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03 September 2015

Good Morning, FS Warriors! I have a simple, but complex question for you. Is one pound worth the effort? I ask this since this weight loss journey really boils down to this one simple question. Is succumbing to smaller portions, and relinquishing the hold that dainties and volumes of the food we worship, worth the feelings of loss and deprivation that we go through to lose a single pound? Why do I mention a single pound? Simple; regardless of what diet you find yourself on, and how fast the weight might come off in the beginning, you will eventually struggle to lose every single pound. Is it worth it? If we could count on dropping 8 to 10 pounds a week, this weight loss journey would be well worth the effort. Just think of the possibilities: Even the heaviest of all the FS Warriors on this site could be thin within 3 months! Who wouldn't endure the temporal suffering that accommodates those kind of results. However, the reality of the journey is that some will struggle to achieve a loss of a pound in a week, maybe even two or three weeks. Now that's a different story! Why? Because we are a "Want-it-Now" generation. We don't have the discipline or patience to endure a year, two, maybe more to lose the weight. And that same lack of discipline and patience is what got us here to begin with. So, the process of losing weight and making a permanent lifestyle change is much more than just pushing yourself away from the table. It's about accepting that the journey is long, and making that commitment to live day-to-day, developing a positive perspective, which produces discipline and patience for a permanent lifestyle change. Is losing one pound worth it? Absolutely! A pound of fat is about the size of a normal coffee cup. Every pound that you lose takes a little more load off of your circulatory system, puts a little less load on your legs, takes a bit more pressure off your bladder, makes you breathe a little easier, and gives you a little more confidence and self esteem. There are so many more benefits that even I am aware of; and I am no doctor. Yes, it's worth it.

Well, the ranting lunatic neighbor did not come around after I got home last night. I went on the internet to find some advice on the difference between free speech and harassment. What I found made me think twice about the direction I might want to go with this. One quote from a lawyer is going to stick with me for a very long time: "Never urinate on a skunk." He mentioned that he had done this for many years, and what he found was that it's important to know someone's background, and realize, that while you may have a number of legal courses of action you can take, in most likelihood, it is just going to infuriate him and make you a target. And, as I mentioned before, this guy did serve 4 years in prison for a violent crime. So, I am going to proceed cautiously. I don't think the guy is quite stupid enough to trespass or threaten anyone with bodily harm, considering his criminal record, so we will do our best to ignore him for now.

Looking forward to tomorrow's weigh-in. I've been a good boy pretty much all week. I had a pretty big weight drop when I first started a couple weeks ago, so I can't expect much, and probably shouldn't expect any, but I'm thinking I'm going to be down a couple pounds. Keeping fingers crossed.

Didn't have worship practice last night; only three including me was going to be there. So, I will just choose songs that I know everyone knows, and there won't be any surprises Sunday morning. What did I do instead? Well, I'm glad you asked. A month or so ago, another church worship group gifted me with a pretty expensive wireless mic outfit, since they had upgraded all their equipment. It didn't have a power supply for the amplifier, but I happened to have one at home that worked fine, that I had kept, when I discarded another peice of electronic equipment. Coincidence? I think not. :) Anyway, it is one of those lavalier mics that go over one ear, with a little wand that comes around to the corner of your mouth. Almost invisible, and works great. However, it flops all over the place like a fish out of water. So, I had found this headband frame on the internet that is used to attach and stabilize this lavalier mic on your head - on SALE for $59. Well, I made one for free, from some leftover AWG 12 romex wire, and then sprayed it with Plasti-Coat, and I think it is better and more stable than anything I could have bought.

OK, I am not going to ramble on anymore and bore you with trivial rhetoric. Here's hoping all my FS Friends have a wonamous day and evening. Toodles!

