kingkeld's Journal, 01 October 2013

Hello, everyone...

It's been some intense days lately. So many things have happened, and some heavy things are going on.

It's been day after day with not a whole lot of sleep but a whole lot of things to do.

Let's get the tedious things out of the way first.

One of the reasons for my absence is that Wife got some bad news at work. There will be massive changes, and there as been some very erratic behavior from her bosses lately. She's hired to work in our building, but hired through an outside company. Everyone here loves her, but the company is causing trouble.

This is extremely stressful for her, obviously, and thus also for me. It impacts us quite a bit.

Saturday, she got a letter from them that really knocked her off her feet, and that is where she is right now.

For me, this resulted in a Sunday in the candy gutter. I just didn't give a damn about anything, and this was my stress relief. Well, guess what - it didn't help. Duh. I should have known that, but it did seem like a good idea at the time.

I know I gained weight massively for Monday morning, and I simply skipped weighing in. I didn't want to know, and I didn't want to have to have an opinion on that particular number.

Today, though, I manned up and took a look. Fortunately it wasn't as bad as I feared.

Today I am 84.3 kilos. My average for the last month (not counting what I didn't look at all of last week, and thus didn't write in) is 83.0 kilos. It's only Tuesday, and the weight WILL come down over the week. It's not ALL bad.

I'm fully focused on this. It really scared me feeling so heavy yesterday. I'm not sure, but I am guessing that I was at 86 or maybe even 87 kilos! Not good at all!

So, I am on track. I will make sure to eat ENOUGH calories, and I will make sure to eat PROPER FOOD. If I want to snack after dinner, I will simply eat meat. Up my fats and protein, keep my carbs low. I want all this water weight off my body, and I need to see some fat disappear too.

I have the tools to handle the stress, and I think things are gonna be better soon. One step at a time on this one.


Anyways, enough about the trouble.


The Saturday gig with Burnin' Live! absolutely ROCKED! It was so much fun.

It was hard work - we brought about half a ton of music gear, set it all up, played the show, packed up again. That particular day my Fitbit registered 24,500 steps. Phew.

The food at the venue was great. We had steaks, and more steaks. This was the good part of it - but there was also the bad potato salad, the pasta salad, the breads... I had some, but tried to do good.

I didn't register any food in my food log. I just ate what I felt like. I am not sure if I went over my allowance, but there is no chance that I went over my daily calorie burn that day.


The crowd there liked us. It was really fun.

There wasn't all that much response, as it was a large party and most were hanging out in various areas of the place - there were huge tents set up outside, as an alternative to the bar where we played.

We played LOUD, as we really aren't able to turn things down all that much because of the drums. Playing with a hard hitting live drummer is always loud. We can try to restrict just a little, but the end result will usuall be less energy. We can't have less energy. :)

So, loud it is. :)

The general response after the show was that we were probably a little TOO loud, but that we were MUCH better than anything they had expected. We had great energy, and reached out to the crowd nicely. SO MUCH FUN.

Sunday was recovery all day, and having to deal with all the stress and emotions too, it was just a horrible horrible food day.

Monday, I could tell that I was REALLY heavy. I looked way more bloated than I remember having looked in ages, and I was just feeling POOR.

I was tempted to skip gym and walk, but I manned up and went. The results were AMAZING.


I'm not sure what happened. Saturday morning, I talked to a coworker at the gym, and she was talking about how more experienced weight lifters start doing less reps (lifts, pulls, what-have-yous), in order to add more weight. Supposedly, it'd give an equal or more intense workout with more weights, but wouldn't work for beginners as their joints wouldn't be able to handle it.

So, I decided to try it out. I set my goal for 6 lifts, where I normally find 8 acceptable. We have 16 machines in the circle, and ten of them have adjustable weight. I already max out two of them, leaving 8 to actually set new goals on.

