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Weight History

Start Weight
160.6 lb
Lost so far: 31.2 lb

Current Weight
129.4 lb
Performance: gaining 12.6 lb a week

Goal Weight
125.0 lb
Still to go: 4.4 lb
Mother of 3, wife to 1, cancer survivor, animal lover. Chemo/mom brain still. Mixed episode bipolar(rapid cycling) w/ GAD. Love getting an giving advice. Don’t know when to shut up lol.

Beginning 3/5/18 160.6
Current 7/4/19 119.6 & gaining (muscle)

Body scan 7/1/19 121.2# dressed in yoga pants&tee, no shoes; 63”; 38.5 yrs
25.8% BF 29.95#
74.2% LBW 86.06# lean
5.17# BMC; 1.144 g/cm2; T score- 0.2; Z score- 0.7

Livestrong program spring 2018
4/5/19 started lifting 3x a week MWF 45 minutes each day

3 sets of 5-12 reps
Leg curls/extensions 65#/80#
Bicep curls/tricep extensions 32-40#
Hip add and abs 100&120
Torso rotation of complete suffering lol 30 light days, 50 heavy
Peck deck front/back (fly and rear delt) 35-40#
Overhead and chest press machines 35/65#
Rows and lats 50# but moving up to 60 on last set so if me do 60 next week.

Recently added chin/pull ups on machine using 46-52# weigh help
Squats- 95 easy occasionally, 140 heavy occasionally, 120# normally
Bench- bar alone for now as I gain stability

Burned kcal or +200.
CICO with leaning toward low fat.
I eat pizza, pasta, candy, anything that fits in my calorie budget
If I go over BIG time one day I cut back a bit the next few days to make up.

Approximate macros:
40-50%carbs 25-40% fats 20-30% proteins
Protein is my focus

8/5/19. (9/26 edit)
Mondays (up 9-10% from last week)
Incline bench press: 65
Bench press: 75
Seated military press: 45/bar (55 sometimes)
DB lat raises: 8’s-10’s
Hip machines: 110&140
Calves: 120


BB deadlift 60
Smith 125-135
BB row 50/60
Smith 85
One arm DB row 20-25’s
BB curl 40
3-6 abs
Chair Leg raises body weight
Cable crunch 60
Ab buster 60 (70)


Warm up squat 40
BB low squat 50 (60)
Smith 125
Leg press 200
Romanian deads 80
Smith 125
Hips (120/140)
Calves 90/130/175

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what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
My ideal weight would be 110-120. At 37, after surgical menopause, breast cancer and the weight gain from all that and 3 children I decided 160.6 was high enough! My oncologist and her staff suggested I was correct in needing to lose weight. My other doctors seem to think I’m fine as long as I try to eat healthier and not gain. Some tell me I’ll never get back that low but that just gives me a challenge! Before my health issues I felt my best with the most energy around 118-126. My goal is to get to 110, slowly work calories back up to 1500-1800 which means I’ll probably gain back 5lb to 115. Then I want to gain muscle and would be happy fainting enough to get me to 120ish. My drs all agree on one thing- it’s not likely I’ll ever see 110 on the scale and even if I do I won’t be able to maintain it in a healthy way but my oncologist would like to see that or lower as a higher weight supposedly increases the risk for a recurrence in people with my gene mutations. We will see Wink.
posted 17 Jun 2018, 23:44
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