kingkeld's Journal, 12 March 2014

Good morning!

Yesterday was an interesting day, weight/weightloss wise.

First of all, I messed up.
Second, I compensated.

It was hard work too, but I did it, and came out okay in the end.

So, what happened?

The sugar cravings happened, after an episode of stress.

I have no idea where the stress came from, but it did. It just came from out of nowhere. No real identifiable trigger or anything, and BOOM - there was the sugar cravings. I ended up acting upon them, even if I knew I shouldn't.

So, being really annoyed with myself, I decided to walk it off. Which was a LOT of walking! :)

I didn't FULLY compensate - but I ended up having calories in and calories out even out, so there was no damage. Just the setback of a day with nothing accomplished.

It took me 22,000 steps to do this - pretty much walking all day.


I was VERY anxious of today's weigh-in. Which is silly. What I did yesterday wouldn't necessarily affect today's weigh-in. That depends on so many other factors.

I was happy to see that the weight actually dropped - DROPPED - by 1.5 kilos. There wasn't any carb/water build-up/retention.

As a matter of fact, the opposite happened. I'm down mostly water.


I had an interesting discussion on the IIFYM page on Facebook.

Everyone there seem to agree that scales aren't the way to go when it comes to measuring body fat percentages.

It seems that "the pros" prefer the good old body fat calipers.

I have to admit that I have never tried one, and generally don't believe in knocking anything I have never tried, but I have a hard time seeing how accurate these are.

Doesn't it all depend on how you measure? Where do you measure? If I pinch the skin on my body, I can find 15 places that would give a different output. How will this be more accurate?

I find it impressive that the TANITA even dares to give a reading for not only the entire body, but also individual limbs (left arm, right arm, body, left leg, right leg). Surely they base this on something, and don't just grab random numbers from nothing.

To me it makes much more sense to shoot a current through your body and measure from that. What the TANITA scales do makes sense to me.

Of course I got curious, so I have ordered a set of body fat calipers. I wanna see how different the measurements are.

The discussion came up because I mentioned that my scale as an average of 7 days gives me an estimated body fat percentage of 15%.

I don't look like I am 15% body fat. I completely agree with this.

There is a great picture to evaluate how much body fat is on your body, and I look nothing like the 15%.

If you ask me, I'd say I look like I'm somewhere between 20% and 25%.

There is one catch in this though. The massive weight loss. The loose skin.

I completely agree that for MOST people, this chart is a reasonable indicator. There are still many factors to consider, such as muscle mass, but it's a good indicator for a well trained, muscular body.

And still, low body fat doesn't indicate the looks in the picture unless you have the muscles. Check out this:

Quite a difference, isn't it?

The issue for me is that I have the post-weight loss loose skin. Of course, I have had surgeries to correct the worst parts of it - the loose stomach skin was unbearable, and I am more than happy to have that fixed. It was downright ugly.

However, I still have - and probably always will have - loose skin everywhere. I will probably never have a sixpack, or even a fourpack. I will never look like the muscular guy in the 10% vs 10% picture.

But I will be in just as good shape.

My thing though, how do I then accurately measure my body fat percentage?

I've been trying to find photos of people at low body fat percentages AFTER huge weight losses, but all I seem to find are pictures of people with loose skin, nothing having worked out, and not having had surgery to remove excess skin.

Either that, or pictures of people who look nice and tight, but really didn't have all that much to lose. They were overweight, maybe obese, but they didn't have to lose half their body weight.

It's really hard to find good examples of this.


On the other hand - does it matter? Does it matter if I know my body fat percentage?

Well, yes and no. It won't make me feel better or happier knowing it. But being a numbers nerd, I really like to track this - and I hate the thought of tracking a number that is wrong.

I found compelling evidence that the TANITA scales are pretty accurate. And I found just as much saying that it isn't. What's a guy to think?!?

Anyways, I have ordered the calipers, and I will do a comparison when it gets here. It'll be interesting to see the difference.

Regardless, I have no doubt that the TANITA scale is a great tool for me. It gives me a handful of numbers that I can use to measure progress and trends.

