kingkeld's Journal, 01 February 2012

Ouch. I've been up all night, almost. Stomach hurting, churning, aching. No fun at all.

Yesterday I went shopping for all the remedies for my "situation", prunes, psyllium husk, and a bunch of other things and might help me in my new little quest.

I started on the psyllium husk this morning, and will make a "prune shake" a little later on. I realized some time last night, that I need ice cubes for this, and we had none, so I had to get up and make some. Sadly, I never really made it back to bed again. This was at 1 AM. :/

This constipation has been attacking me on and off for a while - I think it's time I do something about it. I'm putting myself on mandatory husk twice per day as recommended, and will make sure to eat more fiber in general.

If that doesn't help, then I will go get magnesium, and see if this will assist further.

I like the natural approach to this - I really don't want to take medicines for it. It's better to simply change things a little, and if this is all it takes, then this is what I'll do. Let's see what happens.

This, of course, reminds me of a little movie clip:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I love Austin Powers!

So, last night with the kids was a blast! For once, I did not play, simply because we're running out of guitar amps. We now have three(!) guitarists in our band, along with drums, bass and piano. It's pretty cool.

They were practicing Smoke On The Water, and started writing their own new song. I told the guy who came up with the riffs to work on them for next time, so we can dedicate a day to actually learn the song. That would be super cool. They have a concert coming up, they're actually gonna do a little three song set - and it would be awesome if one song was an original. I'm really excited for them. :)

It's amazing how much impact a great hobby can have on us. I dedicate so much of my free time to my music, it keeps me sane and helps me relax. It's super important to me, and really gives me a sense of accomplishment.

The same thing goes for Wife. When we moved from Houston, TX to our little town in Denmark, we pretty much abandoned culture and fun as we know it. Houston has EVERYTHING, our town has nothing. There is a movie theater that sucks big time, it's very uncomfortable and only show two movies at the time, and that's about it. If you want fun around here, you gotta to it on your own. I have my music, Wife had to find something. It took her a while, but she has picked up knitting and she loves it. She's very talented, and her big thing is to make dolls. They are so cute, and she is doing an amazing job on it. I can tell she gets a whole different inner peace when she has a project like this on her hands. It's great.

I think this is even something to consider when we talk weight loss. For me, when I get too bored, I snack. I know Wife does the same. To me, the best way to NOT snack, is to occupy my mind. Snacking many times have nothing to do with hunger - it's simply boredom. If you can occupy yourself with something other than eating, then your mission is accomplished, right? So, in a way - if you want to lose weight, get a hobby! And if you can make it something fun where you are actually physically active, it's even better.

I'm glad I discovered the Kinect games for the Xbox. We haven't played too much yet - it's simply been a little too busy around here - but I do mess a little with it daily. It's at least half an hour of standing and moving, where I would have been comfortably seated in "daddy's good chair".

So, today I am down 500 grams since yesterday, up 2.3 kgs since Saturday. It's okay - the constipation is most likely the culprit. I'm just patiently waiting for "things to happen". I am prepared that I might be over this by Saturday, and before Indulgence Day, but I'll survive. At this point of my weight loss journey I'm pretty okay with it. Besides, things can easily change the next days.

Today is gonna be a not too exciting day. I think that's a good thing. I have a few meetings at work, and one interview. I think it's nothing too bad. After work, I will hit the gym for another 90 minute powerwalk, and then come home and chill with Wife. We have the 4th show of Alcatraz lined up - I'm really looking forward to it. It's a pretty good show.

Dinner tonight will be vegetables and chicken breast wok-style. Yum! ...and for dessert a serving of psyllium husk! :)

Today I am grateful for
- Wife's back still getting better. She's a sleep, and that's a good sign.
- Morning coffee for a VERY sleepy guy.
- Kitty cat keeping me company.
- My legs no longer being sore and will be ready for the gym this afternoon. Yesterday they were aching!
- the hopes that today will be the day where #2 is gonna be working for [i]me[/i]!

Have a great day! Life is good!
175.3 lb Lost so far: 166.4 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.

