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04 March 2015

Good Morning, FS Warriors! Another day in the teens. The good news is we are supposed to start moving up into the 40's and 50's in just a couple days. Yesterday, I picked up a parts washer, you know, one of those thing-a-ma-bobbers that have a basin and pump for washing automotive parts. Anyway, I am hoping that getting it will usher in the warmer weather. Then again, I ordered a thermostatically controlled bird bath heater to keep the bird bath water from freezing. Hmmmm, maybe one will negate the other. Oh well, the birds will be happy. Looks like I had better pull the blades off all the mowers and eithe sharpen or replace them. Judging from the performance toward the end of last year, and knowing that hit a lot of immovable and hard objects, I'm thinking it's a bit optimistic to think I can sharpen them.

It's "hump" day! About all that means to me is that they will be serving pizza in the cafeteria. Haha. I haven't even been bringing my lunch on Wednesdays. Why take a chance on eating pizza AND my lunch both. I could kick myself, but it's always after the fact, never before I indulge.

I've got kind of a dilemma. A fairly young couple rent one of my houses, and I'm glad that there is someone there who takes care of the place and keeps everything up. And they do a good job of that. However, he has lost his job - for a couple months now - and they are lucky just to be able to pay the utilities. I'm not going to kick them out, but I've been trying to think of what I can have him do around the schoolhouse - or even there - to help pay his debt. The problem is that everything I think of requires some skill he doesn't have - and that I be there to show hime how to do it step by step, and if I do that, it doesn't pay to have someone else do it. And I'm talking skills like electrical, cabinet making, plumbing, carpenty - stuff that you don't just show someone once and they've got it. C what I mean? It kind of either comes back to cleaning, mowing, organizing or just being a gopher (go-for this; go-for that). Maybe I've answered my own question. Anyway, if someone thinks of something - I have a tendency to overlook the obvious - I'd appreciate you sharing your idea with me.

Tonight I have worship practice at the church. I also want to start adding some songs to our Nursing Home repetoire, one or two at a time, so eventually, we will be pretty fresh to the audience, no matter how often we play there. Practice makes perfect, so I have to strike a balance, and not overwhelm the group with too many changes at once. Our piano player will be back in a month or two and that will take a big load off of me also. You don't realize how much you miss a good piano player until you don't have one.

Ok, enough rambling for one day. Thanks for reading this. I hope you all have a great week. Toodles!

02 March 2015

Good Afternoon, FS Warriors! It's a beautiful sunny day here, howbeit it is only 30 degrees, but I'll take it! The news says we got between 4 and 8 inches of snow this weekend; I think we got more like 3. I am not complaining, mind you. Got some tree trimming done Sunday after church. I had some pretty big limbs that were causing casualties on the garbage truck when it backed up my alley to dump the dumpster. Maybe they had their mind on something besides garbage, and didn't see it coming. Haha! Well, nobody got hurt really, but the owner of the refuse company called me and asked if I could possibly do something about the low hanging limbs. Yeah, I don't want to get those guys mad at me; it might get kind of stinky around there. There were some pretty big limbs, but I was able to take care of them with one of those pole saws. Dragging them through the snow to the burn pile was quite an exercise in itself. I thought about harnessing up the Lab, and letting him pull the stuff, but he would have just layed down in the snow and gone to sleep. Not enough of a job to get the tractor out. So, it was just little ole me.

I did think about getting on the treadmill Saturday, but after a few pieces of pizza and a cold beer, I managed to talk myself out of it. Maybe tomorrow. I am seriously considering trying to exercise in the evenings this time instead of getting up at 3:00 AM. I really wasn't getting enough sleep; I only get 6 hours now, as it is, so 4 1/2 to 5 just isn't enough. I'm going to try and limit myself to working out for an hour or less, instead of 1 1/2 to 2 hours; I think I wore myself down a little too much, and caught every virus all my friends and family were willing to share.

One of the granddaughters has got that MRSA staff infection. She has to go in to the hospital and get 2 hour anitbiotic IV treatments every 8 to 12 hours for 20 treatments. I guess that is some bad stuff. Supposedly she is not infectious now - I don't know how that works. I don't know how she got it either; nobody we know has it. Anyway, keep her in your prayers; that' not something I would wish on anyone.

