Serenissima87's Journal, 18 November 2020

Dear Journal and dear Fat Secret Community,

well... this was totally unexpected.
When I first found this website yesterday I thought it suited my needs just fine and even if nobody would have noticed my entries, it would have been fun to write an online journal and keep track of my new life-style (you see, I followed your advice you guys, let's get rid of the word DIET!).

Little did I know that so many wonderful people would have stopped by to give me their encouragement and their suggestions. It was awesome. THANK YOU!

Like for real: T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U!

Your words have been so meaningful and powerful that yesterday evening I already felt empowered to make separate dinners for me and for my husband and daughter.

Mixed salad and roasted zucchini for me, thank you very much.

And yes, you got it right. PORTIONS are also a huge problem, it's so hard to limit the amount of food on your plate.

Even if you do than you'd hear voices from your fridge after ten minutes saying:

"Hey, are you 100% sure you are full? I mean, like 1000% sure? I think there's
still some space for this little, lonely leftover... why wait until tomorrow? Eat it now, then you can clean the dish and make more space in the fridge, that's a woooonderful idea! We (voices) are just being pragmatic, this has nothing to do with food, you see, you want that dish to be clean, we know you want it"

Now that I read this... man, it's totally psycho (freaking crazy emoji right here, please)

Family/partner, yes, also big issue. But seeing that so many of you got it under control, gives me confidence.

So, my first day went by. It was easy. And I expect the following days to be easy as well. Today I woke up with 0,5 kg less, that's normal, I know, been there done that so many time :(
The REAL challenge will start in a few weeks.

As for being Diet Buddy, I've just realized that this is the US Fat Secret community.
I didn't know there was also an Italian one (I am from Venice).
So I took a look at the Italian forum posts and... I don't know.. I didn't feel the same wonderful vibes I have found here with you.
So, if you don't mind and I know my English is not perfect, but I'd like to stay here if you are ok with it :)

Back to be Diet/New-Life-Style Buddies: time zones can be a problem, like if you need an immediate support, I might be sleeping soundly and be able to write you back after 7 hours or so...

So, let me know :)

I just want to thank you all sending you a picture from here.
I took it yesterday during my walk (there is not much to do now where I work with no tourists in sight and we are not yet in complete lock down).


164.2 lb Lost so far: 1.1 lb.    Still to go: 32.0 lb.    Diet followed reasonably well.
losing 7.7 lb a week

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You would always be welcome on here. Plus we get to see some more amazing pictures. That place is amazing.  
18 Nov 20 by member: southernace
Lol, we have night owls,early risers, someone would be around on our different time zones.  
18 Nov 20 by member: southernace
i would love to be your diet buddy! i too have a busy hectic stay at home mom life that often means i cannot reply quickly. I also have ptsd so there will be times when im silent & processing emotions. I'm hoping to find support too and i think i might have to try your idea, individual meals but man oh man sounds like so much work but we are worth it right? our lives ? our health?  
18 Nov 20 by member: Ashbae007
We’re supporting you! You got this ❤️❤️❤️ 
18 Nov 20 by member: Kelsey.Potter_ZenithRising
What a beautiful pic! We were in Rome last year and had hoped to visit Venice this year but then covid hit and have been pretty much stuck at home. Glad your first day went well. I can relate to the problem of portion control. I always say I'm a 'volume' eater. I can eat A LOT if given the chance and am not being mindful of what's going in. To counter this I weigh/measure my food but also try and eat veggies as I allow myself a lot more of those if I want something to really fill me up. Your salad and zucchini sounds wonderful! One day at a time and PLEASE post more pics, I will have to live vicariously through you 💗 
18 Nov 20 by member: Rckc
Glad you feel great about fs. You can choose whatever country you like. I’m in Canada but also choose the US site. 👍🏻 
18 Nov 20 by member: wifey9707
gorgeous picture! 
18 Nov 20 by member: krazeemeow
Welcome! Glad you are joining us. I am from Canada as well and ended up on the US site and have just stayed. Love the picture. Before COVID I had planned a trip to France with my grandchildren and then.... so I guess it will be later. I wouldn't do separate meals. You want your family to eat well too. Instead incorporate dishes that are friendly to your goals but share them with the whole family. You can choose not to eat certain dishes you are serving or eat very small portions of calorie dense ones. Also you can make regular dishes that are more calorie friendly. You don't want to set up a situation where you feel isolated from the family at meal time. Might make you feel like a second class citizen in your own home. 
18 Nov 20 by member: 59Carol
Beautiful post and picture. I’ll be glad to loose the pounds with you 
18 Nov 20 by member: freetime
I hate wasting food as well. If you can recalibrate how much food is prepared when you cook it really helps limit the leftover problem. It could be good for all of you but you might have to put up with grumpy family until they get adjusted. 
18 Nov 20 by member: trevorTtoad
Congratulations on your first steps! =) One step at a time. I also have those "pragmatic" voices in my head rationalizing eating food for reasons other than hunger (they're very logical, sometimes). Plus I grew up in a big family full of ravenous children - if you wanted the ice cream, you'd better have the ice cream now, cus it won't be there in two hours' time. A lifetime of training to eat *now* plus decoupling eating from being hungry has made it difficult to learn how to portion control for me, too! I'm still not very good at it; I expect it will take me another 30 years on this planet to learn how to be better at controlling my portions, since it took me 30 years to learn how NOT to. I've accepted this as a lifelong learning experience. =) We're rooting for you! 
18 Nov 20 by member: she_loves
You are not wasting food by not eating it. You are not a garbage can. Just let it go and instead focus on being more aware next time you go shopping. Be well 
18 Nov 20 by member: Serpent Queen
Don’t worry about your English, you are doing wonderful. The majority of Americans ONLY speak English so you are light years ahead of us. You are most definitely welcome here. We don’t care where you live (send pictures), everyone has a common goal and that is to make changes in their lifestyle that will aid in achieving better health, self esteem.  
18 Nov 20 by member: Kenna Morton
I stood in that square 1.5 years ago and miss it deeply!! welcome to the FS community, its a wonderful place and you already have a stellar and flexible mindset. I have no doubt you'll reach your goals :)  
18 Nov 20 by member: tina.and.tito
I stood in that square 1.5 years ago and miss it deeply!! welcome to the FS community, its a wonderful place and you already have a stellar and flexible mindset. I have no doubt you'll reach your goals :)  
18 Nov 20 by member: tina.and.tito
Great drop! Great beginning! 
18 Nov 20 by member: Texasgranny6
Ciao! Welcome to FS America❣️ My husband's family is from the Veneto. We're glad you have decided to join us. 
18 Nov 20 by member: Erq1
I also believe you have chosen the name, "lovely Venice". Perfect! 
18 Nov 20 by member: Erq1
18 Nov 20 by member: Rodzeus
Beautiful picture! Welcome to FS! 
18 Nov 20 by member: kattay


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