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19 June 2021

Weigh-in: 156.2 lb lost so far: 14.4 lb still to go: 16.2 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   add comment losing 2.8 lb a week

18 June 2021

accountability journal.

I find it funny that when I get back on the weight loss wagon, that I want it all off at once! Lordy, it took months to gain it... why do I think it's going to go away overnight? Besides, my HEAD knows that the best "method" is to get OUT of the "on and off" idea of dieting, and to find a sensible WOE that will allow for gradual and sustainable weight loss. I have never succeeded at maintenance because of this "all or nothing'/ "on-off" binary thinking. But I still want to "get there" (20 pounds to lose) before adopting a balanced WOE.

I am almost 63 y.o. I work a job that has me at a desk or in the car, mostly. I walk 2X a week and do light weights at the gym 3 X a week (since getting back "on the wagon) and try to hike at least once per week. Even with this level of exercise, because of my age, my daily calorie allotment based on my TDEE is pretty low. That is discouraging. TO lose weight, I need to eat somewhere around 1400 calories which seems so low.

18 June 2021

Weigh-in: 156.6 lb lost so far: 14.0 lb still to go: 16.6 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   add comment losing 3.5 lb a week

16 June 2021

Weigh-in: 157.6 lb lost so far: 13.0 lb still to go: 17.6 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   add comment losing 1.4 lb a week

14 June 2021

Managed to only order strawberries instead of the whole strawberry shortcake at the church event... and then they gave me strawberries with ice cream, instead, lol! I ate around the ice cream! It was a great event and the whole day, while long, was really good- a great church service in the morning, a meaningful meeting with the congregation afterwards and then two other meetings to round out the day.
Sundays are "feast days" in our house, and so I enjoyed a cocktail while preparing a delicious dinner- a big dinner salad of chicken salad, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, and a couple of small charred tortillas on the side. A small glass of wine and then gelato for dessert. We have wine and ice cream on Sundays- and on Mondays it's back at it. This pattern has worked for many years in our family.

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