kingkeld's Journal, 09 September 2013

Good morning, FatSecret!

First of all, I'd like to thank ALL deities (no, not dieters!) and I believe the native Americans for the invention and discovery of coffee. Boy, will I need it today.

I've had the worst night in AGES. I did not sleep at all.

I went to bed around 8:30PM as we normally do. We go to bed early, as we get up around 4AM because of Wife's job. 8:30PM is appropriate if we want a full night's sleep.

However, I was just not feeling tired enough. I got up, got my headphones and listened to one of the Paul McKenna CDs, the weight loss programming one. It usually knocks me out in a minute or two, and just "does its thing" while I sleep. It always works.

Not last night, though. I listened to it to the end, and as much as I think it does help on my weight loss focus, it didn't help on my sleep.

There is a CD called "Sleep Like A Log". Maybe I need to do that one next?

Anyways, having laid there for a few hours, probably dozing off here and there but not feeling ANY impact from it, I decided to get up around 12:30AM.

I went to the rest room, showered, and just took my time. Been snuggling the kitty cat, and watching junk on Youtube. I got kitty cat purring on my lab, and Roger Waters is playing via Spotify. Not a bad morning after all.

I did my weigh-in at around 1:30AM - WAY too early to get an accurate, comparable number. Still, I did it, and it's recorded. I wanted to be able to drink coffee and have some water, and I needed to weight in first.

The weigh-in number is highly inaccurate, but better than nothing - even if it shows another gain.

Over the last two days, I'm up 800 grams. That's pretty damn good, also considering the early weigh-in today. I think that had I waited just a couple of hours longer, I'd be able to drop another 200-300 grams. Still, I'll count it as I see it.

Normally, a weekend makes me gain up to 5 kilos. 800 grams is MORE than great.

I wouldn't say I did great yesterday. I started out nicely, had a GREAT rehearsal with the band, but coming home I realized that Wife had decided to bake both cakes and cookies. I ended up sampling them, and sampling them WAY too much. Cakes are definitely in the "don't eat stupid s**t"-category, and not part of the plan for yesterday.

Still, I came out of it without TOO much damage, and I am back on track. Hopefully, being awake early will burn at least one cookie by default. LOL.


It was SUPERB to play with the band yesterday. I have no words for how much fun it is. We're really getting things together, and there is just a great vibe between us.

We have a gig at a big, private party on the 28th, and I think I can safely say that we are ready. We're just getting the minor details in place on a few tracks, but we can go tomorrow if needed.

We are now at about 75 minutes of concert time. More is coming. I'm hoping that we can do a full 90-120 minute concert by the end of the year, and maybe even a 3 x 45 minute show in not too long. That's where I'd like to see us - this is enough for most events and this is where both the fun and the money is. :)


I had to make a big decision yesterday, and it's both good and bad.

I need to get my weight loss business tax registered. I need to make it a legit business. Simply put, I'm making too much money and the government wants in on the deal. Boo.

The downside is that I need to charge 25% tax from my clients.

I can finance this in one of two ways:

1. I keep my price where it is, but lose 20% of my income.
2. I up the price by 25%.

I know I sell my service cheap, so I am kinda okay with upping the price. However, at the same time I want my classes to be affordable for everyone.

I'm considering to make a "hurry and get it cheap" deal - basically announcing what is going on, and that I will keep the lowered price for anyone signing up or being written up on a waiting list before Halloween.

...and of course, repeat customers who are already in my class will get the "old" price too. I can't start upping the price for loyal customers. I might even consider to give a "repeat business" deal for those who want to extend their stay. I see quite a lot of those, though, and it might cost me a bit.

The upside is that I get to shop relevant products with a tax deduction. I basically save 20% on things that I buy for the company.

I'm already eyeing a PROPER health scale, like the one I use at the gym for reading all the stats. Those suckers are EXPENSIVE, and I really want one. I could buy it for the company.

