kingkeld's Journal, 20 June 2013

Good morning!

I'll be writing this journal over a few hours, I think. It's really too early to post anything - it's only almost 2 AM - and I am honestly curious whether my weight will change over a few hours.

I often drop a kilo overnight. It happens pretty much every day - from when I go to bed and until I wake up. It's pretty much a constant.

Given that I'm up 300 grams today, this thought came to me. "What difference does it make whether I weigh in now, at 1:45 am, or at 4:30 am as I normally do?".

Actually, I think it DOES make a difference. Not a big difference, and not one that matters from day to day. It's the long run that matters. But if I really wanted to make it to a goal say 200 grams away - would it matter? I think it would. We naturally burn calories and fluid all the time, and if I opted to not eat or drink through that period, then I would lose weight.

Still, I already weighed in, dealt with the fact that I'm up in weight by a tiny bit, and it's all good.

I'm still in the 77's, and it's all good. There is absolutely no beating myself over the head. Besides, I get the error from my scale that says "sorry pal, I can't register correctly, because your fat% is less than 5!". I can totally live with that. It means that more weight loss is coming very soon - probably tomorrow or Saturday - as expected.

To be honest, I hope to reach below 77 again this week. It's a goal, and I think I can reach it.


It really wasn't my intention, but yesterday became ANOTHER Low Cal Day. It's a good thing that it did, because it was also a day where I almost didn't meet my Fitbit Flex exercise goals.

It was raining hard all day, and walking was an issue. I didn't have time to go to the gym either, because of work and other activities.

I did what I could - and I did meet the goals - but it was way too close to failing for me to be comfortable with. So I am glad that my calorie counts were way lower than normal.

This is obviously also why my weight is off today - especially the fat%.

Here are the stats from yesterday.

Speaking of the Fitbit, I also got an interesting e-mail with a weekly update yesterday. Very nice, and some pretty awesome numbers, if you ask me. I was actually surprised. Check this out.

The only number in there that is way off (as far as I know) is the weight loss one. I didn't start recording my weight on Fitbit until in the middle of the week. This number should actually be around 5 kgs!

Still, it shows on average that I sleep pretty decent, though I wake up too many times, and it shows that I move a whole lot more than I ever thought. Wow. Naturally, this is also counting the small steps, not just regular walking. It's all good though.


So, today is gonna be a rough day in some ways, and an easy day in other ways. It's gonna be a fun day too.

I have today planned as an "8 hour window" day. I will only eat between 11 am and 7 pm. This is a MAJOR challenge today, as I woke up 3½ hours earlier than usually. This means that there are 3½ hours longer until the first meal of the day.

I'm gonna be drinking a lot of water! LOL. This is actually a good way to kill immediate hunger. Learn to read your body - when are you thirsty and when are you hungry? In my opinion, we often misread this and think we're hungry when we're really just thirsty.

As a matter of fact, let me get a large glass of ice water before I continue journaling.


There. Better. :)


Today, there is probably no walks again. It's pouring down. However, I will be spending 9 hours at work, and then go work at the gym. Since I am already writing my journal, and there is no walk, then I'll probably be going to work early, get stuff done. This means I will be on my feet for about 15 hours today. Trouble is that it's not hours that I MOVE. It's mostly hours where I stand. I will do my best to take little walks here and there though, and will do my best to be as active at the gym as I can.

I will be relatively low on calories again today. No breakfast, a good lunch, and a pita for dinner is what I have planned.

If I feel in control, I will try Wife's Thursday Cake at work today. She's making Tiramisu, and she's making short cake with pepper strawberries. Sounds very interesting, and I am curious about it. I want to try, but I don't want to get in trouble - and I want to reach my goal for the week. We'll see how I feel when we get there.


Speaking of lunch... I TOTALLY pulled off cooking Clam Chowder from scratch! It actually turned out being SO simple. It was super delish, and just perfect. Reasonable on the calories too, using low fat cream, mostly fish and clams, potatoes, a little bacon along with lemon, salt and pepper. I have no idea why they'd want all the other junk in there. This was REALLY good.

A 450 gram (1 pound) portion came out to 357 calories. Not bad at all.

This is also what I'm having for lunch, which is my first meal today. It's mostly soup, but very fulfilling. It's a lunch to be looking forward to, that's for sure. :)


I really hope I can get my exercise in today. It's weird. I used to HATE exercising. My buddy Sk1nnyfuture is always so nice to remind me (cheers, Pam!). :) It's true. I used to hate it. Now I don't want to be without it. I see how it makes me feel. I see how weight loss and maintenance is SO MUCH EASIER with exercise. It makes perfect sense today.

