DairyKing's Journal, 02 February 2012

Hallelujah! My change in strategy appears to be working. I am losing weight at a rapid rate of 10.5 lbs. per week. :D FS cracks me up! However, I have had three continuous days of weight loss now, so I'm pretty convinced it's not a fluke. 215.0 lbs. this morning. I breathe a sigh of relief. I was getting stagnant there for a while. Although I have always believed it's about calories in and calories out, there is more to it than that; I am convinced that there are two significant factors that need to be factored in: timing and balance. This may not be true for all my FS friends, but I changed my strategy, based on what appeared to be empirical evidence and scientific rationalization. If I stayed 500 calories under my RDI for the entire day, and then figured I could safely consume 500 calories of carb rich snacks just before bed, and continue to lose weight, I figured wrong. Regardless of the fact that I was under my RDI, I am convinced that consuming carb-rich foods just prior to bed, were doing nothing but generating huge amounts of insulin, whose only purpose was to store those excess carbs as fat, while I was sleeping, instead of continuing to burn off the carbs I had previously eaten during the course of the night. If you are going to have a diet fairly rich in carbohydrates, (which I think runners and other athletes need to do), then you should spread them out over the course of the day, and possibly front-load them around the time of the day when you are most active and need them, and balance them somewhere in the neighborhood of a 50% carb, 30% protein, 20% fat intake. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.Didn't get out of bed until almost 4:00 this morning. This wasn't a normal run day, but I wanted to try out hills on the treadmill, and more specifically this Google Map application that allows you to plot a course anywhere on the globe and run it. I plotted the hills for the race that I am going to run in June. Although the hills in the real race are a 12% incline, I didn't want to overdo it, so I ran up at 7% and down at -1% for a mile and a half. It got the heart rate up, and I had to use my towel quite often. I think I'm going to try this strategy: upping the incline by 1% per week until I can practice this at a 15% incline. Hoo Rah!
My FS friends would have been proud of me last night. We went to a Church Fellowship meeting at the church (normally held at a friends house), because they wanted to celebrate three birthdays at the same time. It was a smorgasbord of nothing but desserts: cherry cheese cake, chocolate and vanilla cake, fudge, hot fudge sundae ice cream, candy kisses . . . you get the idea. Thinking that all they were going to have was cake and ice cream, I decided beforehand that I was going to have none of it. After the formalities, and when it was time to indulge, I held to my resolve. And then I say, "Can I get you something, Honey?" And it's a little of this and a little of that. I filled the plate as I would have wanted to fill it just a few short months ago. I'm sure she enjoyed it. :) I departed the scene of the debauchery and found some friends to talk to in another room, while she indulged and talked to her girlfriends. One of those victories, at great sacrifice, where you are proud of yourself, but still feel like you missed something. Assuaged my pity trip with a diet coke, and went on with life. The scale smiled with favor upon me this morning, as if to say, "Thank you for lightening my load."

Diet Calendar Entries for 02 February 2012:
1783 kcal Fat: 61.24g | Prot: 132.06g | Carb: 167.12g.   Breakfast: white grapefruit juice, Coffee (Brewed From Grounds), Instant Oatmeal - Plain, Honey, Non-Dairy Creamer, banana. Lunch: kroger cherry akai, Tuna in Water (Canned), diet 7 up. Dinner: Salmon Patty, Cooked Collards (from Fresh, Fat Not Added in Cooking), Bacon Flavored Bits, Simple Rice Long Grain & Wild. Snacks/Other: Peanuts, radish, hard boiled egg, Granny Smith Apple, Baken-Ets Traditional Fried Pork Skins. more...
2952 kcal Activities & Exercise: Calisthenics (heavy, e.g. pushups) - 20 minutes, Running - 6/mph - 20 minutes, Resting - 18 hours and 20 minutes, Sleeping - 5 hours. more...
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Wow, that's awesome that your changes have had an impact so quickly. Way to go! And congrats on passing up all the goodies- that is TOUGH to do!  
02 Feb 12 by member: gnat824
Awesome self-control!! Way to go!! That's a great realization - the next morning when you woke up, were you just kicking yourself for not eating all of those treats? Probably not - will you think of it next week and say, "Awww man I wish I would have had 3 pieces of pie!!!" Probably not! But would you have woken up thinking "Man, I wish I wouldn't have eaten those 3 pieces of pie and 4 cookies.." Probably. And if your scale didn't budge for a week because of the crazy binge of treats, you'd be kicking yourself. It's all about choices, and I'm proud of you for sticking to your guns!! Sometimes I'll think "Ohh a tiny little piece won't hurt me" - but then I get the taste in my mouth and want more and more.. haha.. so sometimes it's better if I just walk away. ;) 
02 Feb 12 by member: erika2633
That's the way I felt about it too. I have discipline, but not enough - discipline enough to walk away, but not enough discipline to eat just a little. :) You only learn that one from experience. 
02 Feb 12 by member: DairyKing
Yes, it is true: easier to walk away than just have a taste and stop. Your idea about spreading the carbs throughout the day is solid and it is what nutritionists recommend. I am so jealous of you being able to run and I know that if you stick to your eating plan and exercise regime you will never have to worry about not being able to walk :) 
02 Feb 12 by member: TaniaBarnet
Way to stick it to those cravings!! Front-loading carbs (early rather than later) is DEFINITELY a good plan, and the more complex the better the effect. The simple carbs in those snack packs are not what you need in terms of energy-usually packed full of sugars (in whatever technical term) and while they might give you a small initial burst, they generally turn to fat faster... the complex carbs (whole wheats, grains, raw fruit/veg) will give you a longer lasting energy, take your body longer to burn off, thus burning cal's at the same time. Win-win. I, too, agree with the better to avoid than have just a bite... 
02 Feb 12 by member: ZippyDani
Wow, hats off - I admire you for passing up the goodies! I'm nowhere near fully in control of my "new" eating habits. I wonder if I'll EVER be able to just have a little bit and stop. It's kind of scary, isn't it? 
02 Feb 12 by member: SoLosingIt
Good job thinking ahead. Sometimes it makes all the difference. Instead of a 'suprise!' you came prepared and that'd awesome. I feel the same way about that first bite - if I don't say ok to that I'm fine. I haven't tested myself yet on whether I'd be able to stop so its just better not to find out the hard way. That must be some kind of treadmill! Does it program itself or do you have to do it manually? 
02 Feb 12 by member: Dani_Suave
Yes and no, Dani. There are pre-programmed packages for events training, and performance training, and then their are google map workouts where you lay out the map in a real geographic location, and it automatically downloads the map and the different elevations, where you can adjust the speed yourself or allow the program to do it. You can arrange different workouts online with your computer and list them in the order you want to do them, and each time you log into iFit Live, it automatically downloads the next workout that you haven't completed. It's not all-knowing and all-seeing, but it's pretty sophisticated for a treadmill. 
03 Feb 12 by member: DairyKing
Great job DK! It is always so hard to resist and you do sometimes feel left out, but we are in this for the long term and we may just get the last laugh..... 
03 Feb 12 by member: triaby


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