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19 June 2016

Good Morning, FS Warriors! It's Sunday morning and Fathers Day. I know most of my friends don't read posts on Sunday, but just letting everyone know I'm still alive. I did 3.25 miles on the treadmill this morning. That was actually my weekend long run. I'm not rushing anything this time. I plan to run slow and long on the weekend, working my mileage up gradually, and do a couple of faster workouts during the week. I still have a half-marathon on my bucket list; not sure about a marathon.

Yesterday was the church's Fathers Day fishing outing. I didn't get much fishing in since I am the guy that brings the meat, the grill, the water and the ice, and prepares the food. Just big hamburgers and jumbo hot dogs. I don't know where these guys put it; seems like if it's free, they grow an extra stomach. Anyway, I was wore out when I got home. I was determined that I was still going to run this morning though.

Classes are still grueling; the grass is still growing, and so is DW's "Honey Do" list. Life is good though. We've added Assisted Living venues to our Nursing Home ministry. I'm having a balloon twister come out to the church grounds for the kids next Saturday for three hours. We'll have ice cream and some games as well. Should be fun.

Here's wishing everyone a great day, and an even better week ahead. Toodles!

11 June 2016

Good Evening, FS Warriors!

We are having some pretty warm days here in the Land of Lincoln. Somewhere around 97 yesterday, and about the same today, though I would swear that the humidity made it feel like 105. I've only been back on my workout routine for a couple of weeks now, but I decided to see where I stand so I would be able to set some realistic goals for myself in the 5K or half marathon. I ran a mile today, hot as it was, to get some kind of base info. I came it at 12:26. I wasn't a speed demon before and I am certainly not one now. However, for being 66 and over 50 pounds overweight, I guess I cannot complain. I think I can realistically shoot for about 39:00 in the 5K, and I hope to be able to do about 2:45 in the half next spring.

I've been watering all of the roses, the garden and all of the other plants and trees we planted every other day. I do not have the luxury of having installed sprinkler systems, so I am hauling out about 200 feet of hose every time I do it. But it is paying off. We haven't had any rain, and the tomato plants are as big as I am – literally. I mowed the church acreage today and drove some t-posts to support some of the bigger trees that are leaning or bending. Like I said, it was hot, so I did not want to overdo it.

Bible College lessons are still demanding, but they are going well. I will finish my present course up in another five weeks, and then there is a semester break for six or seven weeks. I am really looking forward to that. I hope to get some things done, get in some fishing, and even do some motorcycle riding. I'm still fighting the fat monster, but I think I'm doing better. I have to put some new batteries in the idiot box. It's really kind of weird because when we bought this scale, the first batteries lasted about five years; now they seem to be lasting about six months.

Well, I've got to get back to work on my studies. I put off my assignments till the evening because I have so many projects, and then end up finishing up my assignments about midnight or one in the morning. I guess I'm too much of a perfectionist to just meet the minimums. I know that getting the proper amount of sleep has a lot to do with weight loss, but I've feel like I've compromised on sleep for the last 50 years; why stop now?

Well, enjoy the rest of your weekend. Toodles!

05 June 2016

Good Morning, FS Warriors! I apologize for going so long without posting. Life got in the way. It was much easier to post when I was sitting at a desk all day and bored. Now I am so busy that I struggle choosing which activity to do first, or not all all that day.

I took DW to Iowa this weekend to see the King Tut exhibit. It was fascinating. We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Davenport, IA which was a relatively newer hotel and very nice. Topped off the evening with dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. In exchange for DW's participation in following me around in Northern Tool, I spent about three hours in Hobby Lobby with her. Oh, the sacrifices we men must bear!

I finally finished pouring the concrete floor perimeter, where I installed drain tile, in the room for the Endless Pool. It takes about 30 days before I can seal it. I'm not sure when I'll start installing the pool, but I plan to get it done before Fall is over this year.

The garden is doing great. Green peppers are about the size of a pack of cigarettes already. I ate a golden cherrie tomato yesterday. The other bigger tomato plants all have tomatoes on them. Cucumbers, kale and Swiss chard have just emerged and the green bean plants now look like small plants. The only thing that hasn't emerged yet is the lettuce. My first time growing it, so I don't know if it just takes a while to germinate or not. I'm not going to starve this year. Come to think of it, I never have. Guess that's why I'm on here.

Still working on the boat, but it's coming along. I have everything I need to make it lake and river worthy; just need more time to work on it. All the roses are looking good. We went a little nuts this year in planting annuals and perennials. I still want to plant another half dozen trees.

Started Jeff Galloway's Run-Walk-Run program. I really want to do a half marathon early next year. I even still have the marathon on my bucket list. Hopefully I will drop a few more pounds in the process. Now that I have retired, I have changed our nursing home ministry to 9:30 in the morning; our next one is tomorrow. I finished one Nazarene Ministry Preparation course last week and start another one tomorrow.

Well, that's basically it in a nutshell. Lots of work to do, places to go and people to see. If the weather cooperates, maybe I'll get out on the motorcycle tomorrow after the nursing home visit. Tuesday and Wednesday, I'll probably be over at the church crawling around in the attic installing electric fans and new lighting. Life is good; enjoying every minute of it! Well, almost every minute of it. Here's wishing all of my FS Friends a great week. Toodles!

17 May 2016

Good Evening, FS Warriors! It's been a fairly lazy day for me today. Had to go get a haircut at 9:00. Been going through old boxes of stuff and organizing my half-finished den. Had a couple sausage, egg and cheese McMuffins for brunch, and a tenderloin and salad for supper. I am not exactly the poster child for FS, but it is what it is.

Yesterday, I was pulling fence posts and taking down fence, and then weed eating. Then I went over to the church to help empty out a storage room for contractors who are putting in another bathroom in parts of the room. Once I got back and finished my studies, it was about midnight. I just didn't have a lot of get up and go today. Weather was lousy anyway. Sometimes I think the weather changes so I can get some rest. :)

Here's hoping everyone is having a great week. Toodles!

14 May 2016

Good Evening, FS Warriors! Yay, I am done pouring concrete! We actually finished up about 2 o'clock, including cleaning up the concrete mixer, wheelbarrow and all the tools. However, I have to admit, it made me hungry. DW fixed each of us up two burgers, which I ate. Later I ate some leftover Monicals Pizza, and then made two grilled cheese sandwiches for supper. Yeah, I know - Big Fail! I think I'm going to start training Monday. Really.

I had loaned my bike (bicycle) to a friend who needed it to get around. He returned it last week, and I have been out on it for a couple short rides. It felt good. Now that I'm done pouring the concrete, I can start using the treadmill again without worrying too much about dust. I don't want to get flabby, you know - or flabbier. :) Anyway, I've got to start moving some of this excess muscle that seems to have settled around my abdomen.

It was pretty cool here today. It didn't get any higher than the low 50's. Normally, I would be OK with that, considering it is Spring. However, it has been in the 70's and I have gotten a little spoiled. I'm not ready to start pounding the pavement yet anyway. I am going to be content running on the treadmill for a while. I would still like to take on a ½ marathon. Maybe it's a crazy idea. Well, heck yeah, that makes it right up my alley! Well, anyway, I've got to go hit the books. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Toodles!

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