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My name is Mark. I compete as a Life-time Drug Free Professional Bodybuilder. I specialize in not making excuses and creating efficiencies related to dietary intake. I eat a lot of icecream and follow flexible dieting where I can eat a lot of what I like, just not too much of it vs. my functional foods.

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gnat824 wrote:
MV10 wrote:
That's a good answer, but it's actually a bit more complicated than that. Low carb alone won't make you lose weight, what it does is prevent your body from converting excess carbs to fat, which fights anything else you might be doing to lose weight.

Once your body "learns" you aren't cramming it full of unneeded carbohydrates, it'll start to burn fat for energy. Then the question is whether you're burning dietary fat or stored fat, and that's where your caloric intake comes into play.

You should definitely read about how to do a low carb diet properly, as low carb also increases your need for sodium. And the idea that dietary fat converts to stored fat is a myth, by the way, so whatever you do, don't try to do both low-carb and low-fat ... your body needs *something* to burn as energy, and when you ditch the carbs, that something is fat.

I couple misconceptions about carbs here that needed correcting:
-Excess carbs do not turn into fat, excess CALORIES turn into fat, regardless of what the composition of those calories is.
- If you're running a calorie deficit, you will be burning fat, regardless of how low (or high) carb your diet is. Your body doesn't run on nothing and needs to get that balance of energy from somewhere.
- You don't "teach" your body to burn certain types of calories first. Your body is designed to work a certain way and there's no overriding it. Low carb just limits the availability of the energy sources your body prefers to use first (glycogen stored in the muscles). This is not a long-term adjustment and your body will use it's preferred energy sources as soon they're available- the minute you increase your level of carbs.

If your doctor is the one making the recommendation, can you can get a referral to a dietitian who will be able to help you develop an eating plan specific to YOUR needs? If you rely on this website, you're going to get a lot of advice that may or may not be appropriate for your specific circumstances. And the advice you get will vary from very well informed to people who don't really know what they're talking about- there's so much noise and misinformation in the world of nutrition that where your health is concerned, I'd see a professional.

Listen to this woman. She is wise.
posted 16 Jul 2014, 09:57
How to lose the last 5 pounds?
Whoops forgot to clear up the word tone for you. Tone is ambiguous, you are really saying "I want to see muscle anatomy." With this being said, you have to have a) the anatomy developed, and b) be lean enough to see said developed anatomy. There is no such thing as localized fat loss (if I'm overweight I can't do 1000 situps a day and get a six pack). Often we think of stubborn belly fat, we are really saying we have simply stopped losing fat and there happens to be more fat in the stomach area, in both genders, and in females usually the legs. Upper arm is also a sore spot for women.

I hope this helps. The stubborn fat will come off when the body continues to burn fat, which will not happen until you find out where you can improve.

I would recommend weighing yourself every day to see more specific trends in weight.
posted 16 Jul 2014, 09:52
How to lose the last 5 pounds?
Mslanabananas wrote:
Hi! Thanks for the responses guys!

I don't know how I could eat any less though. It gets a little dangerous to me. If I eat at 900 calories a day, my weight will shift, but I'm not happy with the result. (My lowest was a 117 from, in my opinion, undereating). Shifting back to 1200 calories a day, and my weight normalizes. Also I never exceed my RDI, I always replace meals. If I know I have to eat out for dinner, I won't eat earlier or I'll eat lesser.

But what bothers me is that I think the last 5 pounds are a bunch of stubborn fat (arms and belly), which can only be cured by exercise. :/ but belly fat has been a major problem for me, as I have been doing fullbody workouts and targeting major muscle groups. My legs are totally on the right track of getting toned but not so much my arms...

My other observation is that I havent really been sleeping well all this time haha. So i think that could contribute.

I was wondering do both of you know someone who managed to lose the last 5 pounds? Or ar that point is becomes a change of body composition? (Starts losing the fat but gain muscle) type of thing.


Let me clear up a few things for you, first, its great that you have declined to drop down to 900 calories, this is VERY low food consumption. What has happened here is you reached what most would call a plateau: that is, that stimulus that you have introduced (calorie deficit) has run its course and the body has adapted to this new caloric intake through supressing the rate at which is consumes nutrients.

Remember, dieting is controlled starvation, as soon as you get to your "goal," the problem becomes in maintaining this goal, which is in relation to how you look, aka body composition (what is my body made of? muscle/fat?)

First thing I would consider is to make sure your 1200 calories are REALLY 1200 calories. This means either increase your adherence (be more precise in journaling, eat out less), or if you aren't using a food scale PLEASE buy one.

Next, consider hiring a registered dietition to work with you to figure out an optimal macronutrient ratio that those calories make up. Maybe you would benefit from consuming more protein. The dietician will be able to look at your journal information and make suggestions. Overall, don't stress about the 5 lbs, you have come so far! Be happy for that, now you have a new obstacle: sustaining your new body! This is where a dietician will also come in handy. Call around for prices, it will be the best decision you can make.

Keep on!

posted 16 Jul 2014, 09:49
Plateau BUSTED!
HeyJude602 wrote:
Glaun wrote:
or you really enjoy dropping negative bombs into a conversation.

I have Googled information on weight loss, muscle building, protein powders, resistance training, etc., and many times have wound up on bodybuilding sites. Name calling, trashing people for asking "stupid questions", and rudeness seem to be the norm. Not all responders behave this way, but I have come across so many responses that are negative, call posters "fa**ot", "f*g", "p**sy" for trying to get information, that I cringe every time I have to go to one of those forum links to find my answer.

