kingkeld's Journal, 28 February 2013

Good morning, favorite people!

Wow. This morning is a GREAT morning!

I slept so good, and long, and the only sleep issue I had was that I did NOT wanna get out of bed! :)

Getting on the scale was a more than pleasant surprise: I am down THREE MORE POUNDS since yesterday. That's right - I am now at 87.7 kilos, WELL under 90. This is the lowest I have weighed since September 19, 2012 - Three months after surgery. I am amazed. Simply amazed.

Of course, I am dehydrated somewhat. It can't possibly just be "less food processing" and fat loss. However, I do think some of it is that fat loss I have waited to see results of all of last week. It's nice to feel that I'm catching up.

I'm expecting a significant gain tomorrow though. Simply from the fact that I feel dehydrated.

I feel great this morning though. I feel significant body changes. My hands are "bonier", as are my feet. I can feel my ribs more pronounced, and the skin on my chest area is looser. Same thing with my stomach. The skin is looser - quite a bit, I think - which is what I really need to happen for the adjusting surgery. That's what THIS mission is all about - loosening the skin on my stomach. Or, this is ONE of the major things I want to accomplish.

The other - and AT LEAST as important - thing is my well being. Essentially, I'm feeling good at my weight now. But knowing how much better I felt when I weighed in the 70's makes me really want to go there again, if I can. Of course, with the muscle building training I do now I might now get to go as low as last time, but I want to get as low as I can within reason.

I felt SO MUCH lighter, and it was an amazing feeling. I really miss that.


So, what happened yesterday?

Well, I had my breakfast - my usual two slices of rye bread, two thin slices of ham and my two boiled eggs. Then I was off to the gym.

After my (and Daughter's) workout, I went to take a computer class at work. It's super easy for me - I'm there because I am the superuser on the system, and I have to attend as there might be specific issues that I can help with where the general teacher can't.

I brought 2nd breakfast. Two slices of rye bread, and two more eggs. I ended up only eating the eggs - I felt that it was calorie overkill to have it all, and I really wasn't all that hungry.

I had brought two apples and two bananas, in case they were serving cake or other bad stuff, so I'd have something to munch on - and of course also in case of any real hunger.

I never got to eat the fruits. They're comfortably waiting in my backpack for me to get the munchies today. :)

Anyways, we get to lunch time. They're serving "smørrebrød". This is a very Danish tradition. MORE rye bread with cold cuts and all kinds of high calorie toppings. NOT at all my thing. I simply opted to not eat. I wasn't all that hungry, and I didn't want/need it. So I skipped.

Afternoon came and passed, no hunger. No fruits. Essentially, I didn't eat until dinner, where I had more of the leftover chicken soup.

In the evening I got the munchies. Hard. However, I really didn't want to start eating. I was afraid that I would keep going if I started, and I am trying to not "weigh myself down with food" after dinner. It works pretty well for me, and I obviously see that I get some nice weigh-ins. Obviously this isn't ALL thanks to not eating at night, but I'm sure it makes a difference whether I down a 400 gram smoothie before bed, if I want to see a weight loss the next morning. So no foods after dinner, if I can avoid it.

So, meals yesterday - like the rest of the week - have been pretty light.

I am really trying to get into the deeper feeling of hunger. It helps me SO much to start identifying whether I'm hungry or not. If I am not hungry, I won't eat. It's as simple as that.

Today, since we didn't have dinner yesterday (I was the only one home, and I just heated up leftovers), we don't have leftovers to serve today. So the lunch menu is a pita bread with veggies and chicken. Not at all a bad choice. However, I can easily see that I might end up NOT being hungry at 11, which is when we usually eat. So if this happens, I will simply get a pita for Wife and leave it at that. I'm totally okay with it. I am determined to reach my goal, and I'm gonna do it.

The good thing is that when I am determined, as I am now, then I don't care what people around me are doing. I can sit in when everyone eats cake. I can watch Wife or anyone else eat dinner or lunch right in front of me. My focus is on something MUCH bigger than the next meal. It's about well-being. It's about qualifying for surgery. It's about getting to the weight where my body is happier. It's not about a piece of chocolate. Right?

So, today is cake day. It won't be a challenge. I promise and guarantee. LOL. I already - as mentioned - have good fruit packed in case of hunger, and that's all I need. If I need it. I can easily see myself bringing home those fruits again.

I have done that before. Taken fruits to work and back so many times that they ended up being thrown out because they were spoiling. LOL. Sure, they're healthy foods, but they're still calories that I don't want if I don't need them.


So, the mission today is to keep doing what I've done so well the last few weeks. I want to stay at least in the 87-88 range for the week. I want to have a nice weigh-in for Saturday morning, AFTER Sushi Friday. And I want a fair weigh-in - maybe under 90? - on Sunday morning after Indulgence Day.

The way to do it will be PLENTY of water today. Eat when hungry. Not when it's normally time to eat. Eat consciously. And stop when I think I'm full. Yup. It really is that simple, once you get the hang of it.

This is, by the way, what the Paul McKenna weight loss shows teach us. Once we really put our minds to this, it works.

Today, I'm thankful for:
- 87.7 kilos! Wow! This was TOTALLY unexpected!
- A great night's sleep.
- The outlook to a good day.
- Full frickin' focus!

Happy Thursday! Life is good!
193.3 lb Lost so far: 148.4 lb.    Still to go: 6.0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   losing 20.1 lb a week


So excited for you KingKeld! I read each journal entry and I always find inspiration. Life is indeed so good! 
27 Feb 13 by member: joyfulgirl
THanks, Joyful. I appreciate it. :) It's so great to have found "my groove" on this. :) 
28 Feb 13 by member: kingkeld
Couldn't agree with you more - identify and know your hunger, eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full. Simple! Especially when you're in the mental groove to do it and you're seeing results. 
28 Feb 13 by member: Earthlady
Great job KK... THREE pounds... Awesome :-). Even after a year, I still rub my hands sometimes and wonder at the feeling of them :-) 
28 Feb 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
The hand thing is FREAKY, isn't it? I remember at some point when I would be typing, I wouldn't recognize the hands I saw. Very surreal. I'm very happy that I mentally had the mindset of being thin before I actually was it - I believe this helped me come to terms with my new face and looks. I can only imagine how hard it can be for people who can't recognize the person they see in the mirror.  
28 Feb 13 by member: kingkeld
Good for you! I enjoyed today's journal. It gives me lots to think about! 
28 Feb 13 by member: Neptunebch
congrads on the loss!! I know that skinny feeling, I could feel the hip bone when I slept, cross my legs without having fat to navigate, fingers lean and pretty... Very odd... but exciting. Your journal does give a lot to think about, especially your comment about hunger! I can often go without eating am not really hungry, but then it catches up to me and I am famished. It is really weird. Today, I had to force myself to eat a better lunch, because I knew it would catch up to me big time! When I got my colonoscopy a few days ago, I had to go without eating. That was real hunger by the evening, gave me time to think as well! By the afternoon, i felt like I was starving, yet, I often go without eating much by then, just the fact I couldn't eat triggered this starving feeling. So much of this is figuring out what is real and what isn't. I hadn't really thought too much about it till you wrote it in your journal today! thanks... think think think... 
28 Feb 13 by member: Lizzygracemusic


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