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10 November 2008

Its been so long that I am almost embarrassed to even write anything!

I have been missing fatsecret for so long but every time I saw it in my favorites, I felt like I had nothing to report.

Where have I been?

Well my month of Ramadan was going well and then I developed Bronchitis. Unfortunately, it wouldnt go away and I was bordering Pneumonia. So I was too sick during that time to add anything. Spent another couple of weeks trying to recover my energy.

The good news was that I lost 10lbs during my illness and went down to 135lbs (I never recorded my gain so even though it showed 140lbs, I was actually 145lbs).

135lbs was my target goal so I did actually reach it! The bad news-Not only did I stop dieting while I was recuperating, I ended up overloading on chips and chocolate. The result? I am bordering 150lbs right now.

MIL is still around. Still driving me nuts. She is trying my patience and my diplomacy to its limits.

Things she does to piss me off:

-She has gone through literally every nook and cranny in my home. She has not spared anything.

-She insists on cleaning out my drawers and wardrobe WITHOUT my permission.

-She keeps changing the bedsheets of my bedroom and cleaning my dressing table.

-She stole several fancy shawls for herself and to give to people.

-She stands at the top of stairs or outside our rooms to listen in on our conversations.

-She listens in even on our telephone conversations to see who we are talking to. If we both pick up the phone at the same time, instead of putting the phone down, she will continue to listen!

-She opened MY mail!!!!!!! She only did it once but I was so livid. I mean why not open her damn sons mail instead?

-If I am on the computer, she actually shoves her head right in front of the monitor (she is short sighted) to see what I am doing!

Honestly, I think of all you guys a lot and what you would want me to say or do. The only problem is a cultural one. I was not raised to speak up or against elders so I keep biting my tongue.

I have made some progress though. I told her not to clean anything in my room unless I request it. Also, I once firmly told her to stop changing the bedsheets as I would do them myself. I put a lock on my suitcase where my shawls are to prevent her stealing anymore.

I stopped speaking to her about the mail incident. I think she realized that she had done something wrong because she sucked up to me and offered me some new Pakistani outfits she hadnt worn.

I still cant resolve her eavesdropping problem. It is so annoying.

Oh yeah..she kept taking over the cooking and the cleaning and basically running my house. Today, she finally left all the dishes and the house alone and went to bed quietly. After she was gone, washed the dished and took care of the kitchen etc..

She is going to Cali in a couple of weeks and I cant wait. I have so many problems going on with hubby without her adding to my stress.

Phew...its feels so good to get things off my chest. I have no one to talk to because I cant risk talking on the phone.
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16 September 2008

Today was the meetup with some local moms.

I wont say much other than it was a little different from what I expected. The moms are much younger than me and some of the kids were a little too rambunctious for my liking. We didnt really do anything except just sit and feed our kids and get a little chat in here and there.

I guess I was expecting a large table with loads of mom chatting merrily but instead I met three moms and basically watched them feed or constantly call their children back to the table. Even little bear became a little too free, running around the restaurant with the other kids. I didnt really like that.

I am not despondent because this is just a first impression and I am hopeful that down the road I will meet more members that are perhaps more suited to my personality.

Also went to the doctors today and apparently the bronchitis hasnt cleared up so I have to have another week of antibiotics.

What else? Nothing much I guess. Exercise is a flop still. With Ramadan and bronchitis, I think it will be a few weeks before I get around to the treadmill. At least it isnt being used to hang clothes on ...yet!!

Hope everyone else is doing good and losing all the fat..if I cant, at least hearing someone else is will be good for me.
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13 September 2008

Yesterday I talked of how I was looking for Imluuvds daughters story through google but instead found a mommy and me group. I had been trying unsuccessfully for the past few months to find a social group for little bear and me and just when I wasnt looking, I found it!

I am a very spiritual person and yesterday it got me thinking..perhaps Vickis daughter is not only playing guardian angel to mommy but to mommys friends too?

Perhaps its just sheer coincidence that I happened upon the meetup group, but perhaps there was divine intervention? There is that 'power of intention' ideology floating around that if you want something strongly enough it will happen. But I wasnt even thinking about looking for any groups and I had already googled high and low without success.

Everyone will have their own belief I guess but I want to believe that little Sarah is a very smart cookie who is watching over us all here at FS. Thank you Sarah.

How funny, I was looking for Sarah, but instead, Sarah found me!

God Bless you sweetheart and keep doing what you are best at..taking care of people!

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12 September 2008


What started off as sniffles a day after the wedding and then progressed into the flu has now turned into bronchitis.

I am so stuffed full of meds that I feel like a walking zombie. I havent been able to fast even though I really have no appetite.

But that shall not dampen my spirits because I have an interesting anecdote to report.

I was feeling this random curiosity about Imluuvd's daughter and decided to google her name in hopes of finding out more about this brave little soul. Well the Google page turned up results but not for Imluuved. Instead, I found a link to meetups happening in my area.

So I clicked the link and found a moms group in my local town and joined up. They have a meetup happening on Tuesday which is only a mile away from my house.

So, in an odd sort of way, thanks to FS and Imluuvd, I have finally found a mommy and me group!!

Touchwood, this turn of luck and good fortune will continue on my path!!
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07 September 2008

Well they say that Ramadan is a month of blessings but I didnt imagine it would include being blessed enough to attend a half a million dollar wedding!!(yep you read it right - HALF A MILLION DOLLARS SPENT ON THE WEDDING!)

My mother in laws cousins son (is that first cousin once removed?) managed to hook up with the daughter of one of the richest men in Michigan. The cousin is quite rich and all his kids went to elite private boarding schools, but he is nowhere in the region of the brides father.

I have never attended a wedding like this and I dont this I will ever see a wedding like this again in my lifetime, unless my kids also luck out with filthy rich in laws!!!

I had heard that the father of the bride is responsible for everything but this guy booked every room in a five star hotel for all the guests and choosing to also stay at the hotel as well!!

The view from the hotel was the lake that divides Canada from America and the room was a french chateau with 25 feet high ceilings!

They had an Indian themed decor shipped all the way from California. Apparently, the company is so expensive that they are almost exclusively booked by the Elite of Hollywood only. Their home was also on a lake and the view was spectacular. They had a 25 piece live orchestra and in the evening there were fireworks that would shame Disneyland synchronized to live music!

It felt so odd to even attend such an extravagant wedding because I could never imagine in a million years anything this surreal.

I was fasting on the rehearsal dinner and the wedding, but they had organized a special service for the few fasting attendees.

Oh yes, initially I had called in my apologies because I couldnt find a babysitter for little Bear. The father of the bride sent their personal housekeeper to take care of Little Bear, Princess Drama Queen and a nephew during the rehearsal dinner. On the wedding day, she took them out for the day so that they werent cooped up in a room. My mother in laws cousin was kind enough to pay her fees as well.

So I got a break for the weekend from the kids, stayed in a five star hotel for a night and got to attend the wedding of the year (at least in Michigan!!!). Life is Good and I thank the Lord for all the blessings of happiness I am being showered with recently. I also believe in the power of prayer so I want to thank all of you who have been praying for me because I truly believe every little prayer counts. Thanks guys!!
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