SuperC's Journal, 29 October 2007

This weekend i did ok with the diet and the exersize, but last night my huspands brother and family came around to watch transformers with us and ended up ordering pizza. well it smelt so good, i thought i havent had anything in over a month, nothing greasy, fried, fast food, no beef, or pork, no white bread, no potatoes,no pop, or shakes, no energy drinks or lataas, just regular coffee 1 cup with milk and splenda in it.other then 1 cup in the morning its water adn skim milk. why not have a slice of pizza, just one. well i ened up having 3 it was so bad of me to do that, But part of me feels guilty the other dont, because iv been so good I deserve something. I went to the gym today insted of starting out walking, i just started to run to help for what i ate yesterday, I figured the more i sweated the more i would melt off the bod. and then i eating extremly heathy today. Over all I think im doing ok outside of the pizza.I think the lightheaded and dizzyness i had yesterday was from dehigeration. I drank alot of water yesterday and it helpped. IT took along time yesterday but i got it under control.


Don't beat yourself up with the pizza....every now and than; I think we need to have something like that so we do not feel like we are always depriving ourselves. Way to go be getting to the gym..... 
29 Oct 07 by member: id26772
thanks for the incouragement. i guess your right, if we dont try it every now and then we would be depriving ourselfs. Well at least i see the diference between eating bad and eating healthy i see the diferent effect it had on myself.  
29 Oct 07 by member: SuperC
you sure can taste all that grease thats for sure. yuck. 
29 Oct 07 by member: SuperC
I read an article that said you need to shock your system occasionally with something heavy like a pizza, so you may even have done yourself some good! The idea being that your body gets used to the new healthy regime and adapts to it, so something different every few weeks will give your system a jolt. As long as you don't fall too far off the wagon, and manage to jump back on the next day then you should be golden! 
30 Oct 07 by member: Sundance didn't cheat
hey well thanks Ya my sister was just telling me the same thing over the phone. Ya that is a great idea.It makes sence. maybe next time i can have that big mac that i have been dying for. 
30 Oct 07 by member: SuperC


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