Jamaica4god's Journal, 03 March 2011

I love so much seeing new numbers on the scale!! I have had physical changes too, but when I start to feel like I just don't like my body, I can look at the scale and know that I am still in this for the long haul. It's great. Such a different feeling than the before feelings of hopelessness for my weight.

The BodyBugg is chugging along, doing it's thing. I am still recording everything I eat on that site and it records my calories out for me. I've even gotten to a point where I am comfortable leaving the digital display off so that I don't need to see the amount I am using all the time. Routine is really the best word. It has helped me realize so much about how my body burns calories!

I am trying to so hard to have an attitude of patience. I don't want to rush this process because I want it to be real and lasting, but it sure would be nice to see it come off faster. hahaha. No way I could kick butt in a boot camp though, I would for sure get my butt handed to me and probably get it handed to me again when my doctor found out about it... hahaha

Ok, now I want to not talk about my weight for a minute. Ahhh. Nice.

My Amy (she's 5) went to the eye doctor today. She's in kindergarten and the school nurse picked up that she did not do well at all on the eye check at school. She looks like an old lady when she's trying to read with her book pushed all up in her nose. hahaha it's sad, but adorable! So today the eye doctor, who wasn't a pediatric eye doctor, is trying to explain her eyes to her. That was freakin hilarious!! Especially since I am a pediatric nurse and can explain it to her 10 times better. hahahahahaha But I have to give him credit, he was trying and he did make her feel comfortable.

She has our family "blindasabat" trait! hahaha which I somehow did not inherit! She is farsighted, much worse in one eye than the other, and has an astigmatism. It's funny, with farsighted you have trouble seeing close up, but she has to hold her books like a granny, I guess that's from the astigmatism. I just read something that said that sometimes people with astigmatism see solid lines and walls as if they were leaning. I wonder if she feels that way? I can't wait until she gets her glasses so she can see better. It feels terrible to think that she hasn't been able to see right for some time and I didn't know it, but I feel better now knowing she is going to see better.

She picked out these cute pink elongated oval frames and a "suitcase" for them that is princesses. So cute. She asked me to get some pink sparkly diamonds to put on the sides of the frames for her. Awww, how could I resist? She gets them in next week, just in time for spring break so she learn to take care of them.

She said "The doctor said I have to wear them all the time if I want to see good." =) Melting hearts...


Most of farsighted people don't even realize until they try out someones glasses (that was my case), so don't worry about your little one. She will be very happy to have an improved vision... Work on that patience... It's the weakest link in your power chain and if it breaks it will ruin everything you work for. Think of the years and years to come that you will enjoy with your desired weight. What's some months compared to that? 
04 Mar 11 by member: jurrabi
Girl you are killing it 190? what? thats awesome. I bet she will look cute in her glasses especially when momma bedazzles them with some bling. too cool... keep up the great work friend..  
04 Mar 11 by member: IdaMarie78
Thanks guys. SOmetimes I don't feel like I have accomplished that much, but then I realize that I can;t look at the big picture right now, I just need to focus on the small goals. Eating right and keeping going.  
04 Mar 11 by member: Jamaica4god


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