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21 October 2014

Good Morning, FS Warriors! It's a rather cool 45F here in the Land of Lincoln. Got up and ran about 3 1/2 miles at a fairly easy pace. Got lazy and did it on the treadmill. It's boring, but it saves me some time and allows me to sleep in until 3:45 or 4:00. Ate a bowl of frosted cheerios with some kind of dried fruit in it, and then ate 2 hard boiled eggs when I got to work. Probably should have eaten the hard boiled eggs after the run, when the protein would have done me the most good, and skipped the sugary cereal. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

DW outdid herself last night for supper: roasted chicken breast, some kind of chicken flavored pasta boiled in chicken broth, fried cabbage, and kale. Pretty good and not my typical high calorie fare. No snacking later, so dinner must have done the job. A tall glass of unsweetened iced tea to make sure I would get up in the morning when the alarm goes off, and I was good to go.

I have a haircut appointment this evening. I use to make them on Saturday mornings, but it disrupts my Saturdays too much to continue that practice. I like to sleep in to where I do my long run in the daylight (usually takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours), then get a little lazy and have a cup of coffee, breakfast and read the Saturday ads. After that, it's off to the rain locker (shower), and then see whatever the day will bring. By then, it's almost 10 o'clock already.

Well, anyway, I've got to get back to work and make myself worthy of that yacht that I know they are going to give me for retirement. Oh shucks, time to wake up from this dream. Well, anyway, hope everyone has a wonderful day today. Toodles!

20 October 2014

Good Afternoon, FS Warriors! Up at 3:30 and run 3.5 miles. Yada yada yada. I know, I know. Well, it is the most exciting part of my life right now. Ran a mile to warm up, then did 4 repeats of 3 minute Fartleks (I know it sounds funny, but it's a real runners term derived from a Swedish word meaning speed play) with 2 minute jogs in between. Then a cooldown run of another mile. Even though I have to work harder (it means that I sweat more), it is actually more comfortable to step it on out and run faster. I just seem to land lighter on my feet and have less stress on the hips and knees. Could be my imagination, but I don't think so.

I called the Nike Support line about my Sportswatch, and told them I had this replacement watch for 5 months now, and I liked the watch, and was willing to pay, within reason, to have it repaired. They told me they don't have a repair policy, if the watch is defective, they'll just send me another one. They don't charge for repairs. I don't know how long that policy is good for, but I like it. Sheds a more positive light on Nike Support. They have 2 options: 1) you can send your watch in, they see if it's defective and, if so, they send you another watch. 2) You give them credit card info, and they send you another watch up front. If, when they receive yours, they find it defective, they don't charge you for the new watch. However, if they find nothing wrong with yours, they charge your credit card. OK, so I arranged that they send me a new (or refurbished - I have no idea) watch, and I have 17 days, or somewhere thereabouts, to send them my defective watch. I know there is the risk that they won't find anything wrong with the one I sent in, but I have duplicated the problem everytime I have tried it, so I am pretty confident they will find it defective. They did that with the first watch I sent them, so I have some confidence in them now. Worst case scenario, I bought a new watch. However, I probably wouldn't buy another one if they didn't replace what I knew to be defective. Make sense? It is what it is. I've already invested in the HR monitor that works only with that watch, and the shoe sensor, and even the Nike shoes that have a pocket for the shoe sensor (even though that is not why I bought those shoes. I bought those shoes because they are one of the few that have a whole lot of extra cushion to support my fat a$$ (or should I say my stocky build?). Haha, who am I kidding?

The weenie roast went well at the church community outreach, but I'll probably be eating chili for the next 10 days. We had a good fire with huge elm logs. It was still burning during church the next day. Had a really good time. Contrary to popular opinion, we didn't sit around the campfire singing Kum Ba Ya. Had the kids over. They played hide and seek in the dark, probably 50 to 75 feet from the fire. The women yacked about whatever women yack about, and the guys talked about building things, and farming, and the weather, and well, you know - important things. :) Lots of hot dogs and 3 roaster pans of chili. The kids had their fill of hot chocolate and marshmellows. I had a hot dog and a couple bowls of chili, and would have called it quits, but one of the women made a pear pie, and twisted my arm until I gave in. Delicious!

Took the Pastor and his wife out to eat for Pastor Appreciation month, which is really kind of funny since we take them to lunch after church at least a couple times every month anyway. We all had these big chef salads. The women had the roasted chicken salad, and we had the pork loin salad. You wouldn't think (well, you probably would), or I wouldn't think that a salad would be all that filling, but this place makes a delicious and filling salad. Later that evening, I did end up having a bowl of chili but, all in all, not a terrible day.

Well, that's about it. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. Mondays are always so wonderful, aren't they? Well, got to go. Toodles!

18 October 2014

Good Afternoon, FS Warriors! Just thought I'd take a little break and update my journal. Slept in this morning, and didn't run until 8:30 or 9:00. Did something a little different this time. I downloaded the first 5 miles of a west coast marathon to my treadmill; it was supposed to have a bunch of scenery and such as you run. Well, they've promised me that for the two years or so that I've had this treadmill. Hasn't happened yet. I get a satellite image and a little stick figure moves around the map as I progressed through the run. Like watching grass grow! Anyway, the workout was kind of brutal, hills and more hills, up 7% incline, down 3% incline. So, I finished the five miles and ran another 2 miles at a 1% incline for a total of 7 miles. Not a bad run, but a little harder than the EASY long run I was supposed to do today.

