kingkeld's Journal, 15 March 2014

Good morning!

Today I did a very strange weigh-in.

I'm down a nice chunk - 2.2 kilos - since yesterday, and it's seemingly all fluid. That's quite a drop. My fluid percentage is 58%, lower than it has ever been while using the TANITA scale.

It's neither a good or a bad thing. It's within normal range, as is it every day.

The only downside to it - and I really don't like that one - is that it moved my metabolic age from 29 (the lowest possible on my scal in comparison to my age) to 31. Boo.

It'll be back in no time, I'm sure. I'm not worried about it, but it always sucks when a stellar number suddenly goes awry.


Yesterday was a great day though. I did my workout at the newly opened gym, and even talked to a couple of potiential clients for when I am able to work again. It seems that the staff at the gym has been telling people about it, and people were eager to meet it. It was weird, but a great feeling.


After the gym I went for lunch with Wife and Daughter. We had Shish Kebabs, with pita bread, salads and hummus. Yum! I enjoyed it thoroughly.


After lunch, Wife and I walked around a bit, settled in for a cup of coffee at a small café, and basically just hung out waiting for the time of my hospital appointment.


It was GREAT to see the surgeons. They were deeply impressed with my "new" look, with more muscles.

I didn't really realize this, but seeing the pictures the took of me the day before surgery, I can actually see quite a difference. Of course, some of the gained fat also make me look bigger and more muscular, as I take up a little more space, but I could actually see a difference.

They were impressed. Very impressed.

They told me that I am leagues ahead of most of their clients when it comes to settling in to a new life after surgery. Many people struggle.

They told me that they really love my thoughts and approaches when it comes to teaching my clients, and that they really applaud me for it.

Then I left, I felt several feet taller. :D It was just nice to get the compliments.


So, this means I am done with the hospital. No more. I'm more than welcome to write to my surgeon if I have any issues, but I don't have any new appointmens, I don't have anything more going on with them.


I guess you can say I am now truly in maintenance more. Whatever that really is.

It's something I often ponder upon.

Maintenance Mode. Do we ever actually get there?

I don't see that there is any way that I will ever be in actual maintenance mode. I home that my alternative to maintenance will be to keep bettering myself. Get stronger, healthier, better looking.

This will be an ongoing thing.

I will gain weight in order to build muscle. I will then be dieting to trim down. Rinse and repeat.

I will have times where I'm thinking I'm maintaining, but slowly gaining, and then will have to trim down.

I don't see that I will ever get to a balance where I simply consume what I burn. Even with my spreadsheets and calculations that tell me what I can do on any given day.

Besides, where's the fun in that? If I don't push forward, I won't better myself. And it would be nice to always better myself. Right?

So is there an actual maintenance mode? I'm not sure.

It WILL be easier now.

I have no goal to reach a certain weight at a certain time. I have no goal to reach ANYTHING at a certain time.

My only goal onwards is to NOT gain massive amounts of fat, and to get stronger and better looking. Not muscle man/body builder levels, but just bettering myself nice and slowly.

It's definitely accomplishable.

I can do it with lots of energy, I can do it efficiently, and I can do it with little to no stress.

Also, I can start experimenting a little more with finding out just how accurate my spreadsheet is.

Eating closer to my calories burned, with just a small deficit, will make it easier to see whether I am reading my numbers right.

Lately I have had too large or too small numbers on both intake and burn. It makes it hard to read the results.

The last few days I have seen huge drops in weight, but I have also had 1000 calorie deficits. This sheds fluid, and burns fat. I am, however, also riding the limit to what kind of deficit my body can handle.

So it would definitely be smarter to not go as extreme.

This is not as easy to do as it sounds. I really don't want to eat junk to get there. I want to be able to relax a little, sure, but I don't want to get into the junk. Once I start eating junk I tend to lose control, and end up WAY past my goal. It's so not worth it.

Instead, I need to look at more little things to incorporate in my meals in order to stay satisfied, and just do good. It's not really all that hard. I know what I'm supposed to do. When I focus on it, I have no issues implementing it.


Today is Saturday.

Wife and I are going to the little buffet, and it's a nice quiet day.

I probably won't be moving a whole lot, just the walking to and from the supermarket where we're also gonna go eat. If anything else, maybe a short walk for errainds later.

It's ok.

I've had nice calorie burns the last few days - unintended - so it's all good. Besides, it will all even out using my spreadsheet.

I no longer "chase" the high calorie burn activities. I ensure that I get enough exercise for my heart, and I do my weight training, but I really want that to be it. I will obviously go for a walk when I feel like it, but I don't want to feel obligated to doing things if I don't feel like it on a particular day. Except strength training. This is essential.

My goal has been to burn 2800-3000 calories per day. Even on the days where I didn't try, I still ended up at 2800+ calories. Hell, yesterday was almost 3400! It's all good. Just generally staying active will get me to my goal.

It seems to be that I am slowly reaching my ultimate goal:

I want to be able to comfortably eat good foods with a little fun here and there, and be able to just generally stay active and to my training three times weekly.

I will adjust the minor details on my calorie intake. It's a lot easier to commit to consuming 200 calories under maintenance than it is to commit to walking another 30 minutes on a day where you were already very active. It's easy as pie.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Wife!
- Weekend!
- Done with the hospital!
- Sleeping late (and sleeping well!)
- Morning coffee!
- Intermittent Fasting!

Have a great weekend! Life is good!
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Congratulations on all the good news. I agree that I never feel like I am in maintenance mode. Always wanting to improve more and be a better me. Even while I am pregnant I am trying to stay mindful of what I am eating. I realize I don't want being pregnant to be an excuse to over eat. Especially not when I only have 75 more days to go now. I would love to go back to wearing all my clothes within a few weeks of having the baby. Why do our brains try talking is into failing anyhow? Like trying to get us to go back to our old habits even when we don't like them anymore. I feel like I am going through some of the same struggles as I did when I had quit smoking 5 years ago. Food is addiction but not something you can just give up. I wonder if that is why it is so difficult.  
15 Mar 14 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
difficult doesn't mean impossible *** it simply means that you have to work hard. 
15 Mar 14 by member: puhpine
Work hard?!? Why didn't anyone tell me this BEFORE I started this weight loss nonsense! :D 
15 Mar 14 by member: kingkeld
15 Mar 14 by member: ClassicRocker
Great plan and attitude, Keld! 
15 Mar 14 by member: Draglist
sorry i did not know you back then, i'm warning everyone now, i even got a t-shirt... well im working my butt off as you know... monday x-ray of foot (to be continued, or rmfj) 
15 Mar 14 by member: puhpine
Keld. I felt the same way when I errantly took a yoga class thinking it was supposed to be easy. Boy did I learn. It's embarrassing having a bunch of women laughing at you when you're trying to be all buff. 
15 Mar 14 by member: northernmusician
That's fantastic, Keld!!! So glad the surgery mess is cleared up, and that's really fantastic about the reactions you've gotten from potential clients and your doctors alike! I don't mean this with any cynicism in the least, but right now, it would be great to BE YOU! :D You're on top of the world, and just enjoying life. With everything you've been through in the last months, I'm so glad things have been coming up roses for ya, and the future is looking GREAT! Keep smiling, and showing 'em all how it's done. You da man! 
15 Mar 14 by member: Rob.c.weiss


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