was like 41 on Saturday and 43 or so yesterday morning. It was 55F this morning, and it's supposed to only get up to about 61 or so. Other than a little more rain here and there, it looks like it's going to be a perfect week, with a high in the mid 70's most of the week. Yay!
The doggie is doing fine. I've got to give him 3 pills every morning and evening for 2 weeks, and then he gets 2 injections over a 36 hour period while he camps out at the Vet. I was trying to hide the pills in a chunk of cheese, but I soon discovered it wasn't necessary. He's such a glutton that he thinks the pills are food and he takes them and swallows them before he can taste them anyway. Then I give him the piece of cheese or something, and feed him. He's a lab, so I feed him twice a day. He's not the kind of dog where I can leave a self dispensing food container at his disposal, because he would eat 5 pounds a day or more. He's looking good now. I took him to the Vet last year, and the Vet said he'd be pleased if the doggie lost 10 pounds the next year; he was 16 pounds lighter this time, and he is a moose (stocky).
Funny, I remember the comments about how women's panties were getting so big with their weight loss, and it reminded me of the running shorts I just received. When I ordered them, I went by their sizing chart, and ordered extra large, based on my waist size. When they arrived, I opened the package and the liner looked exactly like big girl panties, and I mean big girl panties! You could put 2 of me in them, and then some. My first inclination was to put them right back in the bag and send them back. But then I thougt, well, I wear an Under Armour type of running boxer underneath anyway, so the liner doesn't really matter to me. The shorts themselves are pretty big also. They do cinch up pretty tight, but they are at the end of their elastic when they do. Runnign shorts are expensive, and I don't think these are going to fit me at all in another month or two. At least I hope not. Maybe I ought to send them back. Strange that running clothes are all over the map when it comes to sizes, depending on the brand, country of origin, and probably even the time of day that they are manufactured. I'm 5'10" and I noticed when I buy those ripstop type running pants at WalMart, they are always like 4 inches too long. They apparently don't make them in different lengths; if you are not 6'2", then I guess you just pull them up to your chest and cinch them up. Daggonit, I don't think the Fashion Police are doing their jobs! OK, enough rhetoric for one morning. Here wishing all my FS Friends a wonamous week. Toodles!

14 September 2014

Good Afternoon, FS Warriors! And it is a beautiful Sunday afternoon at that! It was 40F degrees when I did my easy 3 mile run yesterday morning, and just a tad warmer at 42 degrees this morning for my 6 mile run before church. I pretty much did intervals for the 6 miles, and stepped up the pace probably higher than I should have, so my legs and shoulders, and basically everything was aching this morning. Took some ibuprofen; I'll probably survive. I've got near 26 weeks before I run the half, so I've got lots of time to experiment with what works and what doesn't. I expect that I'll be substantially stronger by then, and even though the idea is just to finish, I want to finish before they close the chute down and everybody goes home.
Spent the day over at the house we just rented, wiring up a motion light outside, and wiring up the circuit for an electric dryer. Granddaughter was moving to a house just three blocks away from the one she currently lives in, so my trailer came in handy for that as well. We had friends over to the school yesterday evening and shared coffee and stories for a couple hours, and I think everybody was about done in for the day when it came time to say goodbye. I think the cooler temps tend to drain you, especially when you're working outside.
Well, not much more to report. Thank goodness it has been a weekend without a crisis. Rest day from running tomorrow, and I can use it. Ran 20 miles last week, and 18.1 this week. I'm getting there. Here's hoping everyone meets the new work week all rested up and ready to go. Go easy on the chocolate, and Lord willing, I'll be talking to you tomorrow. Toodles!

