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30 January 2008

Weigh-in: 149.0 lb lost so far: 11.0 lb still to go: 4.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   (2 comments) on diet The South Beach Diet   losing 3.5 lb a week

28 January 2008

26 January 2008

Considering that high blood pressure runs in my family, not to mention cholesterol issues, I've gone on a quest to find out about sugar. As much as our bodies crave it, it can be quite bad for us. And if you buy those substitutes, for heaven's sake, make sure they are organic. Many use corn as a base and unless it's organic chances are you're getting GMO in your food..ugh!
One very controversial artificial sweetener (that I avoid like the plague) is Aspartame. Below is a link and an excerpt from the page.
It's up to the individual what they choose to put into their bodies, but if you know it's bad, then, well avoid it..common sense!
Aspartame a/k/a NutraSweet a/k/a Equal breaks down to phenylalanine and aspartic acid in our hot bodies and when heated. The methanol in Aspartame converts into formaldehyde in our bodies. Formaldehyde is a poison known to damage the immune and nervous system as well as cause genetic damage. Aspartame breaks down the protective coating surrounding neurons in our brain; this causes a break in the blood-brain barrier which allows toxins to move directly into the bloodstream. Asparatame should never be given to children. People with PKU (phenylketonuria) should never use it either. Almost half of aspartame itself is a toxin, technically an excitotoxin, Aspartate. About 10% of the population has a tendency to MS but never actually have the symptoms, and these people can be pushed into full blown MS with continual usage of products with Aspartame. "Recent studies have also shown that even a single exposure.." can have long-term effects. ('Sweet Misery') Since it is in thousands of products, it's easy to consume a lot of this and over a longer period of time, this constant ingestion will lead to holes in your brain, illness and death. CHEC on Aspartame. Consuming products with Aspartame may lead to:

* birth defects
* brain cancer
* brain damage
* chronic fatigue
* diabetes
* dizziness
* emotional disorders
* Epilepsy
* Graves Disease
* headaches
* inferior short-term memory
* Lou Gehrig's Disease
* lowered intelligence
* lowered sperm count
* migraines
* MS - Multiple Sclerosis
* Parkinson's Disease symptoms
* seizures

Aspartame can also be under the name Neotame, Aspertame (misspelling of Aspartame).

26 January 2008

26 January 2008

Weigh-in: 151.0 lb lost so far: 9.0 lb still to go: 6.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   (2 comments) on diet The South Beach Diet   losing 14.0 lb a week

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