Also, I can easily justify other things, especially since I am considering to also start doing speeches. I am seriously planning to go out and tell my story (for a fee), hopefully inspire people to lose weight and get healthier, share my secrets, and maybe get some more people in my classes. I can't see how this is NOT a win thing to do.

Most of this will probably be in areas that I can't reach with my classes, other places in Denmark, so there is really no competition with my own class by "giving away too many secrets".

For this, I can easily justify buying a proper laptop, tablet, wireless microphone, Speakers and amps, etc. THings that I can conveniently use with the band too. ;)

Let's be creative, right? LOL.


So, today will be a pretty normal day in the life of Kingkeld.

I have my meals planned. They're basic and kinda boring, but not bad.

For lunch and dinner I have the same meals, just what we had in the fridge.

A frankfurter, some green beans and a slice of rye bread. Repeat for dinner. Nothing exciting, but it'll be good on both protein and fat for me.

Midday snack will be a large protein shake.


I'm starting to ween myself off the protein bars. I do see what my dear buddy FullaBella mentioned about them being too much of a candy bar. I agree 100%.

If I am to start avoiding candies in general, then I can't keep doing the bars. They are starting too many cravings for more candy, even if it's a healthier choice.


Wow, this morning is going by fast. Wife got up early, and we spent some time talking.

I better start prepping for the day. :)


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Wife! :)
- Coffee. More than ever.
- Hopefully a thriving business for the future.
- A nice day ahead of me!

Life is good!

182.1 lb Lost so far: 159.6 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed poorly.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   gaining 9.3 lb a week


I have to agree that the protein bars are a substitute for a sweetie. After reading what I was doing and they had a tendency to stall weight loss, I quit them. Took a little while to get over, but I've not have them in a while. Miss them at times, but my occasional shake is my treat. Hope your day is good. Those of us in the US are still in Sunday evening. Hope our day turns out as great as yours.  
08 Sep 13 by member: ClassicRocker
Yeah - just didn't work for me .... spinach sure never made me sleepwalk (and sleepeat) so it had to be the sugar (for me). I get my protein via real foods (steak, natural PB, eggs, etc., ) to minimize the confusion between my mouth & mind. 
09 Sep 13 by member: FullaBella
Bella, that is pretty much what I do. I do, however, need MORE protein than I normally get from my meats - and I find that I eat quite a bit - so I need to "shake" it up now and then. It's yet ANOTHER downside to being a muscle man. ;) 
09 Sep 13 by member: kingkeld
Your DW's talent in the baking area, is a plus but also a minus if you eat them all LOL. Maybe she should join you in a business venture and create low calorie cakes (mmm, is there such a thing?). Sucks about having to tax register your business- however, you look like you are turning it into a positive, by thinking how to expand and take advantage of items you can claim for :-) 
09 Sep 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Interesting - I did a short search for a post addressing this but it was early and I hadn't had all of my coffee - maybe you know one or would like to start one? I had been thinking about what you wrote (needing more protein than you can get from food) and began wondering 'why'? And I'm not attacking your logic - I believe you - ((and LOL I'm safe because I don't exercise as much as you, haha)) but is it because meat has been so GMO'd that it's really not enough anymore? I understand the vitamin supplements are pushed with 'the nourishment provided in vegetables has decreased because of GMo'd and shipping etc., compared to organic - has the same affected meat that much that the protein is just so minimal the shakes and bars and drinks etc., are needed or .... again... just looking at the cycle I was in the past 30 years or so ... someone has sold us a handful of magic beans telling us it's needed ((like, 'fat was soo bad for me in the 80's that I wasted an embarrassing amount of egg yolks ...)) What's your take on this? 
09 Sep 13 by member: FullaBella
Check out Quest Protein bars, Keld. They're expensive, but worth it imo. Best nutritional profile I've seen for a protein bar. 
09 Sep 13 by member: Nimm


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