kingkeld's Journal, 14 December 2013

Good morning!

I too had to google "chonies". :) Thanks for enlightening me.

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, go read yesterday's journal and the comments. You'll get it.


I slept GREAT! I finally had a good night's sleep. I slept a whopping TEN HOURS! I feel great today, ready to take on the world - shock full of energy. It's gonna be a challenge to stay in one place - also because we have a lot to do today.


Yesterday, I have to say I did poor. I went over the calories planned for the day.

I'm not sure why, really, I just didn't feel I was done eating.

I had all sorts of foods, and most of them weren't all that great choices, but I DID make damn sure that my protein, fat and carb numbers were okay. The only thing was that that I ended up too high on most. LOL.

Main focus right now is, of course, to get ENOUGH, but to not go overboard. Yesterday, I went overboard.

I was pretty active yesterday, so I know that the calories are probably reasonably compensated for, but still.

Yesterday was the day that Wife spent all day in the kitchen preparing for the huge party that she is cooking for today. All the food is done and shipped to the party hall. Just a few things that can't be prepared ahead of time will have to be done today.

We're also guests at the party, and this WILL be a food challenge for me.

First of all, I don't want to go overboard again.
Second, it's gonna be tricky to measure and register it all.
Third, it's gonna be a challenge to get all my protein in.

I don't want to bring my little portable scale to the party. I will just have to wing my measurements to the best of my abilities.

The plan is simply that I will buy a HUGE protein drink - 50g of protein in there - and have it for "lunch" at 11. That's what I'm gonna have until we eat for the party - which will be around 3 PM.

I will then for the dinner primarily load up on meat. Meat, meat, meat. Secondary, it will be beans. I will go with full focus on the protein rich foods. I will register it all.

If I have calories left, I will load up on other things, to reach my calorie intake for the day.

And at 7 PM, done or not, I will stop.


So what about the numbers today?

Well, let's take a look:

07.12.13: 82.4 kg
08.12.13: 82.9 kg (pretty much average of the last several months)
09.12.13: 83.4 kg
10.12.13: 83.4 kg
11.12.13: 82.4 kg
12.12.13: 81.3 kg
13.12.13: 80.3 kg
14.12.13: 81.5 kg

07.12.13: 07.5% (6.18 kg)
08.12.13: 07.0% (5.80 kg - lowest in AGES!)
09.12.13: 06.8% (5.67 kg)
10.12.13: 10.8% (9.00 kg)
11.12.13: 09.3% (7.66 kg)
12.12.13: 12.0% (9.56 kg)
13.12.13: 10.9% (8.75 kg)
14.12.13: 11.9% (9.69 kg)

Muscle weight:
07.12.13: 72.5 kg
08.12.13: 73.4 kg
09.12.13: 73.9 kg
10.12.13: 71.5 kg
11.12.13: 71.1 kg
12.12.13: 68.0 kg
13.12.13: 68.0 kg
14.12.13: 68.3 kg

Fluid Percentage::
07.12.13: 68.5% (56.44 kg)
08.12.13: 68.3% (56.62 kg)
09.12.13: 70.5% (58,80 kg)
10.12.13: 65.6% (54.71 kg)
11.12.13: 66.0% (54,51 kg)
12.12.13: 63.6% (51.71 kg)
13.12.13: 64.4% (51.71 kg)
14.12.13: 63.7% (51.91 kg)

Total Daily Energy Exp.:
07.12.13: 3379 calories
08.12.13: 3424 calories
09.12.13: 3451 calories
10.12.13: 3342 calories
11.12.13: 3320 calories
12.12.13: 3179 calories
13.12.13: 3174 calories
14.12.13: 3191 calories

Abdominal fat:
07.12.13: 4% (a first in a LONG time!)
08.12.13: 4%
09.12.13: 4%
10.12.13: 5%
11.12.13: 5%
12.12.13: 5%
13.12.13: 5%
13.12.13: 5%

I'm definitely up in weight. I'm 1.2 kilos heavier than yesterday. It's obviously not a fat gain as such, though my body fat percentage IS up, and the numbers indicate that there can be a fat gain. But it would never be the almost full kilo that the scale indicates.

What is interesting is that the muscle mass STILL is the same. It's actually UP just a tiny bit. At the same time, my fluid percentage is down. This is also due the gained weight, as the weight of fluid is pretty much the same.

I'm thinking that the added weight is simply from me eating more yesterday. I'm not worried.

Oh, and also... I had a full pizza. A full pizza here is approx. 650 grams - it's a huge meal. When I order pizza, I DO make sure to have it made from whole wheat dough. It fills you up in a totally different way, and it keeps the fast carbs away.

It fit nicely into my calorie count at the time, I had it for lunch, and it wasn't until later that I messed it up. I could easily fit it in there, and I have no doubt what foods I should have cut out yesterday to have done better. I just chose to not do it. Boo me. :)

The pizza always affects me. I gain weight from it, and it'll take a little while for my body to love me again afterwards, but that's ok. I was craving it, I could have it, I had it. It's all good.


So, my weight today is 81.5 kilos. It's funny how everything is relative. I can't help being a little bummed out that it's no longer 80.x kilos (or lower), but at the same time I haven't been under 82-83 kilos for months. I can't really justify whining, especially when I can't be as active as I'd like to be. I just have to be happy with my weight as it is.

And I am definitely happy with it. I just can't help wanting to push the bar a little further.


I'm waiting for the nurse to come do another fluid flush out. There's not a whole lot of fluid sitting there this morning, so I assume it's all better.

Still, it all needs to be rinsed out, to avoid infections and all that.


I think what I've been doing - focus on protein and enough calories - has REALLY helped me though the recovery this time.

Last time I didn't work out, had no focus on muscles. I just didn't want to gain weight, so I chose to go through recovery with a decent calorie deficit.

This is something I can see now was a stupid thing to do. At least be in maintenance mode for recovery. Losing weight at the same time is not smart.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Party today! It's gonna be a FUN DAY!
- Wife! I'm looking forward to spending the day with her.
- Morning coffee!
- Sleep!

Have a great weekend! Life is good!

179.7 lb Lost so far: 162.0 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed poorly.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   gaining 18.5 lb a week


Glad you had a good nights sleep... You sound full of energy today, so it will DEFINATELY be hard not to overdo it. 
14 Dec 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
I'm glad I could enlighten you ;) You sound like you have a good plan. Hope you have a great time at the party.  
14 Dec 13 by member: coachcj8
I find it amazing that your Energy Exp. is really close to pre-op. You're doing so well in your recovery and moving around. Kudos.  
14 Dec 13 by member: ClassicRocker


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