It motivates me. It keep me focused (most of the time). Bottom line, this is what matters. :)


In a few minutes, I'm gonna go for my walk. It's a cold morning, so I gotta dress a little warmer than usual for this time of year. It was a super sunny day yesterday, and it will be today too. Since there are no clouds, it will be a cold morning.

After that, I'll hit the gym and do my workout.

I'm certain that it'll be a rough one today. My legs are still a little tired from yesterday, and that makes it rough. Still, I want to go, I want to do this. No excuses. :)


I was seriously considering skipping my doctor's appointment at the hospital this coming Friday. I mentioned it in my journal from Monday, I think.

I'm embarrased that I gained weight. Very embarrased. I should be better than this.

Of course, there has been a lot on my plate (pun intended) lately, but it doesn't matter. I shouldn't gain weight, period.

Still, I'm gonna go. I gotta keep myself accountable to my actions. If they tell me off (which they won't) so be it.

This is - I think - the very last visit with the hospital. They are basically just gonna check the scars and see that everything is fine. Everything IS fine.

I am 100% certain that there is no damage from the gain I have had the last few months.

In fact, looking back at my numbers from before the surgery, I'm only about 4 kilos heavier today than I was on average the weeks before surgery. Seriously, it's nothing to whine about.

My only thing in it is that I KNOW I am better than this. I know that I am better than losing control like this. I KNOW I can look better, feel better and BE better.

This is what I'm working on, and what I want to accomplish.


Lately, I have been very tired. VERY sleepy. Much more than usual, to the point where I have had to take a nap a few times. I never take naps.

I'm not sure if this is the heart medicine that maybe affects me, or if it is something else. It could also simply be the calorie deficit that is too large.

I've been going low on my intake (well, not yesterday! LOL!), on the days where I don't binge. It might be a tad TOO low. I'm not sure at all.

However, the numbers I get from my spreadshee - for a 1 lb weight loss per week - is that I right now can't consume more than 2700 calories, and can't go lower than 2000.

This has made me aim for 2000. I can't help thinking that I should probably aim for the 2700, and just ensure to not go lower than 2000. 700 calories of energy can make a hell of a difference.

Today I have all my meals planned, all my macros met, and I end up at 2300. There is obviously no point in going higher if everything is good and I feel energized, but I think it's smarter to USE the calories I have available instead of going for too large a deficit and then fail.


Since I am done with the hospital, have no further surgeries, and already look and feel great, all I need is to just to have a nice and slow weight loss. I have absolutely no rush, it's just minor tweaking.

I'm generally happy with my weight as I am. Physically, I feel fine. It's just the mental thing of going a little lower on the numbers. It is important? No it isn't. It's just a matter to tweaking and doing better.

If I end up with a 200 calorie deficit daily overall, it would be just fine. If that would make it accomplishable EVERY day, then it would be perfect.

Assuming my fitbit gives me a reasonably correct calorie burn estimate, I could simply go for 2800-3000 calories daily, and just enjoy life - and still slowly lose weight. I would lose ½-1 pound per week, and after some months I would be right where I want to be. That would be good enough, wouldn't it?

I think a lot of it, if not ALL of it, is a mental game for me.

I know I can drop a kilo or two from day to day if I put my mind to it. I do it all the time. Of course, it won't be a fat loss. It'll be fluid.

When I focus and lower my calories significantly, I see a large drop. Less food in my intestines, fluid drop, etc.

When I mess up, it goes the other way, obviously.

Those fluctuations will always be there.

At the same time, I feel stronger than ever before. I think I am still building a little muscle. This is a very slow process since I am in a calorie deficit. Not much excess energy for my body to build muscle from.

And still. I see progress in the gym. It's slow, but it's progress.


I really like the 2800-3000 calories daily thought. It isn't even all that hard work to maintain that calorie burn - and as I build muscle and lose fat, it will be even easier.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Wife!
- A pretty good night's sleep.
- Gym today!
- A day with not all that much stress.

