HerStrawberri's Journal, 05 August 2011

Day 2 with horrible migraine. YAY. Hopefully it will get better soon. I lost another lb...but I'm pretty sure it's because I didn't even get over 900 cals yesterday. Yucky. I just couldn't eat. I spent most of the day in bed. Today is looking to be the same.

Ok so...I need to vent about something. It's totally NOt diet related so stop reading now if you want. There is no other place i can vent about this sooo...I'm using my journal.

My MIL is a complete pain my my BUTT. She is mean, hatefull and treats her kids like complete crap. She is abusive and doesn't deserve my nor my P's time. AT ALL. BUT she is my P's MOTHER and my elder and I have been brought up to respect my elders. BUT. i have also been brought up to NOT let people abuse me. I have put up with 6 years if her CRAP and it's seriously driving me crazy. My poor P has been putting up with it her whole life and for the life of me, i can't understand why she is even talking to her. Ok, maybe I can. She IS her mother. BUT...how much crap does a child need to take? Anyway, crazy MIL decided to get all of her teeth pulled out. Did she NEED to do this? NO. There was NO medical reason to do this. BUT, being the crazy MIl she is....she decided to do it. SO. Every other week she needs allllll this money to get her fakers. (teeth) One week it's 1200, then it's 1600 then she is all happy because she has pd it down. WELL, last week she calls up my P and gives her this total sob story about how she needs money. ( she doesn't.) So we decide to give her $300. Well of course after we offer this to her she doesn't want it. and goes on and freaking ON about it. Well ok. Fine. You don't want it. WELL THEN she procedes to tell my P every freakin day since then how she has NOOOOOO money and blah blah blah. SOOOOO this morning she texts me at 6 freakin am to say.." Hi. Do you still have the check". UMMMMMmmmmmm WHAT!?!?! Of course we do and she knows this and WHy she had to text me at 6 freaking am i have NO CLUE. So I text her back and say yes and ask if she is coming to get it. No response. She then calls me about 15 mins ago and says...I'm outside. and I'm like....OK. I ask, 'are you going to come up?' and she is like.....no. can you please bring it out to me? WHAT!?! so i take the freaking thing out to her and she can't even roll down the window. Ok. I open her door and she procedes to make a total RUDE comment about the size of my shirt.. HELLO!!!!! I'm NOT FEELING WELL AND I'M NOT GOING TO BE IN CUTE CLOTHES!!!!!!! Not to mention I have lost 60 freaking lbs and my crap is lots bigger. BUT she STILL hasn't even UTTERED a POSITIVE word about my weight loss. BUT you better believe she is on how fat I am. SOOO, i give her the check and she tries to talk to me. I cut her off and say...drive safe and I shut the freaking car door. YEAH OK. maybe that was rude....but come the freak on!!!!!!!!! I have a freaking migraine and DO NOT want to freaking have a conversation with her! OMG!!!! That women could make a saint commit murder. i am NOT even kidding.

Ok. sorry. i really needed to get that out. Sorry if it sounds petty. BUT I have GOOD FREAKING reasons to NOT like that women. and Most of them are not even about me. She treats the person I love more then anything in this world like a complete piece of crap. You want to treat me like crap...fine...you are nothing to me. You hurt somone I love and you better watch the F out. One day i will tell this women how I feel. She will push me to far. A person can only take so much.

Anywayyyyy...i need to calm down. I can tell my BP is up and I'm all upset. Sorry for the rant ya'll.

