Soulnoid's Journal, 04 August 2013

Day 556- Been working on a new training plan and trying to come up with some new x-training moves and it seems like a lot of them are to make you into a big muscle bound 'I pick things up and put them down' type of person. I don't want huge muscles that get in my way. I want to be a lean, mean, running machine and I know I have to strengthen my core and body to get faster. I enjoy having ripped arms and such (what guy do you know that does not like it?) but there is no need to body build. I have been studying a lot of these ultra runners and they just seem to be very fit, not really strong.

So, while I am still home I have gone to a vegan diet for a few days and my body is cleaning out like I have never seen before... LOL. My weight also keeps dropping everyday. I know I am staying plenty hydrated but am amazed to see the results. I have read about this effect, but did not think I would see it so early. There is one thing I am craving, peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter cups on top! I may have to get one of those frozen yogurt makers that you can put anything in and make my own concoction. Plan on making some black bean brownies today to fill the craving. I also eat a ton of water melon, but it does not have that heavy sweet filling in my belly.....

You are what you eat.......
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So good that you know what you want. When I starting lifting, I started with a trainer who lifts 900lb deadlifts and squats. I didn't know what I wanted until I was lifting 345 lb. deadlifts (december) and I got on my bike in January, and couldn't climb an easy ascent. NOW I know what I want, but reigning in the trainer is tough. As someone from FS once told me, the trainer works for me. I think that was PetuniaK or Sk1nny Pam. Good work on the vegan eating and detox. Well done. 
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