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MY 6 Tips:
1.If your are hungry eat....snacking is not bad. It is what you snack on that may be bad. If you don't know what a good snack for you is ask someone who might be able to help you.
2.Portion single servings (take the time to measure) and remember you DON'T have to clean your plate!If you get that satisfied feeling stop and remind yourself you will be eating in a few hours (you aren't storing for winter)
3.Read labels....added ingredients in products that aren't all natural tend to shoot up certain nutritional facts. Especially carbs and sodium.
4.Watch sodium intake....although not a hidden ingredient people tend to over look it's daily intake and can cause bloating or water retention. Also it is not good for you to intake a lot of sodium in general.I try to stay at 1500 a day.
5.Do a little exercise.If you cant walk,jog, or a few 5lb weights and start lifting them while you watch TV or leg weights to do daily activities. You need your weight loss to be fat not muscle.
6.This is no over night miracle it will take time for your body to metabolize the fuel you are giving it and how you may or may not be using it. You are essentially detoxing and retraining your whole body.

It's not that I want to be's just that I want to be healthy! I am 35 and over weight...OBESE....I sit in an 18 wheeler beside my fiance all day long and never get any exercise. I love food but I hate being fat. I plan on losing weight and running again. I miss running. I feel as if I don't pull it together I will get diabetes if I don't already have it. Last time I lost 30 lbs and quit and gained 70+ the 30. I have quit drinking and smoking in preparation for this diet. This time is for LIFE!

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Stand Still
Everyone is different, but I know with myself I need to eat 3 small meals a day and a snack if I am hungry. I have seen ppl on here that don't eat enough calories so everything they do eat gets stored(some it seems to work great) Sad that's not healthy or good for you, you need to find a level playing field where your body knows exactly what to expect on a daily basis so it doesn't react in this manner. We are built to survive so consistency not only in what you eat but when you eat may be the key to your cont weight loss. Hope this helps and good luck!
posted 18 Apr 2012, 21:01
Read my tips on my bio.....plain and simple......exercise isn't a must and i don't even run because I have gotten so heavy so I am waiting until I get to a weight I think is safe to start running again. I am not going to run to lose MORE weight I am going to because it is something I enjoy. I will however do a little weight action so that my weight loss isn't muscle. There has to be balance in everything even in what you consume. I know I didn't get fat over night so it is ridiculous that ppl even search for a quick instant weight loss miracle. It isn't healthy for your body or your mind.
posted 18 Apr 2012, 20:43
must try!!!
@LaraStar I agree you have to read those labels the only cereal I eat happens to be Kellogg's tho LOL BUT it is the low carb protein plus and I only eat that 2-3 times a week. Other mornings its bacon and eggs with tomato,etc..,key is balance and switching it up everyday you cant feed your body the same things everyday you will burn out and want to binge.You need to keep variety and new things to rotate especially with the seasons changing the abundance of fresh fruits and veggies are going to be great! I am so excited I started at such a good time lol
posted 15 Apr 2012, 09:08
O'Charleys for dinner anyone?
Well I was excited to see the 2 can dine for $20 on their online website but that was an appetizer and 2 entrees. Problem was....the 4 appetizers to choose from were terrible! None where healthy and it made me also realize I shouldn't be eating before entree anyways so for what amounted to $2 less we decided on the Chicken Bruschetta. A great healthy option for only $8.99 that consisted of a grilled chicken breast with mozzarella cheese in a balsamic vinegar.The 2 sides where steamed broccoli and a halved roma tomato that was grilled to perfection. It was absolutely delicious. I talked to the manager and asked a few questions....O'charleys prides themselves on only having brown rice and instead of broccoli you can get other veggies but for an additional charge(asparagus=$1.49) and do beware that it is cooked in a butter oil and salted before it arrives to your table.I would recommend asking any restaurant before hand how they treat their food when plating or cooking as far as what it is cooked in or what is added.At over 1k sodium any added salt would just not be necessary. All and all we still ended up paying right under $20 because we drank water not tea or soda. It was a great night out and affordable and most of all healthy. We did pass on the rolls that the waitress said she was going to fetch and we even looked together at the dessert menu to see all the delicious things they had. Self control is not always a given and sometimes you need to do things like that so you understand that yes it is yummy but at what cost. It can always be a treat later down the road but for me right now I say it's well worth the wait!Hope this helps if you want a night out from eating in and don't have a ton to spend! Great date night as well!
posted 14 Apr 2012, 22:27
must try!!!
Congrats!!!! Good luck to you on your new found program hope you lose all the weight you want to and when you do read my page so you will know how to maintain it! My page is full of FREE info that will help you maintain that weight for LIFE and you dont have to buy ANY books,tapes special shakes or any of that crap. To each their own but do remember you said it yourself.....ANOTHER program.....
posted 14 Apr 2012, 22:11
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