Jamaica4god's Journal, 27 January 2011


I am getting the old familiar feelings of the barrage of symptoms that shut me down last year... Once I quit working and started the supplements the symptoms became manageable. This week has been the most difficult week I have had in quite a while. After I quit working the symptoms would be intermittent, and I could usually tell if I was doing to much and they were going to start. I can't afford for my seizures to start back up again. You can't drive if you have had a seizure in the last 6 months. Not to mention that they just plain SUCK!!!

The pain, fatigue and muscle weakness are starting to get the best of me again. I can tell a big difference from this week and last. What do you do if your brain has the drive to accomplish the world, but your body won't let you? Even my BodyBugg is showing a difference. Last week I was burning, on average, 500 more calories a day than I am this week, doing the EXACT SAME workouts and pushing myself in the exact same ways. My body has some crazy defect in energy use, conversion, and storage. I know I am doing to much. I know that these are little signs from my body that it's about to get really difficult if I don't slow down, but I don't want to slow down. I want to keep moving, I want the weight gone, and I want to feel good about myself again!! And I am not a patient type when it comes to my goals. I don't want it to be a year from now, I want it to happen in the next 5 months!!!

Ugh. We'll see.


:( sorry friend...seizures do suck... idk what to say right now..(take note it doesn't happen often:)) Listen to your body and let your fs family support you..Its a journey and there will be bumps, stop and yield signs on the way but I am here if you need to talk.. 
27 Jan 11 by member: IdaMarie78
I am so sorry to hear that, love. I know how frustrating it is... though you and I only share some of the same things. I remember the last big flare up from my Chiaris I was rebelling against it. Not that it does any good... when I get my full "attack", being rebellious does nothing. Have you tried some B12? I know you have the mito AND Chiari's... but B12 has helped my Chiari's a lot. Maybe it would help you too? You are in my thoughts, dear.  
27 Jan 11 by member: cyberpyxi
Hey Jam, I echo what Ida said. If you gamble with this you may lose the weight but then the quality of your life may be severely impaired. I'm here. 
27 Jan 11 by member: Song Byrd
Thanks everyone. Yesterday was a little better, so hopefully this flare up is coming to an end. I appreciate all your thoughts though!!  
29 Jan 11 by member: Jamaica4god


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