kingkeld's Journal, 06 December 2012

Good morning, guys!

Today is one of those days where I am happy to have my smart smart scale. I'm up in weight by 200 grams, and I know I did pretty good yesterday, staying within RDI, reasonable portion sizes, etc. - there really isn't anything I did that indicates a weight gain.

So, looking and comparing the stats from yesterday, I see that I am a whopping 2% down in body fat. This indicates a nice weight drop coming. Still, I'm in no hurry, as longs as I do right, I do right. Right? Right. :)

I have been reading up a little in intermittent fasting. I'm not sure if that's my thing at all, or if I really am a fan in any way. I'm not sure I could really break out of my three meals a day routine, as I really enjoy it.

However, I have been giving it some thought. I do see the point.

1. Obviously, if you eat fewer meals, you will have less hardship sticking to RDI.
2. The whole eat-many-light-meals-theory seems to get debunked many places. Personally, I never did it, and it never seemed to slow me down.
3. The cavemen couldn't necessarily count on three (or more) meals per day, and they survived. lol.
4. - and this is really what I think I can use from it - it can teach us that it IS okay to go a little hungry as long as we control it.

The last part is useful I think. If I can control it. Of course, the trick is to NOT give up half way through the day and go get something I don't want/need. That's obviously the hard part.

I'm essentially curious about this approach. I read about people who practice this, fasting from right after dinner and until the dinner the day after. They do this every other day, and supposedly eat "normal" (whatever that is) the other days.

So anyways, here goes.

I had dinner last night. Very nice dinner, beef boiled in tomato sauce, with green beans and carrots. Man, I love Wife's cooking! lol. That's the last I had.

Today I skipped breakfast. I've doubled my water intake, to not feel too hungry. I have black coffee.

Next meal will be dinner.

As a "back-up" plan, and because Wife is a sweetie, she packed enough lunch that I can have some if I change my mind in a few hours. I plan NOT to. LOL. But knowing myself, never say never. :)

Today is cake day at work. There will be layer cakes, candies, cookies and all kinds of other hell spawn items. I think today is a GOOD day to be fasting. It will be (hopefully) easier for me to skip it all. This is what seems to work for me. If I don't START eating, I won't have to STOP eating. And with Wife's cakes, it kind of and all-or-nothing thing. They are so hard to resist.

I have no interviews at work neither today or tomorrow. I had one planned for tomorrow, but it's canceled. I think I don't mind. I can dedicate to my administrative tasks and get more of that out of the way. I need time for that, and it's a more than welcome break.

I'm still sick. I still cough, it seems so hard to get rid of. I try to stay warm, but essentially, I AM sick. Just not sick enough that I feel that I can justify staying home and delay my work. If I do, there will just be more work to do later.

But I appreciate these days that I can just sit in my office, close the door, and do my thing on my own. It's almost like working at home. I have my tablet hooked up, internet radio going (I'm really starting to like Spotify! - if anyone else is on Spotify, let's share some playlists!) - and I can take it kind of easy.

I'm still coughing, and could maybe benefit from cough drops. That'll have to be no-go today. I don't need them THAT much, and I have noticed that I like them a little too much - love the flavor! So they turn into candies for me, and that's not good. They will have to be replaced with more tea.

I drink a lot of tea at work. After a while, especially when I'm sick, coffee gets to be a little too much for me. I love coffee, but it doesn't agree with a sore throat much. So tea it is. Also, it's smoothing out my throat. I like that.

So there it is. I'll be looking forward to dinner today, I'm sure. It was kind of weird skipping breakfast and have Wife eat hers alone with me there only with water and coffee. She felt bad, she said, but I don't her to please not feel bad, as this was my choice. She isn't doing anything wrong by eating breakfast. :)

I'm surprisingly okay with not eating breakfast. I don't really feel that I missed it. Of course, it's only an hour ago "we" had breakfast. lol. I'm curious how it goes further through the day, only one way to tell, right? I know that I can do this, and that determination helps a lot. Besides, it's just through the day. How many times in the past haven't I gotten out of bed, skipped breakfast carelessly, gone and done stuff with no lunch just to end up only having eaten dinner? This is no different, only it's a conscious choice.

Today, I am thankful for:
- Intermittent fasting. Let's try it on for size. I like experimenting!
- Gary Moore's Blues for Jimi DVD playing right now. Man, it's good.
- Morning Coffee.
- A good chance to SKIP cake day!
- Wife for being a sport with all my crazy antics. :)

Life is good!

202.2 lb Lost so far: 139.6 lb.    Still to go: 14.8 lb.    Diet followed 100%.

