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29 January 2015

Good morning, FS Warriors! I actually begin writing a journal entry last night, and then got sidetracked, googled something, and when I got back to it, it was gone. Funny thing was, I didn't get all uptight or mad about it; just shrugged it off, because I really didn't care. That's the way I've been feeling lately with this bug from hell that just seems to go on forever. I got to sleep last night at midnight, then woke up at 1:30 AM, all plugged up and gagging. After I cleared everything out the best I could, since I couldn't sleep, I played around with some new software I got on the Ipad, that had a bug that prevented it from working. After some communications with the developer, got an upgrade to the software, and got it working. He must not have been able to sleep either. Got back to sleep at around 3:30 AM. Alarm was set for 5:00. Woke up at 7:30. Whoopsie! Took the morning off, and now I am typing at my work computer, in the office. I called the doctor's office and left a message for one of the nurses. The way it works, they usually wait until they have attended to all of the patients during the day, and about 5:00 PM, they will call in a prescription or two to my pharmacy. They prefer that I don't bring this crap into the clinic, and I prefer not to pick up anything in addition to what I already have.
In the midst of all this joy, I have a new addition to the family.[/img]

Haha, I've been wanting one of these Made in America electric guitars for some time now. I told DW it was a [i]not ready for retirement
gift to myself. She doesn't want me to retire yet - I think because she isn't ready to cut back on her unrestrained spending. :D We both win!

Well, time for me to go find out what the boss thinks of my performance last year. He hasn't fired me yet, so it must be good enough. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Toodles!

26 January 2015

Good Morning, FS Warriors! Our fairly mild January continues, and I am grateful for that. I'm still getting past the remnant of this bug that was going around. It's been about a month. I actually think I was hit by two back-to-back bugs, the second coming right on the heels of the other, with completely different symptoms. Still just anoying enough that singing in Worship on Sunday is just enough to tickle my throat and disrupt my rhythm with a short coughing spell. Luckily, I've had a couple others that I prompted to sing louder when I step away to cough. LOL! It's rather comical really, since I provide the music. We go to acapella and back again sometimes multiple times during a song, depending on what notes I was trying to reach.
Didn't get a lot done Saturday. Sunday evening, we went with friends to eat at Cracker Barrel and then to a concert by Mark Lowry and The Martins. He's a funny guy, and he can sing too. He's the one who wrote "Mary Did You Know?" The Martins specialize in 3 part harmony, and sing like you would expect an angelic choir to sound like. A good time was had by all. However, 4 AM came way too early this morning.
Got on the scales yesterday, and I'll just say that it was depressing. I think I have indulged in way too many free offerings of cookies, donuts and sweet rolls over the last week, and enough is enough. Back to a structured eating plan. I don't even care for sweets that much. Seems if it is free, I feel compelled. Well no more. I can afford to eat what I should eat. Haha. can't use poverty as an excuse. No more deserts for this guy for a while. Had juice and a lowfat yogurt for breakfast this morning, and I am back on track.
Well, that's all the rhetoric I have time for this morning. Back to the grind. Hope everyone has a wonamous day, and I'll talk to you later. Toodles!