Went and visited wtih Mack's future companion Saturday. She's getting really feisty. She'll make a good dog, and probably run a few pounds off his lazy butt. I'm going to have to hang a Wide Load sign on him if this keeps up. On second thought, I think I have the same problem. :D I've got a Village Board meeing tonight, so I won't get a lot done this evening either. Maybe tomorrow. Been saying that a lot lately. I think I'm going to have to do better about this time management thing. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. Anyway, I hope all my FS Buddies have a wonderful week. The weather is looking better and better here. Daylight savings time next weekend, so more daylight again. Toodles!

26 February 2015

Good Morning, FS Warriors! Well, we got about 3 inches of snow last night, and we're looking at a high of about 14 today, and going down to -4 tonight. Calling for it to be colder tomorrow. I think the weather here is running about a month behind. Must be that global warming.

Last night, we had our first Nursing Home gig since October or November last year. It was the first gig I have ever led. Since our leader (and extremely talented guitarist - but doesn't sing as well as me LOL!) left us, I have been a little apprehensive about relying on my own instrumental skills to provide the music. But you know what? They loved it! They don't really care whether you can pick like Chet Atkins, they just want to hear some stuff that brings them back to good memories. We even did a couple songs acapella. It was pretty cool; some were even dancing in their wheelchairs. They booked us for once a month. The pay is great: smiles and hugs!

I'm about to go stir crazy! Too cold to get a lot done outside. Now that this horrific cold has gone on, I'm ready to get some stuff done. I think I'm going to work on cabinets this weekend. I've put it off long enough. The dog and I need some quiet time together anyway. :) He loves to fetch, but he's just as content to lay down wherever I'm working.

Well, I'm not getting much done, but I only come to work to rest anyway. Haha; better not let the boss see this. Anyway, I hope you all have a great day and evening. Stay warm! Toodles!

24 February 2015

Good Afternoon, FS Warriors! Not much happening in my neck of the woods. I thought I had better check in before somebody gets to thinking I don't care about you guys anymore. I'm trying to be an efficient worker, and only log on here at lunchtime. That is, unless of course, I have so much to eat at lunch that I don't have time. LOL! I'm a fast eater; that's one of my problems.

Anyway, I shaved my beard off; DW wanted to start seeing other men, and this was the best I could do. It didn't help, so I'm growing it back. It's loss didn't show up on the scale anyway. I've holding one more practice tonight before we kick off the revival of our nursing home visits. You really are lucky to get in 10 songs in the hour they give you. We are ready to perform 15 just in case, but we allow ourselves some time for going out an greeting each of them. We'll play for about 40 minutes; let the Pastor talk for about 10 minutes and then close with a song or two. We do some country, rock, hymns, and contemporary stuff, but I try to stay away from the sex, drugs and drinking themes; after all, it is kind of followed by a devotional and encouragement talk.

I gave Mack a bone last night that was the size of a caveman's club. It's the first time he ever had something left over the next morning. He's a glutton. Well, that's about it. Hope everyone has a wonamous day! Toodles!

21 February 2015

Happy Saturday, FS Warriors! Hallelujah! I got more done today than I have in the past two months. I'm done with this sickness thing and I decided I'm going to start building my immunity back up. I spent the majority of the day outside. Got the tractor out, hauled a bunch of stuff out to the gym for storage. Spent a good deal of time rearranging the gym, and making a spot to work on the pickup. Took off the tailgate and the tonneau conver. Fired up the salamander heater, hooked up some lighting. I'm ready to begin the repairs. Of course, it was an opportunity to have Mach, my Lab, out with me for most of the day. I've pretty much been shut-in for two months. Felt good to get something done.

Next step, start hitting that treadmill again. I know I'm not going to take my food intake seriously until I start getting on an exercise routine. One thing at a time.

Went out for a steak-4-two dinner. Chose clam chowder instead of a salad, and had a baked potato with butter, and washed it all down with cabernet sauvignon. We were supposed to get 2 or 3 inches of snow. Nada. But that's OK with me. We are way behind the level of snow we had at this time last year, but that's also OK with me. I guess it all went to the East Coast. My sympathies; really.

Well, anyway, that's about all I have. Have a great weekend! Toodles!

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