Diet Calendar Entries for 06 December 2012:
226 kcal Fat: 10.86g | Prot: 22.98g | Carb: 10.10g.   Dinner: pork chop, cabbage. more...
3417 kcal Activities & Exercise: Desk Work - 1 hour and 30 minutes, Sitting - 5 hours and 40 minutes, Sleeping - 8 hours, Walking (moderate) - 3/mph - 20 minutes, Standing - 8 hours and 30 minutes. more...
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I did fasting for a bit on "The obvious diet". It consisted of water and juices one day a week. It is good to get in touch with true hunger. You go though some mental and physical stuff, but is is good to be the master of that domain. I also found it quite interesting that once you go to sleep, no matter how hungry you were the night before, your body resets. You wake up no hungrier than a normal day. Anyway, good luck. Experimenting is good. Lots of cultures/religions do fasting for various reasons.  
05 Dec 12 by member: posterchild66
I had some experiences with fasting, just by trying it out when I felt too much fat, or just curious, basically not eating anything during the day, only drinking water, well, doing that, I can't say that I really felt that hungry, but certainly felt in a very bad mood(which happens when I'm hungry), my nights were usually filled with some very violent dreams and never really had that whole 'the body resets', the next day I felt like I could eat an actual person (on the female gender preferably ;) ), so, basically I consumed enough for the day I was fasting in the next day, however I do agree with posterchild, it's good to experiment, you get in touch with how your body reacts, you should definitely try it out, but definitely not when you body is sick, your resistance is probally quite low, you should be resting and eating well to get better, not doing that now, just an opinion. 
05 Dec 12 by member: Goethe
Hi KingKeld! I have experimented with fasting too. I find it helps me calm the sugar beast when I am going overboard or feel out of control with my sweet tooth. Another strategy I've been using lately is to whip up green smoothies in my blender (spinach, parsley, carrots, apple stuff like that) and have a couple days of the week where I "rest" my system with liquid sunshine. I'm a big fan of the strategy as long as it is truly "intermittent" . I have so many friends with eating disorders/issues that I am always cautious about making big changes with my diet. When I first tried it I could tell I was sort of hung up on the whole control thing I was feeling. But now it feels more like I am hitting a reset button and giving my body a break. I am curious to learn how things go for you! Have a great day and thanks, as always, for the wonderful inspiration. 
06 Dec 12 by member: joyfulgirl
I will definitely keep you guys updated. I think I'll do a little on-the-fly updating right here, through my work day. Today is a good day, as when I come home from work, dinner is practically ready. So it's just a matter of going through work day. I skipped breakfast. I'm skipping lunch. I had dinner yesterday around 5 pm (ish) and will again today. No meals, nada, zip, inbetween. Plenty of water, coffee, tea. No calorie drinks whatsoever. It's now almost 9:30, it's 16 hours after my last meal. I have no issues whatsoever. I'm mentally prepped to skip lunch, which is in 90 minutes. I will still join Wife for the lunch break. She WILL be eating. I'm perfectly okay with that. I do feel a very slight "pinch" feeling, but I think it's more like I am used to having eaten, and that I am mentally trying to convince myself that I need to. Real hunger? Nah. Life is still good.  
06 Dec 12 by member: kingkeld
...seems like I am doing a lot more calculations for a potential fasting regime instead of working. lol. I'm coming up with some REALLY interesting results here. I think I could be on to a weight loss journey that is TOTALLY accomplishable. I'm probably just re-inventing the wheel, but it's still a wheel to me. I'm figuring out a one day regime, with two fasting days, a FULL indulgence day and regular days. This could actually work. :) Tomorrow, when I know how this whole day went, I will let you guys know more. This is the most interesting light bulb moment I've had on my weight loss journey in quite a while.  
06 Dec 12 by member: kingkeld
Also, it's now 10:23 AM. 37 minutes to "lunch time", where I will NOT be eating. I'm just peachy. No further hunger other than the tickle in my stomach. So far, it's a walk in the park. I hope this continues.  
06 Dec 12 by member: kingkeld
I will keep checking in to see how you are doing.... They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day - but tea, coffee or water kick starts you metabolism... So if you aren't hungry - why eat it! The conclusion I have come to - meal times are a 'routine'. You eat them because the clock determines you have to... instead of eating when you are hungry - crazy.  
06 Dec 12 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
I just read my book, it was a cleansing day, not a fast. Wow. I think you may run into some adrenaline and other biological things while complete fasting. An adventure for sure! Kind of like when you hit your finger with a hammer.  
06 Dec 12 by member: posterchild66
I agree with Skinnyfuture, we tend to eat because it is 'time to eat...' Hang in there buddy! :) 
06 Dec 12 by member: Ryan75
