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12 February 2013

Been 62 days since my last weigh in before Xmas. I have been keeping track of my deficit and waiting to reach 30000 cal deficit since last weigh in before the next one.

Currently at 20000 kcal deficit, it has been much slower than in the past due to the Xmas holidays and then to an injury playing tennis that has stopped me playing for the last 5 weeks.
It is now quite hard to build decent deficits without sport because my resting metabolism has gone down a lot due to my weight loss and I like to keep eating at least 2200 kcal per day.
The good thing is that I think based on the deficit and the tape measure I should have kept my weight loss, but the progress in the last few weeks has slown down also because I often eat too many sugars.

I started ADF 3 weeks ago and last week for the first time my blood pressure has gone below 90, hopefully it stays that way.

ADF is tough mentally but I do not really get hungry.

11 December 2012

Today weighed in after 40 days and reaching a gross deficit of 31300 kcal which would correspond to a net deficit of around 16500 once corrected for the usual 10% estimated extra calories my bodymedia reports. Once this usual adjustment is made the expected fat loss is in line with the calorie deficit ie:-2.4kg.
My body fat percentage has gone down to 20.6% and my lbm up to 37.9% (32.51kg vs 32.05kg).My waist has gone down 3.5 cm.

On average I have eaten 2977kcal, with way too many days over 3000 in the past 6 weeks. I managed to keep deficit through exercise mainly tennis and riding my bike to work instead of driving.
It is disappointing that I could not keep my calories under 2500 as it was my goal, mainly by limiting refined sugar that I am consuming way too much. Not worried about weight/fat loss which is going according to plan and would not wish to go any faster, but because too many sugars are not good overall and generate addiction.
I am glad I am keeping my activity up through the winter and enjoying it.

The next couple of weeks will be challenging because there will be plenty of parties and celebrations and I plan to enjoy all the food I love when I will go back to Italy for Xmas. I hope to get to the week of 24th with a further 5-7 k calories deficit so that I have some buffer for the extra calories I will certainly eat over Christmas. The problem is that only over the next week I have 4 dinners and christmas parties.

Last thing, since the start of November I moved to My Fitness Pal journal to save my calories. I am copying to FS manually to update my calendar, but just inserting total calories. I still prefer FS overall, but MFP syncs with my body media offering me a lot of additional data on my BM dashboard. I am not copying the exercise, but on average I have burnt 3850 kcal/day (3500 net of the overestimation)
Weigh-in: 189.2 lb lost so far: 71.4 lb still to go: 32.6 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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28 November 2012

Note to myself:

Recently I moved my food journal to my fitness pal because it syncs automatically with my bodymedia armband dashboard.

I still like FS more, maybe because I am used to it, but I like being able to analyse my intake via bm.

I still plan to update manually my food diary on FS when I weigh in (every month or so) logging just the total amount of calories.

Since late August/September my calories intake has gone up quite a bit over 2500/day on average, and I have been experiencing more sugar/refined carbs cravings. I managed them mainly thanks to being more active and by managing my overall weekly budget to accommodate them.Overall I kept loosing weight and fat which is great, but I am worried that I cannot change this attitude forever which is my goal.

Loosing slowly does not bother me, actually I want to avoid loosing more than 2.5 kg/month, but still having the occasional sugar binge annoys me.

Yesterday I saw on youtube a video of a guy who lost 400lbs on one of these american tv shows in 2009 and then 3 years later has recovered 300lbs which is very disappointing and shows how loosing weight is a piece of cake compared to maintaining it.

Sport is really helping now but I need to put under control the other side of the equation bringing down calories to 2100/2200 day and sugars to below 30 g/day, otherwise as soon as for some reason I will be unable to do sport I will loose control of my fat again.

31 October 2012

Weigh-in: 194.4 lb lost so far: 66.1 lb still to go: 37.9 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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31 October 2012

First weigh in since 19 september, after my holidays. Overall good result considering the challenges of eating the right portions in the US and the fact that I ate a lot away from home.
The overall calorie deficit for the period was 34865, but when corrected for my estimated Bodymedia error (10%) it went down to 19600 which would imply a loss of about 2.8kg fat.
I actually lost 3.2kg and went down to 23.6% fat from 24%, so I guess the difference between forecast and actual is water weight (since the fat % went down more slowly) Today I am finally planning to go and measure my fat % with Bodpod to have a benchmark for my Omron scale.

I am glad about the result considering that over the last 41 days I consumed way more calories than my goal with an avg intake of 2850/day, but I also upped my burn with tennis and jogging. Unfortunately I stopped for the last 3 weeks chalistenics due to a knee problem, I will resume this week.
This pace of loss of about 2.5 kg.month is good and I would like to avoid loosing to fast to limit skin damage. I am not sure yet where I stand in terms of loose skin, I am afraid I will have some around the belly. Now I have still quite a lot of fat around it so I am not sure whether the fact that it is a bit loose is due to fat or skin. It does not look too bad, but I will see if I can manage to loose another 10 kg and get under 20% body fat.
Weigh-in: 194.4 lb lost so far: 66.1 lb still to go: 37.9 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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