21 January 2015

Good Afternoon, FS Warriors! Where does the time go? I had no idea that it had been more than two weeks since I had been on here. I knew it was a while, but geez! Guess I haven't been much of a buddy. Ever since the grandkids came over at Christmas, I have been down with this bug. I think I was over one, and got another - back to back. Now everything is loose, but it just keeps on coming. I hate coughing up stuff and this is even grossing me out, but it's clear anyway. I've been on antibiotics for a week but they haven't done anything. I left a message with the nurse today to see if there is something else I can do without going back in there. There is more crap in the doctor's waiting room than there is in my house. I am back to work, and I'm not feeling sick; just not real motivated. I ended up retracting my offer on the one van after I read all the problems that model was prone to, and ended up buying a really nice van a year newer, that DW loves, and save a couple grand on what the insurance company paid for our old one. So, if anything does go wrong with it, we will still be ahead. Got a 90 day warranty on it, but nothing will go wrong until 91 days. Haha; isn't that the way it works?
Haven't lost any weight, and haven't gained any since last weigh in, but maybe I'll show a loss Friday, who knows. Right now, I just want to get over this crud and get on with exercising.
Been playing my guitar a lot; seems to be the only thing that motivates me lately. I only missed leading worship one Sunday. If I have a coughing spell while singing and playing, I just step away from the mic, and let the others carry on, and hope they just sing louder. :) It seems the only time I get a tickle in my throat is when I'm leading worship. I guess because I'm stretching the vocals a bit. Oh well, I'm not trying to impress anyone; just enjoying the worship same as everyone else.
I got one of those double sandwich makers for Christmas. You know the ones, you can make sausage egg and cheese McMuffins with them. Haha; just what I needed. I love the thing! I have made them with bacon, sausage, and Canadian bacon. Not what you want to hear? Believe me, it will take a lot to lose weight with that in the house. But usually, I only make them on a Saturday morning, and I usually skip lunch, so maybe it won't be so bad.
DW is still pretty well bed-ridden, though she has been getting up the last couple days and making supper. She even went with DD to the big city 45 minutes away when DD had to pick up her drinks to prepare for her colonoscopy. They ended up eating at Olive Garden and going to a few shops, so I am pretty sure she isn't dying, which is a good thing. I think she's playing the pitiful card when anyone calls, so I'm just letting her enjoy her convalescence. She seems to do fine when she's up, but prefers to lay on the bed crocheting me my redskins scarf. Haha! Gotta luv it!
Well, anyway, I know it's been a long time, but I don't want to overwhelm you guys with a bunch of rhetoric, so I'll try to check in more often. Toodles!

06 January 2015

Good Morning, FS Warriors! I figured it's about time I checked in here. DW got home yesterday. She's pretty content to lie in bed, until the lure of Facebook becomes too overwhelming. Well, the insurance adjuster totalled the van. I could have had it repaired and hoped for the best, but I figured the impact was in the front, yet it shattered the sliding door window, so something shifted or twisted. I'm not taking any chances. I did something I haven't done before; found a nice SUV on the internet and made an offer. There were lots of pictures and a Carfax report, so I'm keeping fingers crossed.

Pretty cold outside. We got about 5 inches of snow last night. I left work and headed straight over to the tire place and had new tires put on the truck. Made me feel a little froggy though. I drove in the snow hitting about 70 mph in some places. If I go sideways, I'm sure my speed will diminish, but I kept her straight. I love 4WD and good tires! I did run into (not literally) a lot of people that were afraid of entering eternity apparently - going 20 mph on relatively clear roads. I don't mind people slowing down for road conditions, but if you do, then don't ride the guy's bumper in front of you so nobody can pass. I ran into strings of as many as 8 cars going 25 - 30 mph on snow covered roads, within inches of the bumper in front of them. How is that safer than what I do?

I'm expecting a counter offer on the SUV, or someone else may step up and offer full price. I was looking for a vehicle when I found this one, so I guess I can live with that also. As long as I buy her something nicer than what she had, I am safe. Well, that's about the most interesting stuff going on in the life and times of DK right now. I don't really want any more excitement right now. Wishing you all a great day. Toodles!

03 January 2015

Good Evening, FS warriors! Well, the adventure continues. It's only the 3rd and my excitement meter has already been pegged. DW wrecked the van this morning. She's a bit banged up, but they haven't found anything broken yet. They are keeping her overnight at the local hospital. We had a freezing rain this morning, and she was determined to go to a visitation for childhood buddy that just died. She didn't make it. She started down a fairly steep hill that, for all appearances, seemed to just be wet. The van left the road and was stopped by a tree about 6 inches in diameter. No trees were harmed during the course of this accident. It happened only about 1/2 mile out of town. The ambulance and fire department were on the scene within 15 minutes. I arrived about 5 minutes later, and was only able to bring my truck to a stop within about 20 feet of the van and the ambulance; almost another casualty! I can't tell whether the van will be totaled or not. In any case, it was winched onto a flatbed truck and carried away. Everything had to be cleared off the road before I was clear to proceed to the hospital. The firetrucks were not able to get back up the hill, and had to take the long way around to get back to the fire department. So, I spent the majority of the day with her, and I am pretty done in. She is resting peacefully, with lots of pain killers, and she ate all of her supper, so I am pretty sure she will be fine, other than a great deal of soreness from the jolt.

I decided to go ahead and lead Church worship services tomorrow morning, since everyone else is sick anyway. Going to have DD there in the morning, and then I'll head over there after services, and after I've attended to all the critters.

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