02 September 2015

Good Afternoon, FS Warriors! I wish I could say that yesterday evening was uneventful, but it wasn't. Been dealing with a psycho neighbor that lives across the way from me. He is a real nutcase; spent 4 years in the state penn because he was out of control and took some woman hostage. The man does not have the capability for reason, and how could he? He doesn't shut his own mouth long enough to hear the other side of the story. I put some dirt in my drainage ditch and leveled it out. Technically, the ditch is in the village's right of way, so I don't own it. But I still have to mow it and maintain it. So, apparently his fury was in retaiiation for the board making some citizens move some homemade signs out of the Village's right of way. This is so petty and insignificant. You would think! He came over and stood outside my fence and yelled obsenities at me for over 30 mintues, calling me the "N" word, a Spic, a lazy F*** (because he knows I paid someone to mow my yard ????) and idiot (at least 50 times). I just told him, "Man, the punishment doesn't fit the crime; what the hell is the matter with you? If you have a grievance, call the police or take it to the board." Geez. Unfortunately, he is within his second amendment rights until he infringes upon mine. So today, while I am at work, he comes over with a little tractor, picks up the dirt and deposits it on the hillside. Then he comes out there and takes the dirt and gives it to another neighbor. I told my wife to just call the sheriff's dept.; I'm at work and I just want it on the record this guy is being a jerk. It has nothing to do with him; plus I only put enough dirt in there to keep my tractor from rolling over when I mow it. The Deputy told my wife, "Well, your husband didn't ask the board if he could put the dirt there, and the half-wit didn't get permission to move it." So, I'll propose to the board that we pay for an engineering study, build an actual drainage ditch with drainage tile and landscape over it, instead of what I did for free. So, I was pretty spun up when I went to bed. I wanted to reach out and touch somebody. Unfortunately, our laws are designed to protect the offender. If I go out there and slam dunk him, I'm going to jail. The president of the board doesn't have grit to take control of a board meeting when he goes on a rampage. I would have had him thrown out for violating the rules of order and after 2 or 3 times of that, he would have been barred from stepping foot on the grounds during a board meeting. OK, I'm done. Pissed, but done!

Here it is about 2:30 and I've only eaten around 300 calories thus far. Been doing pretty good the last couple of days. Just trying to keep the portion sizes smaller and stay away from high calorie useless carbs. It seems to be working good, but every now and then, I experience what it must feel like for a diabetic (or hypoglycemic?) to feel a sugar low. Makes me have to eat something whether I want to or not. Sometimes, just a coffee with a little non dairy creamer is just enough.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my rantings. I have worship practice tonight. I try to turn these things over to the Lord these days, and not let it interfere with my sleep. Been pretty tough lately; I want to solve it myself, even though I know the outcome wouldn't go so well. Have a great evening. Toodles!

01 September 2015

Good Afternoon, FS Warrior! All is well. I went back to work this morning. I even had chili for lunch. Nothing seems to hinder my iron stomach for long. I wish it was more like iron; then it wouldn't stretch so much. Well, in all honesty, I have been pretty disciplined in my eating - at least for the last couple hours. :D Seriously, I expect to be a pound or two down this Friday, unless I get stressed because I'm not losing. You know, I just can't seem to get serious right now. That's OK though, nothing gets you through the day like a good sense of humor. And if you can't find anything funny to smile about, then look in the mirror. When you think about it, we must look pretty odd to every other species, and even to most of our own.

Well, the van's transmission is going to cost us about $3,000.00. I hope we get it back pretty soon. DW went into the gloom and doom mode, “We didn't get a good deal on that after all.” I had to remind her that when we bought it, I told her that even if it had some serious flaws that would cost us $4,000 or $5000.00, we would still come out ahead. I said, “Do you like the van or not? We can trade it after it's fixed if you don't like it.” She said, “I don't want to trade it.” I guess that means she really isn't that upset about it.

Well, the perimeter of the concrete floor downstairs is dug up and almost ready for the gravel and drain tile to go in. Then I'll put in a sump basin and pump, and a membrane on the inside wall to direct any further seepage, if it should occur, down under the floor to the drain tile. The floor should never get wet again. Then I can install the Endless Pool. That will be a job, but nothing like breaking up the concrete and hauling it away. Life is good.

I have ordered the tractor parts and expect them to be in within a week or two. I can't wait to see it come to life. I think I'm going to be putting a snow plow instead of a mowing deck; I think the mowing is about to come to a close here pretty soon. After a week in the 70's, it looks like we are going to have a week in the 90's and then back into the 70's again. Man, this is crazy weather! No rain in sight for at least two weeks. I'm not complaining; I'd rather get the drainage system installed downstairs prior to having a gulley washer anyway.

Well, I just wanted to check in and let everyone know I survived another illness. It has been a while since I had some affliction. I guess the Lord has to throw something at me now and then so I don't get too cocky.

So, hoping everyone has a great day and a wonamous evening! Toodles!

