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31 October 2012

Weigh-in: 194.4 lb lost so far: 66.1 lb still to go: 37.9 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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31 October 2012

First weigh in since 19 september, after my holidays. Overall good result considering the challenges of eating the right portions in the US and the fact that I ate a lot away from home.
The overall calorie deficit for the period was 34865, but when corrected for my estimated Bodymedia error (10%) it went down to 19600 which would imply a loss of about 2.8kg fat.
I actually lost 3.2kg and went down to 23.6% fat from 24%, so I guess the difference between forecast and actual is water weight (since the fat % went down more slowly) Today I am finally planning to go and measure my fat % with Bodpod to have a benchmark for my Omron scale.

I am glad about the result considering that over the last 41 days I consumed way more calories than my goal with an avg intake of 2850/day, but I also upped my burn with tennis and jogging. Unfortunately I stopped for the last 3 weeks chalistenics due to a knee problem, I will resume this week.
This pace of loss of about 2.5 kg.month is good and I would like to avoid loosing to fast to limit skin damage. I am not sure yet where I stand in terms of loose skin, I am afraid I will have some around the belly. Now I have still quite a lot of fat around it so I am not sure whether the fact that it is a bit loose is due to fat or skin. It does not look too bad, but I will see if I can manage to loose another 10 kg and get under 20% body fat.
Weigh-in: 194.4 lb lost so far: 66.1 lb still to go: 37.9 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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19 September 2012

Kept similar trend to the last 2 months, higher burn rate and higher calorie intake. On Avg I ate 2686 kcal over the period and created a nominal deficit of about 27500 kcal which corresponds to about 18000 deficit if accounting for usual BM overestimation.

Still I would have expected a drop bigger than just 0.9 kg. It is possible that I added some muscle and water since my fat according to my BIA scale has gone down considerably to 24% (from 26.6%).My LBM has gone up 1% to 36%.
Of course the BIA is not accurate, I think I am still way over 25% body fat, probably closer to 30%, but so far it has been good at showing the trend. I have lost 2 cm on the waist so that might confirm the theory of fat loss higher than weight loss.
Still despite all this I can't help being a bit disappointed for the lower than expected weight loss. It is quite silly but old bad habits are hard to die.
I am quite glad I keep weighing only every 2-3 weeks, so I keep a good feeling of the general trend and do not get too distracted from weight variations.

Today I will also go to get tested with the BODPOD to see how far off my scale is at estimating fat %. Probably a waste of money since also the BodPod is not perfectly accurate, but I am curious.

For the next two weeks before my trip to the US I want to try to lower my avg calorie intake to about 2100/day to create a slightly higher deficit that allows me for the extra calories I will certainly consume while hanging out with my friends and attending at least 4 dinners and receptions.

More on the Bod Pod later
Weigh-in: 201.5 lb lost so far: 59.1 lb still to go: 45.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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31 August 2012

Today weighing at 92.3 kg:-1.4kg in line with forecast considering the gross kcal deficit of 17700 since last time (13300 kcal considering Bodymedia 10% burn overestimate).
Fat % down to 26.6% fat (down from 27.6%)which is the best data this time, and 109.5 cm waist down from 111. Lbm 35% up from 33%.
My calories intake has stayed higher than I targeted at 2625 on avg for the period, but I was very active with tennis and bike so my burn was also quite good at 3800 on avg. Ideally I would like to go down to an avg of 2100 but if I can keep up the burn rate, it does not matter too much since it is better to loose no more than 2-3 kg per month anyway.

Calorie deficit keeps being a great way to forecast fat/weight variance the only time it was quite off was last weigh in when I have lost only 0.6kg vs an anticipated 1.8-2. Not sure way,maybe due to the unusual physical effort of riding the bike for 450km to Paris or maybe I underestimated the kcal I ate with all the cheese I ate, anyway for the rest the bodymedia and fatsecret have been great at estimating my fat loss.

I need to increase my resistance training being more consistent with two sessions a week of body weight training. So far since coming back from Paris I have managed to do so, but need to increase intensity.
Weigh-in: 203.5 lb lost so far: 57.1 lb still to go: 47.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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17 August 2012

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