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I started focusing on my weight in 2008, this led to a rather dramatic weight loss from 134 to 92 kg in about 9 months (in hindsight probably not all that healthy), after staying at that weight for some time I decided that I had become too spindly and decided to put on some muscle, this proved rather a bit harder than dropping the weight in the first place, after goofing around and making lots of mistakes I began actually gaining weight around 2010 and I've only recently really gotten the hang of controlling my weight in both directions.

I'm mainly using FatSecret as a tool to count calories, I have largely abandoned this practice during my bulking cycles as I generally just eat anything that isn't bolted to the ground in order to actually gain any weight, but calorie counting is a nice tool (some would say crutch) for my cutting cycles.

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How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Every single day; get up, go to the toilet, wheigh in.
There are lots of day-to-day variations, but that's besides the point, I record the numbers (FatSecret smartphone app is great for that) and relate to the average, both during bulk and cut, to see if I'm moving in the right direction. Also useful after illness to make sure you reach the before-weight in a timely manner, you shouldn't try to rush recovery.
posted 03 Apr 2014, 02:34
Body fat %
msawyer13 wrote:
...Most importantly, as long as you are losing weight, it's working. You're body won't burn muscle before it burns fat, so if you're losing weight, it's coming from fat stores...

This is a truth with modifications, it actually depends on how you are losing weight, if you are exercising you break down muscles, if you don't get the macro-nutrients needed to replace that muscle breakdown (and energy to rebuild) you will actually loose muscle mass.
A good way to counteract this muscle breakdown is to use creatine and broken chain amino acids, the amino acids are actually what your body is breaking your muscles down into, so the presence of these in your bloodstream will, to some extend, dissuade your body from further breaking down muscle to provide energy while you are exercising.

As for the creatine I haven't understood the exact process but it allows you to store more energy in your muscles, in this way you can last longer before your body begins breaking down your muscles.

Common consensus (I've seen some pretty general experiments, something you'll probably be able to find links to if you dig around bodybuilder forums) is that this is most prevalent with heavy training, but it will also actually manifest without training if your energy deficiency is large enough (a rule of thumb is never go below 500 Kcal below your Daily Energy Intake, although in my mind this limit should be some percentage of your Daily Energy Intake), so if your exercise is moderate and your energy deficiency isn't too severe, most of the weight you drop should be fat.

Although I think I may be nitpicking here, the lesson to take home is: use moderation and consistent measurement methods and see what works for you, just remember: What comes in must either come out again or be stored Smile
posted 27 Mar 2012, 04:13
Body fat %
General guidelines go like this:
Fat: Up to 20% of your daily energy intake could come from fat
Protein: A minimum of 20% of your daily energy intake should come from proteins

Personally I'm more like 15% from fat, 45% from protein and 40% from carbohydrates.

When trying to lower your bodyfat percentage, generally this is easier if you eat less fat, as fat, gram for gram, contains more than twice the energy of proteins.
If you are trying to put on muscle mass at the same time your protein intake should be in the range of 1.5-2 grams of protein per kilogram bodyweight.
How are you measuring your bodyfat percentage? I'm hearing very bad things about bodyfat measuring bathroom weights and very good things about bodyfat calipers.
posted 22 Mar 2012, 08:37
Whey Proteins.....what can you do with it?
There's no end to what you can do with whey protein, here's a few of my favourites:

1) Milkshake or smoothie

2) Substitute for 25% of the flour in regular baking, for protein-enriched bread and cakes (particularly pancakes are a hit, even if it is tough not to break them during frying)

3) Mix with sugar and eggwhites for high-protein "marengue" (good for bulking, it's basically protein and sugar and nothing else)

4) Mix it into your morning omelet for an even-higher protein breakfast, this mixes the high-yield whey protein with the high-quality egg protein, and when it get boring you can put all sorts of things into your omelet, such as small sausages, minced meats, onions and mushrooms.

Apart from that I usually buy it in different flavours, once I've finished off my current stash of whey protein I usually buy two new buckets, one chocolate flavoured (so far the flavour I can stand the longest) and one in a new flavour I haven't tried yet, that way I can alternate and thus get less fed up with any single taste.

So far my favourites (of course this will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer) are:
Orange-peach (WAY better than it sounds)
Lemon (better with milk than with water)
Pistachio (it has a somewhat salty taste so it's not something I enjoy drinking every day, but it's not bad for variation)

My least favourites are:
Strawberry (tastes fake)
Banana (also very chemical tasting)
Plain (at best boring, at worst foul-tasting)

Also I find, for convenience, that protein bars are a very good source of protein, I have a box or two at work for between-meal snacks.
posted 20 Mar 2012, 07:40
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