Life is good!
195.8 lb Lost so far: 145.9 lb.    Still to go: 8.4 lb.    Diet followed reasonably well.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   losing 23.1 lb a week

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Nice post. Interesting to see the lean to skinny/fat comparison.  
12 Mar 14 by member: northernmusician
Wow, seeing it in pictures has a massive impact - there is no way I want to look like the leanest woman - not attractive, I don't think, and not a snowball's chance in hell of it ever happening - 30%-35% looks good to me! Also not much credit given to body type- arrgh it's a minefield!! 
12 Mar 14 by member: clairebuxton
I agree on the calipers vs. Tanita thing. I don't like the calipers, but I might be doing them wrong. I also have a ton of loose skin that makes my body look worse than the 15.4 percent that Tanita claims. Good luck with all. 
12 Mar 14 by member: Draglist
Going to ask you the same question I asked Draglist. Doesn't it freak you out when your weight fluctuates so much? 
12 Mar 14 by member: ClassicRocker
ClassicRocker, as much as it IS frustrating, I'm used to it. It's not that big a deal. I know to not put too much into it when my weight fluctuates, but of course it doesn't mean that it doesn't affect me. I don't like seeing my weight go up. Not even when it's supposed to. But knowing WHY it went up, and knowing that it's not the end of the world, makes it a lot easier.  
12 Mar 14 by member: kingkeld
Gotcha. Thanks 
12 Mar 14 by member: ClassicRocker
I'm enjoying your informative posts very much, & enjoy connecting with you & others who are battling with weight loss (& other health issues) here on FS. I applaud your courage & accountability! Dr's should be partners with us in our health needs, not harsh or judging, which is sadly often the case. You mentioned needing to take occasional naps, & I encourage to listen to your body in this, there's a reason why it needs the naps, even if you don't know what the reason is. I'm certainly no expert on muscle building, weight training, etc., but I think the calipers wouldn't be very practical or accurate, since asy you've said people have different body shapes due to bone structure, muscle mass, etc. Also due to the loose skin issue, as you said. So many diet & health products, & even diets themselves are geared to healthy "average" people, so aren't accurate for real people & practical purposes, since there are many variables involved. At least that's how I see it. I'm concerned about my loose skin issue, as I doubt our insurance will accept it as medically necessary. I think in your case that your loose skin will eventually tighten up & mostly turn into muscle &/or be absorbed into your body due to all the exercise & such you do. I've never heart of a TANITA scale, but will look it up as it sounds very interesting, like it would be very accurate. Your interest in the math & statistics behind your weight loss & maintenance is a very good thing, as long as it keeps you informed, confident & motivated & doesn't become obsessive, which I know you won't allow. Does it matter? Probably not much, but it's a good guideline for improvement & can help your mind adjust to changes in your body. I'm amazed at the difference there can be between scales of different types, & even between those of the same type. Now here's my story: I am disabled with Osteo Arthritis in most joints due to a fairly rare genetic collagen defect called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. I know I'll never have a really nice, tight body & that's ok with me. I just need to get a left hip replacement so I can walk & exercise better to strengthen what joint strength & flexibility I have. I'm not playing for sympathy, just telling it like it is for me. I gave the info on here to learn my daily calorie needs & it said I need 1900 cal's. If I ate that many cal's I'd gain, because I'm very sedentary. I try to stay under 1500 a day & that works fine for me so far, to lose 1-2 lbs per week. I recently had 6 Physical Therapy sessions in the pool, & my Dr is requesting insurance approval for more. I'm expecting my left hip replacement will happen this coming Fall-Winter. I'll have lost the 25 lbs the Dr requires by mid-July, then he'll likely set the surgery date about 2-3 months after that. I need to get stronger for that. Right now I exercycle for 15 minutes & do a few PT exercises daily. That's all I can manage right now due to the left hip pain, which is also giving me trouble sleeping, so I nap nearly every day. I can do much more in the PT pool, so hope for more PT soon. Sending best wishes for your success.  
12 Mar 14 by member: GLAMMER
Glammer - I appreciate you sharing your story. Sorry to hear about the challenges you have, often times it makes the bunch of us sound like a pack of whiners. At least, that's how I feel. :) I applaud you for staying motivated. It's not always easy, but it IS accomplishable. Sometimes we struggle, like I do right now, but knowledge of what we're doing will make us reach the end of this, and move forward a lot healthier (and with reasonable control). 
12 Mar 14 by member: kingkeld


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