Diet Calendar Entries for 01 February 2012:
2890 kcal Fat: 130.71g | Prot: 102.38g | Carb: 362.00g.   Breakfast: Rye Bread (Reduced Calorie), Sliced Ham (Extra Lean), Egg, psyllium husk. Lunch: Lettuce Salad with Assorted Vegetables, Grilled Chicken (Skin Not Eaten). Dinner: psyllium husk, Wok-Fried Luau Vegetables, White Rice. Snacks/Other: prunes, cocoa powder, 1% milk, sweetener, 99 Kcal bar, Protein Powder, kakaois, chocolate. more...
2603 kcal Activities & Exercise: Standing - 1 hour, Walking (moderate) - 3/mph - 20 minutes, Sleeping - 8 hours, Sitting - 11 hours and 10 minutes, Desk Work - 3 hours and 30 minutes. more...
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Morning King, Sorry to hear about your issues. I am having some simular issues myself lately, mostly uncomfort. Wow, that band sounds awesome. I don't play music, but music is an important part of my life that I sometimes forget about. When I have my tunes, and perhaps a beverage, I feel good again, like I did when I was a teen! I agree with you wholeheartedly about boredom and eating. I once read a book about recovery and how we really do have "1 track minds". If your thinking about healthy living, you will eat better. Keeping your body and mind occupied will keep you from having less healthy thoughts. It is why they make people in insane asylums perform mundane tasks such as weaving or making wallets. Then they keep their minds clear of unhealthy thoughts. Anyway, Have a great day! I have to get back to my wallet making. XD 
31 Jan 12 by member: posterchild66
i hope you're going to sleept far better tonight! i used to be a very bad sleeper and i just need about 5hours of sleep to feel good in the morning. i don't know if it is because of my new habit of eating and stuff...but i noticed that i sleep much better the last few days / weeks. and you're right about the eating and boredom thing... i am a total "eat-when-i'm-bored" person. that is why i love my daily routine so much... 
01 Feb 12 by member: joelae
Sorry your tummy isn't being nice. The husks should help, as well as upping your water for a day or two. I don't know if they sell it over there but there is a tea called "smooth move" that can help too if you drink a cup before bed. Glad Wife is feeling better - I think its almost worse watching a loved one in pain than it is being the one dealing sometimes. Hope you get some rest in there today. 
01 Feb 12 by member: Dani_Suave
I really hope this works - I'm positive and hopeful about it. I feel that I'm doing everything I can to fix this. There is no way to up water any further, I'm already at AT LEAST a gallon per day, often times much more. :) 
01 Feb 12 by member: kingkeld
LOL... The clip is so funny - Austin Powers is great :-0. I freak out if I do not have my daily (sometimes twice daily) ritual. Hope the natural stuff works for you.... And your right, it is a lifestyle change needed as it's not good, keeping that "stuff" in your body for that long. Have a "fruitful" day :-) 
01 Feb 12 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
I've had "bowel problems" since childhood and I use a tea marketed in Turkey as "form" tea - it contains senna leaves as the main ingredient. I drink one cup before bed and I'm ready to go (!) right after breakfast the following day. The past two or three years that I've been using it I've had few or no problems whereas previously it wasn't unusual for me to be constipated two or three days at a time. I've read research that shows prolonged use can cause minor irritation to the lining of the intestine but I figure that's better than the constipation and its effects on my body. More than one cup a day gives stomach cramps and diarrhoea, so you do have to use it carefully! So, I hope your solution works for you, if not, try mine! 
01 Feb 12 by member: Earthlady
Feel better, Keld. There's also chia seeds, if you have them handy. 
01 Feb 12 by member: Helewis
I hope it all let's loose soon!!! Take care buddy ...  
01 Feb 12 by member: madaboutmoose
Never had that problem..but I am sure its painful...Hope you can get to the bottom of this...:O) 
01 Feb 12 by member: BHA
Hope you feel better soon. That was interesting stuff about having a hobby. We all need something to invest ourselves in, and be excited about. Also- there are benefits to small towns! We tend to be pretty social and personally I think some of the small town hobbies make me feel more connected and worthwhile than the things I found in the bigger cities. Plus, I can drive there and enjoy the entertainment any time. (My town has 150 people)  