To mrspackrat: Bingo! When I started out at 194, I could eat close to 2000 calories per day and lost weight. Now at goal, it's more like 1200/day to maintain.

Hey sorry to hear you googled stuff, purchase a college nutrition textbook, they are only 100 dollars.

Your maintenance level for calories isn't inherently a result of weight lost in itself. Yes when you lost weight from 200 to 140, you did lose lots of fat, yes, but unless you are very meticulous, you most likely lost lean mass as well (muscle, lean tissue) as dieting is controlled starvation.

Given this, the body will adapt to diets, this is why its not a good idea to cut calories so low because your body will adapt strongly and STAY there for an extended time. The new 1400 calorie maintenance level is a result of metabolic rate supression, meaning your body has adapted to a lower caloric level for survival and to make room for your increased exercise.

I recommend seeing a professional that can reverse diet you out of this 1400 calorie range and can restore and repair your metabolic rate. I adapted my own from 2900 calories to lose weight from 252 to 203, and then we slowly, over 7 months, increased calories to get me up to now 4300 calories per day with minimal body fat increase.

I hope this helps. A nutritionist will be the best money you spend in your life.

posted 16 Jul 2014, 09:37
Plateau BUSTED!
Glaun wrote:
I hate to comment negatively in public, Marksmith. However, either you did not carefully read Mrspackrat comments, or you really enjoy dropping negative bombs into a conversation. In your first post all you can offer is, "This is absolute nonsense". In my humble opinion this is not the best way to start an intelligent conversation. Next you follow up with a comment that contains big words, and a 31 word long sentence that contains this muddled comment, "If you lose fat tissue and keep lean mass, your BMR should stay relatively the same minus the suppression of the metabolic rate due to the controlled starvation that is dieting" (You don't write for Obscure Science Weekly, do you?) Finally you wind up with another encouraging dialogue exchange with,"You're formula is complete nonsense" Smoooth comment Mark!

Mrspackrat absolutely correct in saying to lose weight you must decrease calories. In your reply, I am not sure what you said.
In addition,she qualified her opinion by saying, this is a rough estimate".
It looks from your picture that you are a body builder.(The hand clench in front of the crotch is a dead giveaway). We have many fine body builders on this site, both female and male. The body builder has different goals and strategies to obtain those goals. Most of us are not body builders, but we respect their methods and goals. We count calories and try to keep them below our Recommended Daily Intake RDI. (Now, see how easy that last sentence was to read).
We are a group of people, all of various stages of trying to lose/gain weight. We try to be civil to each other. I am one of the community and have commented on other comments. I have been wrong, and I have been called on my wrongness. But I also still felt OK after reading the correction.
Welcome to the Fat Secret Web Site Mark. (We often think of it as ours).I hope you can continue on with us. I bet you have a lot to offer.I hope to see your posts often here, and have a good discussion.
This post was My opinion only

Hi Glaun,

I just saw this. I apologize if the comment was viewed as negative and it probably was. It was including an expression of frustration when it comes to the nonsense that gets propagated throughout websites.

What happened there is I saw this in my feed that I randomly went on and saw that post and the response of a generic calorie formula that one could "estimate."

Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy intelligent conversation, but that is only possible when both parties are informed.

Here we have a classic example of nonsense being spread on the website.

The post fails to realize then when speaking of weight, (now sit tight, some big words are coming that might be obscure to you), that this weight has a composition: what it's made out of. Now a 200 lb bodybuilder or even a 200 lb not so fat, but not so lean person, will most definitely consume more calories than a person that should really be 140 lbs but is yet 200 lbs.

With this being said, adipose tissue (body fat), does NOT consume calories, unless it is that special brown adipose tissue for any nitpickers out there. It would be unwise, if I were losing weight (say from 200 to 190) on 2100 calories a day, to SIMPLY decrease calories just because I lost weight on the scale. While lean mass consumption is part of dieting, most of the weight lost is hopefully fat. This means we are still left with similar levels of lean mass (nutrient consuming mass) than when we started at 200. Now we have put more strain on the metabolism simply because we lost weight as a function of this fancy "rough estimate" calculator.

Continue this process and you get two things: metabolic damage, and unsustainability. 98% of diets fail within 2 years folks, 90% of those, 98% gain more weight back than when they started. Why? You simply cannot sustain a suppressed metabolic state (1200 calories to maintain are you kidding?) for an extended time.

Now I apologize for my blunt comments hurting feelings, that definitely does suck, but what sucks even more is when someone who obviously has never picked up a nutrition textbook in their lives give advice out on sites like that, possibly putting the person in danger of metabolic damage, and then deem it as "oh it's ok, its just an estimate."

Please, if you don't understand what you're talking about, don't speak about it. You simply do not know.

And I understand bodybuilders are hated in general, especially me because I came off as negative, and I was, I'll own that. But trust me, some of us are masters of composition manipulation (that means keeping muscle and getting rid of fat), so you'd think you'd listen up to some of us.

Take care folks and I'll post every once in a while.

In the end I agree, negativity helps nothing, so I should phrase differently and I apologize for such behavior in a place where EVERYONE needs a little support here and there.
posted 16 Jul 2014, 09:32
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