So far I am doing excellent! It's now almost noon, and I have had "lunch" with Wife. Which meant she had über delish roast beef and veggies and I had a double expresso! lol. Still, no real hunger. I feel that same little pinch, no more, no less. NO biggie at all. While I've been doing all this, I have looked into developing a kinda "Fasting Indulgence Day" diet. The numbers I am coming up with are SUPER accomplishable, if one can handle the task of fasting. I can see how it gives a lot of wiggle room in my diet, and it makes the other days easy. Based on the "calories<burn=weightloss" theory, I guess I could snack throughout the day, as long as I don't exceed my daily calorie intake, which I have set for 600 for today. The 600 calories are booked for dinner. I think I'll prefer no snacks. However, if I wanted to I suppose I could munch on really low calorie things, and still have room for a low cal dinner.  
06 Dec 12 by member: kingkeld
Skinny and Ryan - you're so right about the scheduled meals. Today I had PLANNED and DECIDED on no meals until dinner, and I am strangely okay with that. I haven't had that "ooooh, I'm really looking forward to lunch"-feeling. I'm just looking forward to dinner instead. No other change.  
06 Dec 12 by member: kingkeld
So, it's almost 1 pm - in about 8 minutes. There is absolutely no change in mood, hunger, anything. I make sure to drink plenty of water, have had a pot of tea over the course of the day, and some cups of coffee. I'm doing just fine. If it doesn't get harder than this, then I am definitely in. :) 
06 Dec 12 by member: kingkeld
Nice, about the whole "doing a lot more calculations for a potential fasting regime instead of working", we do certainly get obsessed about food/exercises and all that when we are in a diet. Good luck ;) 
06 Dec 12 by member: Goethe
Thank you Goethe. I have a good job that gives me wiggle room to do things like these. Besides, you will find that once am on a mission I tend to obsess. :) Also, this is for a good cause (mine and others!), in the hopes that I can find a good, accomplishable system that can work for others. I have done it with my Indulgence Day diet, and I know it's helping a LOT of people here. I lost count of how many have asked me about it, and been wanting to try it out. What I'm working on is not so much different, but if one can handle fasting, the other days will be WAY more accomplishable on the calories, if one finds it hard to be restricted. :) 
06 Dec 12 by member: kingkeld
It's now 2:15 PM. It's been 21 hours since my last meal, and I am doing FINE. I was "supposed to have breakfast" (according to my usual food regime) about 9 hours ago, and I was "supposed to have lunch" about 3 hours ago. Still, no hunger at all. Actually, now that I am actively getting in touch with it, the little pinching in my stomach that I assumed was me getting hungry is totally gone. I still drink plenty of water and tea. I haven't had more coffee, but I will in a few minutes. The next step is to go downstairs for cake day. Woe is me. lol. Actually, I'm not at all concerned. The cakes rock, but I am on a mission here. I can do it, and I will.  
06 Dec 12 by member: kingkeld
Great job KK.... I am cheering you on.... You are an inspiration :-) 
06 Dec 12 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Awwwww.... thanks Pam. :) 
06 Dec 12 by member: kingkeld
Cake break went without a hitch. I had none. No fruit, no candy, none of the other treats. Damn Wife for putting all those goodies out! :) Anyways, instead of eating I spent the time explaining my theory in my new little venture, and actually had a colleague asking me if she could join me doing this from Monday! Of course she can, it'll give me a test subject. LOL. Right now it's 22½ hours since last meal, and still no hunger, at all. I'm amazed how easy this day has been. Surely, not all fasting days will be this easy, but it's very encouraging to be off to such a start. Also, I have set up a kind of Indulgence Day with incorporated fasting days. I'm gonna try it out. It's actually so lucky that I, if I start today, will reap the same benefits onwards through Sunday as I would have had I started last Monday. So I will simply call go starting today instead of considering this a test day and then start Monday. There will literally be no difference. Go go go! 
06 Dec 12 by member: kingkeld
Not suprised you are doing so well with it! I always find for me once I start eating it gets me going. I've been for a few weeks doing something somewhat similar but not really... after about 8pm I don't eat until around noon the following day so its about 16 hours. I do this every day during the week. I'll just have water and coffee with a tbsp of half & half. I don't get too hungry and IM getting used to it being routine now. I actually enjoy the feeling in my stomach of being hungry. Now, its just those weekends... haha 
06 Dec 12 by member: Bkeller1023
I've read about the 16/8 approach for me. I think that FOR ME this wouldn't work. I would simply be "smart enough" to work a TON of calories into that 8 hour slot. :/ For me, it's MUCH safer to go "all nothing" for a day. It's now 23½ hours (or so) since my last food. I have no issues whatsoever. I don't feel hungry. I don't feel tired. I'm in no way stressed. I'm not feeling anxious or angry at anything. Sure, it's helped me that I am at work all day today, and this will not happen if I change days to Monday and Wednesday (as I am considering for the future). Maybe I should go for Monday and Thursday instead. We'll see. I can always change it around. I think I will simply deem today a massive success. Wife is waiting home with pork chops (cooked in the oven) and steamed cabbage. With food like that it might actually be hard to get UP TO the 600 calories I have allowed myself today. LOL. Who knew that this could be an issue? :) 
06 Dec 12 by member: kingkeld


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