Serenissima87's Journal, 17 November 2020

Dear Journal,

this is my first entry.
It's been years since I wake up every morning, look in the mirror and dislike what I see. And things got worse since I had my baby girl two years ago.
I realized that even if I don't think about this specifically, food and weight are a costant thought underneath all days routine.

It means that this really matters to me.
And it also means that I need to do something about it before it's too late.

Because I don't like myself, I don't put any effort in dressing me nicely, I don't do anything for my husband to like me more and at the same time, I feel I am being a bad example for my daughter.

This needs to change.

Family doesn't help much.
There is always food coming in and settling in the fridge.
Food that I don't feel like eating, that is not working with my diet, yet it's there, and I feel it's a pity that it get wasted.

"I'll finish this and THEN I'll start my diet"

"I am too tired after work to make separate dinners for me, my husband and my daughter, let's all eat the same food"

"I wish I could cook something healthy but HE wouldn't like it, that's for sure, why making two separate dinners, let's make what he likes".

I know these are all excuses.
There's no reason to avoid following my goals.
And yeah, maybe family would tease me up for the first week, but then they'll understand, won't they?

This Covid situation isn't helping at all.

I know I am not alone in this. That there are many others out there fighting my same food addiction.
Because, in the end, it is an addiction.

I hope writing this journal will help me being more considerate and determined.


PS: I hope somebody is going to read my post and become my Diet Buddy :)

Diet Calendar Entries for 17 November 2020:
1222 kcal Fat: 38.43g | Prot: 32.70g | Carb: 196.20g.   Breakfast: Nesquik Chocolate Powder, Coffee (Mocha Flavor, Instant, with Sugar). Lunch: Lucini Italia Tuscan Chickpea Frittata Mix, Nissin Shoyu Flavour Noodles, Tè Freddo. Dinner: Zucchine Grigliate, Pomodori, Spinaci, Lattuga Iceberg (Include Tipi Crisphead), Peloponnese Tahini, Pancake alla Banana, Clementine. more...
2300 kcal Activities & Exercise: Walking (brisk) - 4/mph - 1 hour and 30 minutes, Resting - 14 hours and 30 minutes, Sleeping - 8 hours. more...

