newnbetter's Journal, 24 February 2018

Hi all. I’m back from my vacation. I had a wonderful time and walked about 15 miles total. I ate on plan except I had 3 pieces of fried banana at a Brazillian steakhouse and about 5 chips with salsa at a Mexican restaurant. I was good with my eating but did not log it because I was not sure about the quantities. I probably did not eat the proper macros either. I may weigh tomorrow anyway because it has been a couple weeks. I confess I am worried though. Oh well it will be what it is ... I fell yesterday while crossing a creek on our hike. Hurt my knee pretty bad. Been keeping ice on it off and on. It has to get better ASAP because I am supposed to go on a hike Tuesday with a small group of women. I joined the ‘girls who hike’ group and hope to be able to get out and meet people. Would hate to miss the first hike
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I totally get the fried bananas. We have a Brazilian Grill here and they are on the salad bar / side dish bar...they are OMGosh. so good. You did very well to only eat 3 pieces! Yes go ahead and weigh tomorrow and as my elderly cousin says "this to shall pass". Hope your knee gets better!  
24 Feb 18 by member: CleoDen
Sounds like a fun group. Hope your knee feels better. 
24 Feb 18 by member: lilpurplebug
You did amazing Newnbetter don't think they're be any bananas left if I got near them lol Hope your knee heals quickly, back on track to the road of success! 
25 Feb 18 by member: 8Patty
Believe me I wanted to eat every fried banana they had and then some. Had told myself I’d have only 1 but I lied. So this morning the scale said 185.7. I’m not recording it though. I have not ‘gone’ so I will hope to do that today and record my weight tomorrow. Even if it does not show a gain I am disappointed with myself. I normally have been losing a pound a week and should be at 183 if I was on track 😔. 
25 Feb 18 by member: newnbetter
Hi sweetie so glad your back yay!...must be in the air newnbetter because I fell too and caused an injury to my ankle poor Murph has a damage finger...geezzz!! hope your feeling better soon I will see you in the post sweetie;) 
25 Feb 18 by member: maxie4
Michelle450to broke her ankle and still goes to the gym, dedication! 
25 Feb 18 by member: 8Patty

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