kingkeld's Journal, 12 March 2013

Good morning, Fatsecret buddies and everyone else!

Yesterday was a rough one to get through.

I had carb cravings like crazy, and won the battle over the carb monster twice, though I did fail the third time.

First time, I ended up having actually bought chocolates. Nice little ones, with nuts. Yum. I had one, threw the rest out. I was ticked off with myself for even buying them.

Later in the day, I was SO CLOSE to buying some eclairs. I had the worst sugar cravings. I dodged the bullet, and skipped it. It felt SO GOOD to not give in.

Then, in the evening, it turns out that wife bought cake. I just gave up and had one. It took me out of RDI, probably by 3-400 calories, but okay. I just didn't have the will power to fight it any longer. lol.

Generally, it was a different day. Unfortunately not all good.

Daughter and I went to the gym. This was good. I like the gym, I like the people there, and I like the exercise. However, I had a slight pull in a muscle by my right shoulder, on the back.

We have physio-therapists at work, and I had one take a quick look. She didn't find there to be any "real damage", just that I need to go a little lower impact on the machine causing it for a week or so, and of course be extra aware of it. No need to fully stop training or anything.

Work was busy, and essentially non-eventful.

My weight loss class went well, but the three persons that were supposed to start today, all cancelled. This means that I only have two people in my class, and it's simply not enought to really bounce ideas around and to feed off each other's successes and/or challenges.

So, since I know that more will sign up for the class beginning next month, we're gonna merge them. I'll put this one on hold and work hard on finding more people.

It kills me to admit failure on this, but it is what it is. I'll have to be more out there to find clients, so that's what I gotta do. SImple as that.

I'm at 90.5 kilos today. So I think I was at 91 yesterday, and not 90. I'm glad I registered 91 then. It doesn't make that big a difference for me. It still annoys me severely that I can't bring the number down, but I'm slowly getting used to it.

I don't think "getting used to it" is good though. I don't want to settle for 90. I want to settle for 80. I want to get back to the weight where I'm much more comfortable. I know for a fact that I have NOT gained 10 kilos of muscle, there is no chance of that.

I tried the old scale, the one with the handle, my smart smart scale from days of old. I supposed I am heavy enough these days that it registers the numbers without giving me errors. The numbers divert from both my newer scale and from the one at the gym.

The weight is the same. It weight about 100 grams off compared to my new one. No biggie.

Fat percentage is WAY lower. 10%. The gym says 15%. These are both measured from the feet to the hands, so through the entire body. The newer scale doesn't have a handle, so this one just measures through the legs. Since current goes the shortest way possible, this will only go through the legs. This one says 25%.

I do have a good amount of fat on my inner thighs, and I think this is what is reflected on that number. I can see it, and feel it. It'd be nice to have some of that gone.

So, anyways, it's another day for me. Gonna do this, and gonna do this right. Right?

I have a meeting in the afternoon. I'll bet you the dreaded sandwiches will be back. I teach in the evening, and I brought leftover dinner for today's dinner. I'll have to stick with the sandwich for lunch. Hrmf... Oh well.

I have calculated it, and it'll be okay, as long as I don't snack inbetween meals. If anything, I can have room for an apple or something, but not much more than that. I want some head room for my evening. I've felt snackish after dinner lately. I want to be able to accommodate it if needed.

Usually, I'm able to skip the evening snack. It's not TOO hard for me to do. But I like to have the OPTION to do it. I like to know that I have room for it, and that I can then choose between having a nice snack, maybe a smoothie, in the evening - or simply save 250 calories on my intake. It's a pretty good deal.

Tonight, I'm teaching band creation. This year, it's more or less changing into teaching bass playing for two kids. It's cool though - I'm happy to see kids picking up the bass instead of the guitar. Everyone wants to be a guitar player, and they often seem to have trouble finding bands to play in. Not so many want to be the bass player, so they can ALWAYS find a band. And being a bass player is so much fun. You get to be BOTH part of the music AND the rythm.

Today, I'm thankful for:
- Getting to play with the kids tonight.
- Morning coffee.
- A day with a different schedule than the usual stuff.

Life is good!
199.5 lb Lost so far: 142.2 lb.    Still to go: 12.1 lb.    Diet followed reasonably well.
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Def a day of challenges - today's another day. You'll be fine. 
12 Mar 13 by member: FullaBella
I would say that it is better to have 2 people who really want to attend your class and put in the effort than people who show up and quit. I am very happy to hear that your daughter is sticking with you on this. Even if you aren't seeing the change you want on your scale I am sure you are seeing the change you are making in her life. :) 
12 Mar 13 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
Do you like yogurt? I'm only asking because that REALLY helps me with my sweet tooth. Here in the states, my favorite brand is Yoplait and they have flavors like key lime pie and boston creme pie. Good luck on finding more clients. You may be the best encourager/supporter, but people still have to motivate themselves. I have faith that things will come around (gain clients, lose weight) if you truly want them. And, it sounds like you do! :) Tomorrow is another day!! 
12 Mar 13 by member: KatieTyrell
Oh my, congradulations on passing the eclairs! How the heck would you be able to pass the cake at home! Wow. I would die if I lived with someone who brought cake home. Nope. Not gonna happen here. You are so strong! Those bass cabinets look like they will blow some strong sound waves through a club! Oh, ya, those fat percent meter things are VERY fickle. They fluctuate at any difference in hydration, etc. I'm sure you already know that. I had one of those scales and it just drove me batty! Hope those cravings are gone by tomorrow! 
12 Mar 13 by member: Lizzygracemusic


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