ChrisComedy's Journal, 29 December 2014

I learned at my visit to the sports physiologist/nutritionist that I have shrunk. In my youth, I was 5' 9". I'm now 5' 7'. The good news: he's worked with clients who have regained height. He says sugar is inflammatory so I'm down to two teaspoons a day.

More good news: my appointment for a referral to see a neurologist has been moved up to tomorrow. The bad news: it's two days before my Medicare medical coverage kicks in. *FML*

Obviously, I want to to recover my strength. On another level, I'm curious as to just what is going on. I can speculate, but since I don't have the resources or expertise, that's all I can do. Medical mysteries are fairly common. That's what my case is since exhaustive tests say I'm nominally healthy.

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Please share the information on regaining height when you get it. Good luck to you. 
29 Dec 14 by member: JovialJ
Same here! I Would like to stop shrinking in height as I get older :)  
29 Dec 14 by member: Appleseed_Tn
Good luck with your neurologist. Let us know how it goes! 
29 Dec 14 by member: Deb_N
Deb_N, will do. 
29 Dec 14 by member: ChrisComedy
You might put that off until Medicare kicks in.  
29 Dec 14 by member: wholefoodnut
I "shrunk 2" after a cervical fusion. As you age your disc space can also decrease resulting in being shorter. Reason I said you might put it off, neuron guys are expensive!!! 
29 Dec 14 by member: wholefoodnut
Neuro not neuron, dang spell check  
29 Dec 14 by member: wholefoodnut
I agree, wholefoodnut. Fortunately, I'm seeing a GGP who's going to refer me to a neurologist. By the time I see the neurologist, medical kicks in. I got lucky and have been covered by hospitalization since July. 
29 Dec 14 by member: ChrisComedy
General practitioner... 
29 Dec 14 by member: ChrisComedy
Good, I just know I was so thankful I had good medical coverage when I saw my neurologist for my headaches. Pricey!!!! 
29 Dec 14 by member: wholefoodnut
Hope all goes well for you at the Neuro's, & please do keep us posted. 
30 Dec 14 by member: GLAMMER


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