Been outside most of the day working on clearing things off the patio so snow removal will be easier later, and also the water will be able to run off a little easier; at least that's the plan. DW made the chili I was going to make, and the Pastor mowed the yard I was going to mow, so that gave me more time to get things done.

Discovered one of the tires was flat on the trailer. The last person to use it brought it back flat, but they probably didn't realize it. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. That trailer gets a lot of use, but it's got new heavy duty tires on it, and I hated to see a flat. I found what looks like a nail or staple in it, but I'm going to take it to a tire service place and let them fix it. So I took the wheel off and parked it, and told DW not to lend the trailer to anyone until I get the tire back on it. Yes, it will work with three tires, but it won't ride level and it won't handle the load that the trailer is designed to handle.

Got a wiener roast in a little while, and still a lot to do. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Enjoy it while you can. Toodles!

17 October 2014

Good Morning, FS Warriors! Alarm still went off at 3:30 this morning, but I went to bed at 9:30 last night. 6 hours of sleep. It may not sound like much, but it works. I got up and did 4 miles on the hamster wheel. 1/2 mile warmup, 3 miles at a steady sub marathon pace, and 1/2 mile cooldown. Looks like I'll have 21 miles in for the week after tomorrow's run. Body is holding up pretty well, not ready for the scrapyard yet. Had a bowl of frosted blueberry shredded wheat, 2% milk and about 6 oz. of that blackberry cider, and I was ready to meet the day. The real question usually is, "Is the world ready for me each day?" A rhetorical question; don't answer that. I think I only have to make it to age 80; I'm sure they will have a cure for old age by then. :D

So, what's everybody's plan for the weekend? It's supposed to be fairly sunny here, with rather cool temps. I know I've got to put a lot of things up for the winter. I'm sure DW will have me staging some thngs for halloween. The church is having an outdoor weenie roast and a campfire, so I'll probably make my five alarm chili. It doesn't start out that way. I keep tasting it as I cook it, and I think I develop an immunity to the heat as time goes on. I'll add a jalapeno or habanero pepper and let it simmer a while. Then I'll go back and taste it and say, "Hmmm, could use a little more heat." Then I'll add another pepper, and repeat the cycle. A few hours later, people are taking the lid off the pot to clear up their sinuses.

When I pulled in the alley behind my home yesterday, I saw a couple of my neighbors working on the gate in the north yard. They said my lab jumped on the gate and knocked it down. I know what happened. He doesn't know he's a middle aged dog. The neighbor comes over to give him a couple dog biscuits everyday, and he (the dog) gets so excited he jumps up off of all fours over and over again and jumps up on the gate so he can get the biscuit. He's a loveable glutton. He's kind of like me; he is steered in life by his stomach. So, we finished reinstalling the gate. I've had a bigger gate out in the garage to accommodate being able to drive my trailer in and out, I just hadn't gotten around to doing it. Guess that's going to have to become another priority.

Had worship practice last night. Our group is diminishing. It was just the Pastor's wife and me again. The piano player would have been there, but she lives quite a ways away, and takes care of her husband, who isn't in great shape, and we don't make her come in for the songs she already knows. So, I was pickin and grinnin, and we worked up about 5 songs, mostly hymns.

Well, that's about all I have to say about that. Here's wishing you all a wonderful Friday, and an even better weekend! Toodles!

16 October 2014

Good Afternoon, FS Warriors! Why can't I have an alarm clock that speaks to me in a soft pleasant voice like Hal on 2001 A Space Odyssey? Instead, mine shouts at me in monosyllabic shrieks. Ughhh! 3:30 AM. I hit the snooze button, and again, and again. I wanted to run this morning, even looked forward to it. I just didn't want to get up to do it - but I did. I opted for the treadmill. I was already running late, but I had pre-programmed the treadmill just in case. Easy 3 miles. Warmed up for 1/2 mile. Ran 3 miles at an easy pace, and then cooled down for a half mile; 4 miles total. Honestly, I felt better after my run. I was glad I did it. I knew I would be glad I did it. I just didn't want to get up to did it.

Today, we had our quarterly potluck. I told the team to name their poison; they chose a taco bar. Tacos it is, or was. As usual, much more than 17 people could possibly eat in one afternoon. A good time was had by all. Unfortunately, the meal did not come with a nap. I want to go to bed. I've still got another hour to go here at work, and I have worship practice tonight at 6:00. Cancelled last night because everyone has been sick. I have to watch it on the running; I know if I wear my own defenses down, I will be joining the masses. So far so good.

Had sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, squash (the kind that tastes almost like sweet potatoes) and chicken kielbasa last night. Could have been worse. I have been lax in tracking my intake. I think I did better yesterday than today. I had two burritos and some kind of bean salad.

I can tell when I cross the boundaries of sleep deprivation; fifteen minutes can make all the difference in the world when you only get 5 1/2 hours to begin with. I have to watch that. I know we joke about that, but if I am going to continue to get only 5 1/2 hours of sleep, I can't keep pushing the envelope and get 5 one night and 5 1/4 hours another. It affects my weight loss and my running performance, not to mention my alertness at work. I think my truck knows its own way to work. I'm OK running in the cool air, and then the shower, but when I get in the truck to come to work, then that's when I want to catch up on that other 1/2 hour I missed.

Well, enough of this rambling. I will see you all Friday. Have a wonderful evening! Toodles!

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