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I'm sorry to hear your MIL is like that. I think you handled the situation the best you could. Please try to destress and rest. I hope you feel better soon.  
05 Aug 11 by member: angie_rose10
Re: Migraine... I really have nothing but I am so sorry... I get marathon migraines that can last up to 8 days they are horrible... try to rest in a dark room with minimal sound and get some sleep... do you know what causes your migraines?? mine are light/food sensitivity and it took me years to figure it out (I can't go into jewlery stores or I am down and out for days. As for your MIL she sounds like she is an attention whore... who wants everyones undivided attention all the time... try to not let her get to you... I know easier said than done but right now that is just one more stressor that you do not need. 
05 Aug 11 by member: pixidaisy
Jeez... my mom went psycho and I stopped talking to her. She'll work her crap out and when she's back to normal we'll talk again. So here's the question - why did you answer the phone? I would have just ignored the Message until I was ready to deal with that level of negativity.  
05 Aug 11 by member: BrandyRelaxing
Wow - And I thought I had the worst MIL in the world. I am so sorry it is difficult, I have started avoiding mine - she is just not worth any effort - fortunately mine lives 3 hours away. I will have "meeting" and have to work late when she visits - We have call display and I avoid the phone - Unfortunately my DH is an only child so he gets the brunt of her - But that is his decision to maintain that kind of relationship - I have to believe that karma plays some kind of role and that in the end nasty people get what is coming to them!!! hope you fell better soon!! 
05 Aug 11 by member: krystynecar
My Mum is that person, I used to worry about it but I can't anymore it was making me sick for to many years. I believe people no matter who they are have to show respect if they don't then that is their choice. You owe her nothing. Like Brandy said I would not have answered phone or message, it would have to be at my discretion. Manners are there for everyone. Hope your migraine improves, thankfully since I have been doing Atkins they have improved incredibly. Feel Better!!!! 
05 Aug 11 by member: Yvonne19
I am so sorry that you have to deal with such a negative person...it would be great if you could just excise her wouldn't it??? Since that isn't possible, the only thing you can do is avoid her and her attitude as much as you can, and when you do have to deal with her, remember she is just a sick old woman...something made her the way she is, and it may have been extremely traumatic. Sure hope that headache goes away soon...I take Tylenol Alllergy Sinus and Excedrin Migraine together, and then take a nap. It is the only thing I have found that works, even when the prescription meds didn't. Feel better soon. 
05 Aug 11 by member: ctlss
just a thought but one of my friends uses mydol for migraines - seems to work for her. 
05 Aug 11 by member: krystynecar
Ever think your MIL might be contributing directly to your migraine? Sounds like a crazy situation. Hope it gets better soon. She must be a real beaut without the teeth too. LOL. Feel better soon.  
05 Aug 11 by member: Helewis
I agree with ctlss. Avoid as much contact as possible and when you must deal with her, try to view her as a sick, sad person. I know... easier said than done. Can you even imagine what it must be like to be her, though? ugh 
05 Aug 11 by member: redwinelover
redwinelover I agree with you imagine being her, how awful must that be, you only have to deal with her occasionally she has to be with herself all the time. I always think that when people are just not nice. I can't imagine what their lives must be like.  
06 Aug 11 by member: Yvonne19
My mother was just like that,terminal pain in the arse,five of us she gave birth to all agree that her leaving the planet was for the common good.I know what you're going through. 
06 Aug 11 by member: 83JEN
Thank you everyone! I HAD to take the call because I knew she was coming for the money. I usually don't answer when she calls me. Or I will text her a quick answer back. I try my hardest to stay away. It's hard though, because she plays the 'i'm deathly sick' card when she is absolutely FINE. Her life IS really sad and being that type of person I am...it makes me feel really bad for her. She is all alone...but that is something she has done to herself. When you are mean as a rattlesnake to people....sooner or later they aren't going to come around. I still feel bad for her though. blah.  
08 Aug 11 by member: HerStrawberri
There's a whole therapy session in the reply you just posted. "I HAD to..." - no one has to. So much of your desire to please your P, to be loved and accepted and cherished for WHO YOU ARE... is wrapped up in the co-dependent games going on in this paragraph. It makes you feel bad, because you do not want to be anything but the 'nice' person. While FAT - nice was all I had! Think it's time you start to dig deep about some of these thought patterns. It's unreasonable to everyone else who has posted here that this woman would intrude into your morning at 6 AM for something less than LIFE or DEATH. And picking up a check is NOT that! Hope you can sort thru your feelings. Keep posting! Much Love. 
08 Aug 11 by member: jsfantome


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