It's a whole different world when you're 360 lbs. Back then, exercise was never really an option. Back then, it was a much more basic thing - just survive without working yourself to death.

Now, I'm happy to say, things are very different. I'm so full of energy and drive, and I often feel like I'm unstoppable. It's amazing. It still freaks me out. I get worried that I dedicate to too many things. I probably DO dedicate to too many things.

However, I'm loving that I have the energy, and I gotta use it doing SOMETHING. What I do makes a good chunk of extra money too, so we all benefit from it. I like it. Besides, I'm sure things will even out sooner or later. Either I will simply get used to the higher pace, or I will start relaxing a little bit.

This might also be true when it comes to exercising. Right now I am doing a LOT, I feel. According to the status email from Fitbit, I burn an average of 3200 calories per day. I eat WAY less. A 3200 calorie burn per day is really not necessary for me. I could easily shave off 300 calories per day in exercise, so I would actually do LESS, have more time for myself in other ways, and still maintain weight.

However, I LOVE doing what I'm doing, and I have no plans of stopping right now. If time becomes an issue, then this might be a place to cut just a little. I recognize this, and that's a great thing. I need to know what I can do if things start going too fast.


So, I finished my journal earlier than I thought. I'm okay with the gain. No need to NOT post the journal now. I've had water already, and a weigh-in later in the morning would be pointless. Besides, if there IS a real weight loss - and I am sure there is - then it'll show Friday and Saturday.

I mentioned in yesterday's journal that I have already dropped about 5 kilos this week(!) of temporary regained weight, and that dropping kilos almost daily will stop eventually, and that I wouldn't be surprised to see a small gain today. Well, folks, here it is. :) It's all good - and expected!

Today, I'm thankful for:
- A fun day ahead.
- Journaling when I can't sleep.
- Wife.
- Going back to bed now (at 2:30 am) to see if I can sleep just a bit more.

Have a great Thursday, or what's left of Wednesday! Life is good!

I went back to sleep at 2:30AM and slept until 6AM. MUCH better. I'm still very tired though - and it's now 8AM. I got up, walked 5 kilometers, and I'm now at work. I'm glad today is not a busy day. It better stay that way! :)

I feel a little hungrier than I would have liked to, but it's not alarming in any way. I don't wanna give in to it - lunch is only three hours away. No need to panic.
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Wow, that was a lot of writing for 2:30 in the morning! haha. I was always told to weigh in at the same time of the day because you're body fluctuates up to two pounds a day. So it's more accurate if you do it at the same time daily. I know what you mean about wanting to exercise. It's something that I've recently come into, and if I go a day without I feel awful! Have a good day!! 
19 Jun 13 by member: tiffa5ny
I don't know how you get by, on the little amount of sleep you take. I am a 8 hour girl - otherwise I'm dead. Interesting stats - the fitbit seems pretty comprehensive, I just wish I could be 100% certain it is ok for swimming...  
20 Jun 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
The soup looks very yummy. I'm glad that it turned out so well. Also happy that you were able to get a bit more sleep.  
20 Jun 13 by member: davidsmom
I'm with Sk1nnyfuture on this one...I've been wondering for the longest how you can manage on so little sleep. Not having enough hours in the day to accommodate work, exercise, family etc. has been the main problem for me over the past few years but whenever I take away sleep (I prefer 8 but end up with 6 or so), it just makes me miserable. And where to I take the sleep from? Well, exercise of course because I gotta work and need to be there for my this has been my downfall all these years. Yikes! Well, I'm just really proud of you for all you have accomplished and I love reading your journals that truly show your dedication to your "new" body and lifestyle...keep it up!!! You're the best!!! 
20 Jun 13 by member: SoLosingIt
SoLosingIt - and Sk1nny - I feel that I can handle less sleep simply because I am super energized from eating right AND WORKING OUT. The last place you want to take sleep time from is from your workout. I have realized this very late, but boy do I see a difference. I tell this to customers at the gym all the time - the typical one who doesn't "have time to work out". Those people don't have time to NOT work out - but they don't see it from where they're standing. Once you are in somewhat better shape, you will have more energy and need less sleep to recover. To quote - I forgot the source - "Don't tell me you don't have time to exercise if you know how Dancing With The Stars went yesterday". :) Life is good! 
20 Jun 13 by member: kingkeld
Kingkeld, here is another website to check out - don't be put off by his eating window which is 5pm to 10pm - he says you can adjust it to suit, it is very similar to the 2 meal a day of the other website info I gave you. He also has an ebook but this one is free :) I would be interested in your thoughts. 
20 Jun 13 by member: sarahsmum
I appreciate it, Sarahsmum. I'll look at it. :) 
21 Jun 13 by member: kingkeld


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