01 Feb 12 by member: just.keep.swimming
Sounds miserable! When my grandmother had issues (as a side effect of taking vicodin for her advanced ostheoporosis), milk of mangnesia seemed to work with best for her. It makes sense because people are always recommending magnesium supplements. On the more natural side, I've also found honey has mild laxative effect on me- I'll drink a few cups of tea with honey over the course of the day when I have a sore throat and it seriously gets things moving. Hope you get some relief from your various remedies and are able to find a balance to keep things on track! 
01 Feb 12 by member: gnat824
I LOVE your Post, thanks for sharing. Music feeds the soul. I am very experienced with psyllium husk. I have been taking it almost daily for over 5 years. It is a MUST in everyone's diet no matter what. I currently take the metamusal sugar free. Best when I take it twice a day. My dad died of colon cancer when I was 35. At that time I had my colonoscopy. I was having a lot of stomach cramping for years. I ate lots of salad and insoluble fiber. The doc told me that would not work for me, that my fiber needed to be soluble. What a wake up call. Since then I have been quite regular and not much IBS and I love it. It probably won't loosen you up right away, but if you incorporate it into your diet, it will for sure keep things regular. You might need a quick dose of Colace to get you movin at first. It is gentle. 
01 Feb 12 by member: Lizzygracemusic
I Love that Austin Powers clip!! So funny. There is one other clip that's even funnier that I could watch over and over - the one where they are unpacking in the tent. LOL I hope the sillium works for you. Good luck!! 
01 Feb 12 by member: tglenna
I know you love coffee but do you drink it first thing in the morning, before eating anything or even drinking water? If you plan to workout in the am you can drink your coffee right after your workout. You can also have yogurt daily and as you know prunes. Good luck!  
01 Feb 12 by member: M.Trublu
I have been dealing with the same problem the last week. I am sure once things get moving, so will my scale. I love that Austin Powers clip...those are some great movies! LOL Have a great day, and sure hope the psyllium works for you!  
01 Feb 12 by member: ctlss
lol at the movie clip - though there is way too much toilet humor in today's comedies. Sewage backed up in "Meet The Parents" in the back yard because of - if I remember correctly an evil cat - wasn't all that funny. Chia seeds are good and just eat some corn for dinner with your food too if you can have some carbs. Be careful with the psyllium husk seeds, one must drink them very quickly as they harden up in a cup or glass very fast and one doesn't want to choke. Prunes always work or dried apricots too but be careful... 
01 Feb 12 by member: GlennM
I say be careful with multi-remedies (husks and prunes) in one day. You might regret if they both decide to work at once. LOL... I actually had the opposite issue as you when I first started Atkins, and I think I pinpointed the culprit as plain old iceberg lettuce. Had to run every single time I had lettuce. TMI I know but you never know. That's cool your wife found a hobby she likes. My sister-in-law is experiencing her first winter in Massachusetts and took up knitting in the Spring. She made me a beautiful sweater for Christmas. Makes me want to try my hand at it. It looks hard to me. Cats are such good companions.  
01 Feb 12 by member: Olivia70
We are all WAITING king for an update to see if your remedies worked LOL 
01 Feb 12 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
I love prunes. What my family do is soak them overnight in cold black tea, and then eat them for breakfast with greek yoghurt. The tea soaks in and they get all plump and juicy; plus it cuts some of the sweetness. Good luck! =) 
01 Feb 12 by member: ferlengheti
Imagery and innuendo overload! That was my fave part of Austin Powers, and if you love the toilet humor (as I absolutely DO) check out The Benchwarmers. Good luck, 'hope it all comes out alright'!! Oh, you can also take a nice hot soak in a tub with epsom salts-also should help. If you can get some kind of green juice, this works like a charm if you add it to your daily intake. Just a glass a day and you'll be back on Regular Street. (cannot help myself-I am giggling!) Seriously though, feel better... it just takes a little time! 
01 Feb 12 by member: ZippyDani


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