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13 December 2018

12 December 2018

11 December 2018

10 December 2018

2nd day of the week for my personal challenge went without a hitch - 2nd day with no treat (now can have 1 treat per day for the rest of the week) and 2nd day of eating in moderation (2 more to go) plus 1st day of exercise for the week (2 more to go) - trying to maintain my weight during the holidays is a challenge that I really hope to pass!

33 degrees this morning - brrrrrrr - so broke down and popped on the central heat again this morning - just to get that nasty chill out of the air - feels so good to be warm and now the sun is out and it is warming up to 60 today - the sun really helps!

Hope everyone is getting back to normal after that winter storm this past weekend - can't imagine being without power during that.

Have a super day!!

One of my favorite things to teach was evolution - one of my favorite things to do is eat - so this one slayed me...

09 December 2018

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