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05 February 2016

I went out to eat last night and had good choices. Fried grouper sandwich minus 95% of the bun (I picked at a piece) and a house salad instead of fries. No cocktail or wine, just water with lemon. Food was good, the 2nd date was meh. More and more of not a match as we went for me so I let him know (nicely). Oh well. Meeting people.

It's back to cold (44 this morning here in Orlando) for the next few days, will only get into the high 50s, low 60s. My son should be happy for the respite from the warm we've had the past couple days (he's just back from Colorado's winter) but I'll be glad for moving more into February where we get more moderate temps during the winter typically. I'll have to find a long sleeve shirt today and maybe a hoody to keep comfy.

Today will be a fast day to let my system balance out. Tomorrow is granddaughter's 3rd birthday party and I'm hoping there will be good options for me. I'll break the fast after my bloodwork tomorrow with an omelette or something with "heft" to keep me from succumbing to any poor options at the party.

Has anyone ever seen Brene Brown on Tedtalks ( or read her books? She's a researcher and author and her words hit me hard when I watched it. This is her talk on vulnerability. She also has one on shame. She's phenomenal. I just got her book Daring Greatly and can't wait to read it.

If you check it out, I'd love to hear your take on it. Stay warm, safe and moving my friends...

Have a great day buddies...
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04 February 2016

Ok, I'm done guessing (for now) what my body is doing. I'm going to start looking for NSV'S (non-scale victories) like I encourage others to do. Keep making the positive changes and focus on the things I'm taking for granted (endurance, energy level, etc.) instead of only the scale. I notice them but I don't focus on them.

The biggest take-away I think I'm noticing is that when my schedule is externally changed, I am still not putting my identified goals as a priority in front of other priorities (work, family, friends, others' expectations for my time/activities). That's been an issue in the past for me on a larger scale and I thought I had that under control but apparently it's slipped into a side-crack that I can now address to make me healthier.

I think almost everyone who takes this journey with us understands that weight loss is not really about the food. It's our mind's relationship with and dependence on food. If it were simply a physical thing, we'd all be thin and stay that way. If we don't address the mental part of this journey, the circle never stops. So many of us have been successful then let it go, then worked hard again to be successful only to have (ok, let) it slip away when things in life are hard for one reason or another.

I want to be thin, and I want to be physically and mentally healthy. I can't address that without addressing the mindset and FIXING the pieces that are broken or warped. Noticing where the "circles" are is a good place to start and address the feelings behind the behaviors behind the issues. Until we learn the lesson we're supposed to learn, we continue in the same circular path with the same results. I'm getting dizzy on this circle.

You inspire and encourage me and remind me to laugh at myself when I take things too seriously. I wish you all were closer to do a meet-up. Who's in?? I'm in Orlando, FL :D

I hope your Thursday is wonderful, buddies.Have a great day...
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03 February 2016

Weigh-in: 180.8 lb lost so far: 14.8 lb still to go: 35.8 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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02 February 2016

Got a lot of non-work stuff done yesterday with my son moving home, getting him going in a direction. Today will probably be more of the same but I need to get more work stuff done along with it.

I did ok on food yesterday but I'm realizing that some of what I ate was emotional (not bad, but emotional just the same). I'm letting life "happen" to me instead of living it intentionally in some aspects. That isn't healthy, it won't get me where I want to go (weight or otherwise) and it's not how I want to live. I'm glad I noticed it. Now to notice it as it's happening and change it...

It's supposed to be 80, partly/mostly sunny today so hopefully I'll get time to get out and take a walk break. I need to get my endurance back up for when my dad comes to visit so we can go walking either on the trail or the beach. I can't go as long as he does (he's a regular long-distance walker) but I don't want to be dying at 2 miles either.

Take charge of your day. Be proactive in your mindset and what you do. Don't let it happen TO you.

Have a great day buddies...
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01 February 2016

We all eventually get those "duh" moments of clarity. I stayed on plan but ate a lot more than typical yesterday and Saturday (although Saturday was just extra chicken - so good...). It hit me on the way to pick up my son from the airport last night - duh. You had like no water either day. DRINK YOUR WATER.

Not that not drinking water directly led to the gain necessarily but definitely I notice a correlation between low water (like maybe <32 oz +/- for the day) and increased eating/grazing/wanting.

It's funny how many times we can recommit to the same things until we get it. And even then sometimes we forget and have to relearn the lesson. It shows up in all sorts of categories (money, relationships, self-image) and I find we go through the same lesson over and over until we finally make the solution so much a part of ourselves that it's ingrained.

I hope your Monday is wonderful buddies...DRINK YOUR WATER! ;)
Weigh-in: 179.8 lb lost so far: 15.8 lb still to go: 34.8 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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