kingkeld's Journal, 31 May 2013

New stats after checkup! Read at the bottom of this journal entry!

Good morning!

Maintenance was good and easy yesterday.

I had an allowance of 2400 calories, because I was a tad higher than my lowest of late. I weighted in at 80.4 yesterday, and my goal for maintenance was set at 79.8.

Well, this morning I weigh in at 79.8 again, and I am give 2700 calories to play with. I doubt that I will get even remotely close to that.

Today is another busy day - I will be doing stuff ALL day.

No breakfast this morning, first of all. I am doing my LOOP CHECK, as the gym calls it. Today is the Friday where I get on the big scale at the gym and I get to know whether I am doing any progress working out, losing weight, etc.

I know I am losing weight - I haven't been as low as I am these days for more than a year - though I technically weighed a kilo less just before we left for Paris. It's all good though. Weight is coming down slowly, and I am happy where I am.

Doing the LOOP check means I can not eat, drink, sleep or work out hard three hours prior to it. I can still do my walk, but I can't run. Not that I'm running much anyways these days. I prefer to walk. I find it more meditative.

So no breakfast. And, what's worse - NO MORNING COFFEE!


I could have used a nice cup of coffee, but today it's just not happening.

After walk and gym, I'm going to work - I have a reasonably busy day (for a Friday) ahead of me. Nothing too concerning - I always try to make my Fridays kinda easy - but still. Stuff to do.

Then after work I am off for a few hours before I head back to work at the gym.

All the stores in town are open extra late for "culture night", an event night that occurs every so often. Because of that, my gym is running a special, and I will be the host at the gym. I'm hoping to sign up a LOT of people, and to get to promote my weight loss class. This is a great opportunity for me to fill my class. I hope I can do it.

I count on being home again around 10 PM tonight. Like I said, LONG day.

This is also the beginning of a long weekend. I will be going back to the gym at 8 AM Saturday morning for more working, and after that going straight to my brother's place to hang out, and for a concert held right around the corner with one me Wife's and my favorite Danish acts, a guy called Tim Christensen. It's gonna be fun. :)

....but more on that tomorrow.


So, like I said, I did good on my calories yesterday. And what's even more important - I got rid of the sugar cravings that has be bugging me the last few days.

I did a very conscious attempt at upping my protein intake significantly. I feel that I was way less hungry when I got those numbers higher, and that's what I'm gonna attempt today too.

I didn't go as high as I had originally planned though, as I simply wasn't hungry, and didn't feel that I needed to put additional 400 calories into my body just because of that. I did good, I made it to goal for the day, AND I saved some calories. Not bad in a day's weight loss.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Friday!
- Weigh-in day at the gym!
- The focus and will power to not be bothered about NOT having breakfast for the next 4 hours. :)
- The outlook to a good day and a fun evening!

Happy Friday! Life is good!

So, I have the new numbers. Not a whole lot have changed, but of course there are a few minor differences. I'm not LOOKING for a huge change, so this is a good thing. A few aren't too much to my liking though, but it is what it is.

Last time I did a LOOP CHECK was on the 3rd of May. The friday closest to the 1st of the month. Just like today.

- I am DOWN in weight, from 80.8 to 79.7 kilos.

- My fatpercentage is down from 8.8% to 8.3% according to this scale. On my scale at home this morning it said 5.1%. The truth is probably somewhere between, I'd say.

- My resting metabolic rate is DOWN from 2108 to 2087. To me, this sounds perfectly in line with my drop in weight. 2087 is pretty good, I'd say. Let's not forget that I EASILY workout worth more than 6-700 calories per day just from my walk and minor activities (not counting gym).

- My metabolic age is STILL 28! Pretty damn good for a 43 year old guy. :)

- My water% is slowly climbing up. This annoys me. This time, it went from 66.2% to 66.5%. It's minor. But it was only 61.7% on March 8th. How can I efficiently fix this, I wonder?

- My abdominal fat is still a solid 4. No change this last month, but it's worth noting that it was 7 in March.

- Bones still weight 3.6 kilos. I wouldn't expect any change here, unless I amputate an arm. :)

- Muscle mass is DOWN from 70.1 to 69.5 kilos. This I am not too happy about. Sure, it's only 600 grams, but still. I'm thinking that this might be related to me spending a little less time at the gym working out, and more time at the gym simply working. Also, I probably haven't gone high enough on my protein intake. It's not a bad number at all, though. I am very satisfied, I just don't like seeing the number getting smaller. I do, however, see my muscles grow bigger. I guess you can compare this with us losing inches but not seeing a weight loss on the scale. :)

So, there you have it. Overall, not bad. Still, I see a few things that could be better, but they're minor and marginal details.

175.9 lb Lost so far: 165.8 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   losing 9.3 lb a week


Is it just me or did you get your journal out earlier than usual? Can't wait to hear what your loop check says. I will be waiting for your "edit" 
30 May 13 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
Journal is done early today. I woke up half an hour earlier than what my alarm dictates, and usually it's a lot easier for me to simply get up and get going instead of going back to bed and then struggle to wake up 30 mins later. :) 
30 May 13 by member: kingkeld
I usually go to bed at 11. Sometimes I check FS before bed and had to double check the time when you had already posted. lol 
30 May 13 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
:) Predict the unpredictable. :D 
31 May 13 by member: kingkeld
That LOOP CHECK is really interesting. I will have to see if they do something similar at the Fitness Center that I go to. Your persistance is enviable. (Is that a word?) I am working towards being as persistant with my weight loss efforts as you have been. Way to go! 
31 May 13 by member: Sherillynn


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