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31 July 2014

Good Morning, FS Warriors! I was running a little behind this morning, so I only ran a little over 2 miles. I did step it up a bit, so I could say that I got a decent workout in. It's going down to about 60 overnight every night this week, so it has been really great for running. For traditionally being the hottest month of the year, it has been unbelievably comfortable. I kind of blew it yesterday. OK, I didn't kind of blow it, I blew it; two MacDonalds fish sandwiches, french fries and an Iced Hazelnut coffee. My rationale was that I wouldn't have time for supper until after worship practice and family night at the church, so after feeding the dogs, I wouldn't get to eat until 8 or so. Made sense to me. The real problem though was that, after 8 o'clock, I heard the leftover spaghetti in the fridge calling to me, "Eat me, eat me." What was I to do? Of course, I ate it. Felt guilty, watched the rest of America's Got Talent" and went to bed.
I know I don't have to have it; I can tone up without it, but I have been seriously considering getting a Total Gym. I like the idea of using your own body weight and being able to adjust the incline so you control just how much of your body weight you use for resistance. I've read a lot of reviews online, and am leaning toward the 1900 or the XLS models, which fall somewhere in the $500 to $700 range. I'd appreciate any input or comments anyone has for me, who has experience with them. I have a universal gym that takes up quite a bit of space, but has the leg lifts, butterflies, lat pulldowns, bench press, etc. So, anyone that wants to chime in, let er rip.
All for now, Toodles!

29 July 2014

Good Morning, FS Warriors! You wouldn't believe it; I wore gloves on my run this morning. I don't know what the temp was, maybe upper 50's, low 60's. Still wore shorts and a running Tee, but put on a pair of white jersey gloves and didn't take them off until my run was over - which is unusual for me. Usually, I have shed my gloves a mile or two into the run because my hands get hot and sweaty. Not this time. It just felt cold when I walked out the door. Ran a nice and easy 3.2 miles. I didn't want to overdo it, following on the heels of my long run yesterday. In hindsight, I should have taken a rest day. The run was OK, but my quads and hips were really tight. I know I should have a rest day following a long run, but I tried to play catch-up, since I didn't do my long run on the weekend as planned, and did it yesterday. Normally, Monday is a rest day, following the long run. I know better, and it's a good way to usher in an overuse injury.
A pretty uneventful evening; had one of the granddaughters over with the great grandkids. Homemade spaghetti is about the only way to get her over there, which is the bait we used. Of course, I ate two platefuls, and had to wash it down with a Pinot Noir. Well, it was good, doggonit! Shot at each other with foam bullets for about an hour. Played catch with the 3 year old, pushed him on the swing, answered a million questions - only about 10 of them were new, and most of them, he already knew the anwwers to. He's just practicing. All in all, a pretty good evening. Did some reading and went to lala land. Well, here's wishing all of you a wonamous day! Toodles!

28 July 2014

Good Morning, FS Warriors! Vacation is over and I can finally get some rest! Yeah, I wish. :) It was nice sleeping in until 6:00 or 7:00, but all good things must come to an end. Up at 3:30, and out the door for the long run I missed on the weekend. Ran 6.2 miles. It was a fairly cool morning about 60 degrees with a slight breeze, and a sky full of stars. It was still very dark where I was running; I tried to run as much as I could with the flashlight turned off, but there were places I would just be running blind without it; would rather turn the light on, than break something that would take me out of the game. I kept at a pretty slow pace, although each lap was a negative split, that being a little faster with each successive lap. Even after stretching, at the end of my run, my calves were tight, and even tighter after the hour long drive into work. I'll just have to keep moving around a bit today.
It was nice coming off of vacation with a loss instead of a gain, howbeit a small one. I have figured out that there isn't much point in retiring so I can get things done; just having time off does not guarantee that anything will get done. Oh, I got lots of things done - just not what I intended to get done while I was home. Did a lot of mowing, organizing, cleaning, and eating. Although I did have some pretty hefty meals, most of my grazing was on fresh fruits. I saw an episode of Dr. Oz, where his guest was touting almond butter as a miracle food for putting the metabolism in high gear. After jumping on the bandwagon a while back with the green coffee bean miracle food, I was skeptical to say the least. However, I am eating a tablespoon of Jiff crunchy almond butter on a Ritz cracker every morning, and we'll see if it does anything. I've been kind of hovering around this same weight for a month or more now, not taking it very seriously, so maybe this will stimulate change. If I lose 10 pounds over the next 30 days, we won't blame it on the running or diet; we'll give credit to the almond butter. Tastes like peanut butter, which I love, so what the heck!
Got a lot of catching up to do today at work, so I won't linger here and write a book. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Toodles!