Well, out of these 8 machines, I upped the weight on 6 of them. So, on 16 machines I now average 13,4 on a max of 18. I'd say that is not half bad. :)

It was tough to do, but in no way impossible for me. I felt that I had the same energy through the workout, but I could tell that I was MUCH more exhausted afterwards. My hands were shaking for about two hours afterwards. It was a great feeling though. I felt stronger than ever before.

I can't wait to try this out again tomorrow. I hope I can do it again.


So, finally - how am I doing today?

Well, Wife is out sick, and I hate that. The stress got to her, and she needs to get her footing and work things out. I feel terrible for her, and I just want to be home and by her side. Sadly, that's not really an option.

I will meet her for lunch though. We're trying to have things about as normal as possible, and eating lunch as always will hopefully help on this. I will have my usual pita with beef or lamb, to get my nutrition in. I might skip the actual pita and just have the stuffing, to save on the carbs. Then again, I do need the calories too, and I'll probably be running low on calories at the end of the day. Having the whole thing, and enjoying some chili oil on it, will be beneficial I think.

Dinner is not yet planned. I will deal with that when I leave work. It'll be something good and easy. I will have 1700 calories left for dinner (and potantial post-dinner snack), so I can almost do as I please as long as it's a reasonable choice.


I'm still eating within my 8 hour window. I managed to do this all the way though, except Saturday. Being out playing music just didn't make that an option if I wanted dinner at all. Oh, well...


So, the mission is clear:

I have 9 weeks until I am submitted to the hospital for surgery. I want/need at least 5 kilos off from what I weigh today.

This is absolutely accomplishable - especially considering that I most likely am bloated with fluid too.

I will make sure to eat properly. I will make sure to try to handle all the stress around me. I will make sure to meet my daily goals. I will take it one day at a time, take good care of wife, and find time to take good care of myself too. I need this for me, as much as I need to be there for everyone else.

I will make sure to get my step count on 10,000 steps in daily. I will make sure to burn at least 28,000 calories according to my fitbit.

Let's go!


Today, I am thankful for:
- Supportive coworkers. I have gotten so many postive comments and so many well wishes for Wife.
- Morning coffe. I have slept so bad for what feels like a week.
- Wife. I love her so much. I just want her to get better.

Still, even if there are challenges and bumps in the road sometimes, there is no doubt: Life IS good. :)
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So sorry to hear about the stress your wife is under... Good that she has support from you and the co- workers. Wow.. With regard to the extra weights - what a great feeling :-) 
01 Oct 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Love how you always manage to have a positive attitude. Does it come in pill form? Seriously, your dedication to everything in your life is inspirational. You don't pick or choose. It's obviously all or none. And I've only seen ALL. There is no doubt you'll get back on track and be ready for hospital. As to your gig being too loud... HUH!!!!!!!!! Too funny. The best to your wife hoping she can get through this with out more stress. 
01 Oct 13 by member: ClassicRocker
I've been out of touch but wanted to say that I love your profile pic. You are looking fierce! I will have to get caught up on why the new surgery. I hope all is well there. I feel for your wife, work stress is the worst! Best wishes for a favorable resolution. 
01 Oct 13 by member: Eringiffin
LOL - candy gutter doesn't cure anything does it. Now you know and you'll remember it next time. I had a Sunday like yours so NO way I was stepping on the scale on Monday; I did do it today and back to normal. Have a great day and handle the stress the old fashioned way: drink. Wait.. I meant to say .. breathe. LOL 
01 Oct 13 by member: FullaBella
Hope your wife gets feeling better soon. Job issues are no fun. You are brilliant at keeping track of all you do and this is no different. Most of us would have just written these days off and kept quiet but you have it all together as usual. I am proud to know you friend! 
01 Oct 13 by member: Neptunebch
Sorry to hear that you have your wife's job stress to deal with. That is never fun! The Lord always has a plan though and whatever is meant to happen is what will be. It may be an even better situation for her. 
01 Oct 13 by member: kmunson


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