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Put some meat on those bones and build some muscle.

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RkTkFx Yesterday I was looking at those photos. The most of them are inspiring and very helpful. This is one i didnt understand. But dont laugh, be kind.. 
14 Feb 16 by member: suzytrws
Great work! I'm almost down to looking like your before pick and think i'm doing good. lol 
14 Feb 16 by member: linkrunner
14 Feb 16 by member: FloridaAngel
Well done, what a difference! And linkrunner, well done to you too! 
14 Feb 16 by member: heidij123
Nice work, do you have a weight lifting strategy or routine you're going to use? 
14 Feb 16 by member: 1point21gigawatts
Wowwwwwwwwwwww! This gives me hope that when my stomach contracts the skin will tighten up with it. 
14 Feb 16 by member: kpwcalories
Thanks all!!! There's still work to be done on the weight loss side. I still have some blobs of fat in the "Man-boob" region. LOL! Linkrunner-> we're all in one state of change or another. No one has arrived! Just enjoy the ride. Philmck-> no strategy yet. But I'll gladly take some suggestions. I'm 42, so I'm guessing it's going to be hard to put on muscle. hahaha!! 
14 Feb 16 by member: RkTkFx
kpwcalories-> I have a little saggy skin here and there. I figure the muscle will take up some space and stretch the skin out in a good way?!! ;) 
14 Feb 16 by member: RkTkFx
A little saggy skin seems okay! Indeed, muscle is supposed to help with that, although I guess women tend to have more subcutaneous fat than men do at comparable fitness levels. I'm just freaked out by the television shows and online articles about people post-weight loss with all the extra hanging skin that needs to be surgically excised. 
14 Feb 16 by member: kpwcalories
You'll be able to muscle up ok I'm betting, just a different focus but you've proven to yourself you have the commitment!! Good on ya mate!! 
14 Feb 16 by member: Steven Lloyd
From personal experience, losing 84 lbs total at a slow rate of 2 lbs a week for the first 6-8 months, then slowing that pace as I got closer to my goal weight, the skin seemed to tighten slowly on its own. Those folks on TV lose 100+ lbs in a very short time so I suspect the skin does not recover so quickly. IDK 
14 Feb 16 by member: ckworksalot
You did great now I know you'll achieve your goal 
14 Feb 16 by member: lavender211
sagging?? what sagging?? you look fantastic! !!! holy crap!!! good job!! 
14 Feb 16 by member: 8hunter6
I have some extra skin on my face which results in what appear to be ... wrinkles. Are there workouts that help with building muscle on your face to tighten up that "saggy" skin there? hahahaha!!! Aging sucks. 
14 Feb 16 by member: RkTkFx
Lol dude... this is kinda funny cause I was finding wrinkles just today. ..... that's what I get for smoking for 16 years.... 29 and I look 40. yet husband is 34 and looks 24 .. this is awful HA HA HA HA ... you gotta share these face exercises and help save what's left of my youth LOL..... not that there is anything wrong with said ages.... I'm just not ready for people to stop asking me for i.d. :S  
14 Feb 16 by member: 8hunter6
You look amazing! 
14 Feb 16 by member: LenaSong
Well done! 
14 Feb 16 by member: northernmusician
Ok buddy...it's on...wink, wink. Shirts off, guns out :-) 
14 Feb 16 by member: Steven Lloyd
Thanks all!!! Feeling proud! -> Sarah - If I figure out the face lifts, I'll send them on over. I'm with you, and not wanting to age any sooner than I have to! I'm pretty high energy at work, so people assume I'm still in my 30's. But those wrinkles and that pesky grey in my beard is gonna catch up with me someday. Most things are a state of mind (age, self-esteem, sexiness, etc), I'm just hoping my body can keep up! hahaha!! 
14 Feb 16 by member: RkTkFx
ha,ha,ha I am afraid... 
14 Feb 16 by member: suzytrws


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