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I totally understand how you feel when it comes to family bringing in food. My family did this a lot at the start of my diet. However, my doctor suggested talking to them about it. So I did and it worked wonders for me. I'm sure your family wants you to be healthy and will understand. As far as dinner, I make all the food. I make healthy versions of the same foods everyone loves. My family actually loves it more lol.😅 So don't be discouraged, you've got this!💪🏽😊 
17 Nov 20 by member: Curvaceous Cutey
Thank you @CurvaceousCutie for your encouraging words, I’ll try to speak to my family ❤️ Have a wonderful day!  
17 Nov 20 by member: Serenissima87
There won't be a shortage of folks willing to support you. We all share the same struggle.  
17 Nov 20 by member: Les Girth
Okay, YOU are important. Your goal is very attainable. No more excuses. Talk to your family. There are wonderful meals you can prepare that the whole family will like. Food is not the enemy. You've got this ❣️ 
17 Nov 20 by member: Erq1
You got this love!!!! Best of wishes on your new journey! 
17 Nov 20 by member: cmr1989
Start today with attainable small goals. Plan and log your daily food. We are here to support you.  
17 Nov 20 by member: Diana 1234
I eat family friendly food that I cook for the family, just trying to eat smaller portions when necessary... but for me the biggest foe is not mealtime foods but all the in-between meal snacking. 
17 Nov 20 by member: Last Ember 1
I feel you and you are powerful! You took the first big step in recognizing that you are unhappy and that you need to do something to make yourself happy. And we are all happy to support you along the way <3 Just remember, it wont be easy at times, but hey, anything worth having is never easy. Have a blessed day! 
17 Nov 20 by member: vcabral2
I agree with these comments. I don't have success unless I log what I eat. It keeps me more aware of what and how often I'm eating. Snacking is a serious culprit. I also found using recipes from a certain website has helped me make foods that both my husband and I can enjoy. I don't know if I can post that website here. I'm certain many know it already.  
17 Nov 20 by member: donnaZee
I'll be your diet buddy if you like. I can relate to much of what you say. 
17 Nov 20 by member: LaughingChevre
Welcome!! You’ll find a lot of support here. If I may suggest? Delete the word diet from your life. Gain a lifestyle, not a diet. Even that word itself is ‘negative’ in all our minds. Do things you can do the rest of your life was the best piece of advice given to me so I share it with you. ❤️ All the best. 
17 Nov 20 by member: wifey9707
Il nostro obiettivo è simile: 61kg sarebbe già il peso ideale per me. 
17 Nov 20 by member: LaughingChevre
Thank you for sharing your journey! SO much of what you said resonated with me and what I have been facing lately! You ARE NOT alone!  
17 Nov 20 by member: theposhiblecoach
You are right, you are not alone in this, but that doesn’t help YOU in your struggle. I’m not sure who is bringing all the unsolicited food into the house, but ASK THEM TO STOP DOING THAT. If they persist, feel free to dump it. You don’t need to justify having to eat it. Work with your own recipe and menu development skills. Learn to make some minor changes in family favorites that will benefit you and your family. Learn to cook to the number of people eating. Don’t plan for leftovers if you make something that is on the less healthy side. One of the most important skills to fighting this battle of weight control is to learn portion control. You are always going to be faced with the situation of choosing foods that are not in your best interest in terms of achieving your goals. You have to develop the skill of knowing what a real portion is, eat it if you must, then STOP. The other MUST DO in the weight control battle is activity. You have to MOVE. Dance in the living room, follow the exercise shows that are usually on TV in the early AM. Gets your little girl out there and have her exercise with you. Enough for now. You can do this. There are many real warriors here who have succeeded in doing this. You have to develope a mindset that this is a lifestyle change not a diet. I seldom use that word with people that I am mentoring because diet has a beginning and an ens. Lifestyle change is to learn to make peace with food— healthier choices most of the time and less healthy choices once in a while. 
17 Nov 20 by member: Kenna Morton
You said “if I cook something healthy he won’t like it “ Not a problem. Let him eat it. Put it on the table for him and your little one can have some if she wants... BUT cook some veggies and chicken or fish make it tasty and healthy. So it takes a bit more time .... it’ll be better for you..... I’ll bet when your daughter sees you eating “your” food she will start having some also. Maybe your husband will switch over also maybe not. but he’s a grown man he can eat what he wants , we all do. But, maybe just maybe if you get on the healthy kick your child and hubby will join in... 
17 Nov 20 by member: Char60
If HE doesn’t like your food, he can go find food for himself. Stop trying to cater to everybody. Except may be for the baby. Lol. I have a 19 month old myself. I try to cook healthy things for her. I just need to start eating healthy myself too. 
17 Nov 20 by member: krazeemeow
Little changes add up. Have you tried portion control? Make a healthy salad or veggie to go with meals. Fill up on those and eat small portion of not so healthy foods. Maybe try to healthify the meals a bit, they might not even notice. In the end, you’ve got to do what’s best for you ❤️ 
17 Nov 20 by member: Rckc
everything you said I have been through. after I had my 2nd daughter my husband started working nights I had a 3 year old and a new born. I cooked for me and the 3 year old healthy every night she loved it I would of course still make her Mac and cheese I just didn't eat it. I lost 60lbs while he was working nights. that was 8 years ago I go on and off of diets and it drives him crazy I'll get on a healthy kick and then forget about it again. my kids are now 8 and 10 and with covid and them being inactive my 10 year old is becoming self conscious about her weight she was always tall and underweight now she is normal for her height. I try to cook healthy but my husband doesn't always agree with what I want to make. we compromise and make a meal plan each weekend for the upcoming week that way if they want fried chicken or fast food I make sure to have a healthy leftover I can warm up. look on pinterest I have found a lot of healthy recipes to trick my husband with. the family favorite right now is Crack chicken I eat that with salad and some vegetables and I will make them mac and cheese or some kind of starchy side of they want it.  
17 Nov 20 by member: Brooke444
I've been you my whole life. I start every Monday. So you're not alone. I need a diet buddy too so maybe it will help. Best to you and your family. ... I will do along with you. - Tks!  
17 Nov 20 by member: Onedllm
I understand as well. Sometimes dieting is stressful for me and I tend to get irritated with my surroundings. I try to get up and remind myself that my choices are my own and whatever the scale says or the hunger I feel should not affect my behaviour. It is not not easy. which is my I do the daily remainder. Good luck to you. Sounds like you have a good understanding of how things effect you!!! 
17 Nov 20 by member: liv001


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