30 August 2015

Good Evening, FS Warriors! I trust everyone has had a fantabulous Sunday, and if not, there's another one coming up soon. I woke up with nausea and the Big D. I would be concerned, but DW had it and it passed (no pun intended) in 2 or 3 days. She has a habit of giving me these gifts that I wish she could keep to herself. I would not be surprised if I decide to stay home tomorrow. Work is slow, and there is no point in spreading the cheer. Also, rest should accelerate recovery.

Well, I did not get the tractor running yesterday, but I did discover a lot about the tractor. Someone, who owned the tractor before the guy I bought it from, went nuts with some wire clippers and bypassed some defective components in order to keep it running. However, by bypassing that circuitry, he caused the system to provide too much current to the ignition circuit, which would burn it up every few hours. I don't want to perpetuate a cycle of having to fix things over and over, because it isn't wired right or is missing components. I tried to keep it simple here, and yet still tell you what I ran into. The bottom line is that I am ordering a wiring harness, all the ignition components, new plug wires and basically rewiring the tractor. So, it will be a setback of about a week. I'll get er done though.

We went out to eat last night to a local Mexican restaurant. They have really good food. I ate twice as much as I should have, yet not nearly as much as I had been known to consume in the past. We are talking burritos, refried beans and rice. Of course, there is the chips and salsa while you wait on your food. The menu said that I had to drink two Bud Lites to complement the spices in the burritos. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

When we came home from church, I curled up in my recliner with a bottle of water, and DW went to visit our granddaughter who has been diagnosed with colitis. Apparently it is a painful infection of the colon. I figured the last thing she needed was me bringing what I have into her room. Of course, while I was sleeping restfully, the phone rang twice and the dog woke me up to go out. What kind of telemarketer calls on a Sunday afternoon? Man, I wanted to reach out and touch someone. There ought to be a law against it. I wish there was a way to hook up the computer to the phone line and tie up their lines so they couldn't make any calls, but I think they have something in place to prevent that. I'm not vindictive - except for telemarketers. I know they are people, and it is an opportunity for them to make money, but I don't like that it is at my expense. If someone paid me to annoy you, I wouldn't do it.

Enough rhetoric for one day. Have a great evening and a wonderful Monday - if that is possible. Toodles!

29 August 2015

Good Morning, FS Warriors! Another beautiful day in the neighborhood! Had a pretty uneventful evening. We and our friends went out to eat, which is always a question mark: where are we going and what am I going to eat? Well, everybody, except me, wanted fried walleye. What did I order? Fried walleye. Battered and deep fried walleye, no less! It came with yellow corn and a nice side salad. Either my stomach is shrinking, they serve way to much, or both. I think it's both. I ate two pieces of fish, the salad and the corn. Took two pieces home, but made sure that DW was planning on eating them - because I wasn't going to. I have enough trouble keeping my intake down, without having a fridge full of leftovers. I'm fat, but DW puts me to shame on eating unhealthy foods; she would be content just to eat the fried batter and skin off of chicken and fish, and forget the meat. I can't handle it. When we go to Long John Silvers, she orders extra cracklings or whatever they call that stuff. Oh well, if she goes before me, I'll get all her money. Oh, wait, she doesn't have any! :D

Well, I think I'm going to try and get that old tractor running today, that I bought a couple months ago. I know it's not firing, but getting gas, so I'll take some things apart, clean them up, set them up right, and see what happens. I'll sell the other small tractor once this one is up and running. All I'm going to use this one for is mowing and plowing. I've got a bigger tractor for the heavy duty stuff. So far, I plan on selling a tractor and a pickup truck, both of which are going to be hard for me to part with. Maybe they'll go to a good home. Haha, I don't know what it is about old mechanical things; just like to tinker with them. Just like my women: treat em right and they take care of me. OK, OK; don't be so rough on me. Where's your sense of humor?

Had a couple fried eggs and a piece of toast for breakfast. I'll try to come back inside for some lunch, before I'm starving and start eating everything in the house. Depending on how lucky I get today - with the tractor - I might even go for a motorcycle ride today. The weather is just starting to get really good for riding. I love Fall; it's my favorite time of year - the smell of burning leaves, trees of all different colors, perfect temps in the day, and cool nights for gathering around a fire pit. Who doesn't like that?

Well, I'd better get out and get some work done, instead of hanging out on here, rambling about what I should be out there living. Have a great weekend, You All! Toodles!

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