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22 February 2017

@Stringofpearls, this entry is a response to a post from @maeday42's journal.
The numbers the we speak of, ones that Dr. Griffin had me watch were from this chart.
When I was diagnosed 8 Feb 2016, my numbers were as follows:
A1C: 12.7
Glucose : 345
Weight: 350lbs

Now, 1 year later
A1C: 5.4
Glucose: 95
Weight: 258lbs

My Journal from 6 Feb 2017 is all about the 1 year report!

Just sharing some info, don't know if all need/follow these numbers, but, this is my story!
Your Dr. may have other stats in mind for you. Now this chart shows "Normal" as less than 5.5
Guess I am now a normal, huh!

Maeday42 - You keep going, you will make it. There are temptations/traps/idiots along the way.....but just stay focused.....
I viewed it as "There are 7 days in a week, if there are slips and bumps and puddles, there is always tomorrow to do better"
Forgive, realize, adapt.......

You sound like you have a PRETTY GOOD motivation to stay on track!
Mine was a 700 day expiration date!

21 February 2017

Woo Hoo! Hellooo Buddies!
Been MIA for a few weeks - after my diagnosis of NO DIABETES I have kind of been on vacation! February 13, 1987 was the Anniversary of our first date (yep, Friday the 13th - 30 years ago) and we just spent the last 2 weeks enjoying each other, blessed be that we found each other!
Still TRYING to stay on plan but had a little rise after a couple of weeks. No big thang.........Feel guilty not entering food logs daily but I will survive!
Life has been pretty great lately and I am happy to be able to enjoy it and not be hurting/in pain/miserable.
2016 was the year of our Rebirths!
I still try to post/log but I feel SO busy now!
I have an opportunity to become "The IT guy" for a private "Sleep Diagnostic Center" company (part time/remote access) that was formed from someone I've known in my Military Life the last 32 years - small dept, less than 15 pc's, I don't know.........I've seen so many people go down after retirement that it is scary.....
I'm going to meet with them this weekend to discuss.......
Can't imagine anything but the Army, the day will come tho.....
Once you get over 30 years of service, the sands are running out.......

I pray for all of you, my Brothers and Sisters and will check in sporadically.


Ron T.
Weigh-in: 258.0 lb lost so far: 92.0 lb still to go: 56.0 lb Diet followed poorly
   (17 comments) on diet The Paleo Diet   gaining 1.0 lb a week

06 February 2017's OFFICIAL!!! Lab results came back Friday. I wish I would get a "detailed" list like some people post but, I guess I only get those when "BAD" things happen!
Dr. Griffin called me Friday to give this: "All lab tests are excellent! Your cholesterol total is 187, your A1C is 5.4, you are to 'officially' stop taking Toujeo injections."
Now, 1 year ago, my A1C was 12.7 and was given that 2-year expiration date!
I am so blessed with the changes that have happened in my life!
I feel so shocked/amazed/humbled to discover this WOE. It REALLY saved my life! God Bless all my Buddies and everyone struggling with issues of this nature. I talk to sooo many people that are astounded of my results but their answer is ALWAYS, "I can't change/I can't give up sugar/I have to have bread/we've always ate like this/etc,etc/blah,blah,blah"
I felt that way also - 365 days ago! One day at a time, it will work out.
I really didn't even do LCHF for weight, just Blood Sugar control.
It works (for me), and I can't even imagine going "back" to that old life!
It seems so natural now that all those BAD foods don't even bother me.
(Doesn't help in my dreams donuts and stuff are chasing me with an insulin needle! Angie says she had dreams of the "Dough Boy" eating her fingers!)
Pretty vivid imaginations huh!
Keep the Faith my Brothers and Sisters!

31 January 2017

Weigh-in: 254.9 lb lost so far: 95.1 lb still to go: 52.9 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   add comment on diet The Paleo Diet   gaining 1.6 lb a week

18 January 2017 has been a FUN Holiday Season, Birthdays and all that!
But, I'm glad recovery is now starting(appearing I should say)! My 1 year checkup is next Friday the 27th, (the reason for the "whole" change in our lives). I am excited to go! I have been off Toujeo for 18 days now, been averaging between 90-100 daily. Of course the Nachos from last night were questionable! But, very happy with my numbers(ALL of them)!
Am down a couple a pounds since Christmas, and 1.9 lbs from being 100 down for Dr. Griffin! (350-250)
I think he will be pleased! It's funny, the pharmacy keeps calling the last 2 weeks to "Please tell Ronnie he needs to refill his insulin, needles and test strips". HAH! $300+$89+$69 for that crap! I knew I would enjoy being lighter, but glad my wallet will be getting a little fatter!!! Happy Wednesday FS Warriors!
Weigh-in: 251.9 lb lost so far: 98.1 lb still to go: 49.9 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   (13 comments) on diet The Paleo Diet   losing 2.7 lb a week

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