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25 July 2014

Good Morning, FS Warriors! "To run, or not to run," that is the question. It is beautiful outside, about 58 degrees and a steady and soft rain. If I do run, I may end up doing it on the treadmill. I got up about 7:00 again this morning. We went to this Senior's activity thing last night, which is basically a potluck with about 15 minutes of entertainment, and an oppotunity to just mingle and talk with folks over 50. I knew I'd eaten way too much, and I had this vision of mother nature striking half-way through my run. I know - TMI - but it's a fact that runners have to live with; if you're going to overindulge the night before, you may pay for it the next morning. So, I gave it an hour or so, and nature took care of business. Now, it's either work on cabinets, or run. I'll probably do both, but I'll probably wait for a break in the weather, and if it's overcast and cool, go for a run.
Usually people go for the fried chicken right off the bat; I went for the pastas. There was a goulash-like dish there with cheese, that turned out to be delicious. And I couldn't resist trying the spaghetti, which was equally good. I don't particularly like zuchinni, but there was a pan of scalloped zuchinni that looked a lot like stuffing, and I took a spoonful or so of that, and it was delicious. The real problem lies in the fact that I'm a fast eater. When I was done eating, everyone else was only half-done. With time on my hands, and impending boredom looming, I hovered around the serving tables - I know, bad idea! Homemade peach pie. Yep, a true boredom killer! Delicious. Traded boredom for guilt. :D What a tangled web we weave.
Only 3 full days till I go back to work. Where does the time go? Funny how time doesn't go this fast at work. I'll be back to running at 3:30 in the morning, and won't get a long break again until Christmas time. Counting down the days till the 10K on August 23rd - my first. Praying for cooler temps that day. Well, Buddies, here's hoping you all have a wonderful day - even if it is at work. Toodles!

24 July 2014

Good Morning, FS Warriors! Maybe it was the wine last night, or maybe just the culmination of activities, or maybe both. I woke up this morning, glanced at the clock, saw that it was 5:00 AM, rolled over and went back to sleep. Got up at 7:00, donned my running attire, and headed out the door, clutching a small bottle of Gatorade. The weather was cool(er). Ran at a fairly easy pace for the first mile and picked it up a bit for the next two. That was it: 3.07 miles. I was happy; I've skipped my run for the last two days; felt like I'd had enough of a workout with life.
Yesterday's pork loin roast came out perfect. I smoked it with apple chunks over charcoal at about 225 degrees for almost 4 hours and it tasted amazing. Could have been that rub/marinade I made up the night before. I took some olive oil, garlic powder, onion powder and some kind of all-purpose seasoning that had lemon pepper, orange peel . . . and I never read the rest of the ingredients. I just combined it all, rubbed it all over the roast and put it in one of those gallon ziplock baggies and let it sit in the fridge overnight. I had DW slice the layer of fat off the one side of the roast the next morning, and I figured she would just throw it away. Nope. She fried it up, and let me tell you (probably because of the rub) it was about the best tasting bacon I have ever eaten - Bonus! No salt added either. Anyway, we had friends over so I could show off. Smoked pork loin, twice-baked potatoes, brussel sprouts, and a salad made with cucumbers, onion, peppers and vinegar. The guests brought a sugar-free white chocolate pudding, to which they added fresh blueberries and raspberries, and it was delicious!
No fights at the nursing home. Would have had a standing ovation, but most of them were in wheelchairs. :) We all had a good time. We all went around and gave them all hugs or handshakes and told them we loved them and cared about them. One lady wouldn't let go of my hand; I thought I was going to have to drag her over to the mike and play my guitar one-handed. She was a sweetheart.
And like I prophesied yesterday: I came back and inbibed in some cabernet savignon - 3 of them - glasses, that is. Oh yeah! You'd have thought I would have been done for the night. You would have been - what's the word? Wrong, yea that's the word. Got out the Life of Pi DVD and watched it for the next 2 hours. It was a pretty interesting movie, but I think I only understood about 1/2 the dialogue in the movie. It was entertaining though. Went to bed at midnight, and as they say, "The rest is history."
Here's hoping all my FS Buddies have a wonderful day! Toodles!

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