12 September 2014

Good Morning, FS Warriors! It's a rest day today, so I slept in until 4:30. Very cool outside this morning! Crazy weather; our high today is supposed to be only 55, and go down to 39F. What! A week ago, we had a heat index of 105F. It's not even fall yet. I think some regions in the U.S. are actually talking about snow already. Well, you know why this is happening? I got my A/C units installed yesterday. It's kind of like when you wash your car, you know it's going to rain. Haha, well, it makes for good sleeping. I think about all the nights I have only gotten 5 or 6 hours sleep, and then wonder how much better looking I would be if I had gotten an extra 2 hours of beauty rest on all those nights. Well, it is what it is.
I dropped my lab off at the vet this morning. He's got to get the usual fare of rabbies vaccination, checked for heartworms, and whatever else they do. But, what prompted the urgency was that I have noticed a circle of lighter skin developing on his belly down near his groin area. It's gone from the size of a nickel to that of about a half dollar over the last three weeks. The vet is going to a wedding on Saturday and they don't open until 7:30 or so, but they told me they would meet me there at 6:30 so I wouldn't be late for work, and they would call DW to come pick him up when they were done. I hope it isn't anything serious. He's only 8 years old, and besides being a 120 pound wrecking machine, he's about as loveable and playful a dog as I have ever had.
I have a fairly easy weekend. Run 3 miles on Saturday and 6 on Sunday. I have to go over to one of the other houses and install an outdoor motion light for the tennants. Other than that, it will just be working around the homestead as usual - if it rains again as it's supposed to. If it doesn't rain, I think I have a lot of mowing to do. I had planned on waiting for all the birds and bats to go south, before sealing everything up in the gymnasium/garage, but I did some research on the bat migration, and it looks like they would probably rather stay right where they are in the nice cozy gym and hibernate than migrate to a cold damp cave. Oh joy, lucky me! I'm just going to have to seal up the entry ways regardless; I hate the starlings building nests in there. They are nasty birds.
On that note, I think I'll try to get some work done. Have a great day, and if I don't get a chance to speak with you before then, have a great weekend as well! Toodles!

11 September 2014

Good Morning, FS Warriors! Up and out the door at 4 this morning. The news had it yesterday that my little village got 7 1/2 inches of rain so far this week. I could tell it too; some of the basement rooms started getting water right up through the floor. Looks like another job in the making; have to install some systems to keep the ground water level down. According to this morning it was 53 degrees when I went out for my run. It was breezy also, real breezy. That's good though; it's going to dry things out a bit, before the rain comes again, maybe Saturday. Clear skies this morning though, Yay! Ran 3 1/4 miles at a moderate pace. Temp and breeze made for a pretty comfortable run. I ran a little over 20 miles total last week, and it looks like I'll get in about 18 1/2 or 19 this week, a little less than last week, due to the rain.
Worship/Nursing Home Ministry practice went pretty well last night. I went directly there without eating first, which I don't know if that's such a great idea or not. I was famished by the time I got home. DW decided she was in the mood for breakfast again, so we had eggs, pancakes and sausage. I had some dewatering to do downstairs for a couple hours, so I probably burnt a good deal of it off. I ordered an electric jack hammer yesterday, since I've got a lot of concrete work to do over the next year, and it would cost more to rent than to go ahead and buy one.
Getting the two big A/C units installed in the schoolhouse today. Of course, the temps are pretty pleasant and well below norm this week, so we'll have the windows open instead of running the Air anyway.
My weight loss has been kind of stagnant this last month, but I am not real concerned. I've been concentrating on the running and the strength training, and I know the weight loss will follow suit eventually. At least I'm not gaining. When I run 6 to 8 miles, I know I can come back and record a loss, but that doesn't paint a realistic picture of any lasting weight reduction. I am thankful for my health, and for the fact that I can run at all. It amazes even me that I attempted a 10K less than 2 weeks ago, and it astonishes me that I finished it. LOL! And now I'm considering a half-marathon? Maybe a full marathon after that? Barring any debilitating illness, and if my hips and knees hold up, who knows? Anything is possible. Believe me, I am not tooting my own horn here. After surviving the head-on auto collision in 2004, it's only by the grace of God that I even dreamed of jogging again, let alone running long races. I feel that every day is a gift. Hope you do as well. Toodles!

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