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06 August 2016

End of day I had a strong hankering for sweet. I avoided the junk food and had oranges but still more than my body likes for downward trends. The rest of the day was good for food and pretty full of stuff accomplished.

Half of today will be my "weekend" part of the weekend. My downtime, errand time, coffee time. Having granddaughter at 4p overnight until about 2p tomorrow. She SAYS she wants a 'sweepober!' but we shall see what actually happens. Usually about 1115pm she decides this isn't gonna work and she needs to go home like 20 minutes ago lol. Trying to give the other grandparents a break (they live with her fulltime) while her momma is away for a weekend. Pray for my sleep... Will also likely end up at restaurants this weekend. 1st born turns 25 today so dinner tomorrow. Lunch with a friend tomorrow. Little one is with me tonight so may stop by her daddy's work for dinner so he can see her. I'll do my best for choices but won't be surprised to not lose this weekend.

This is tax-free weekend so I'm going to go spend $ to get school supplies for our work project to support kids who don't have them. This year I get to help with this project and also partner with a friend's class in MS who lives in a really poor area. Since I don't have littles that I need to buy for, I'll put some money toward someone else's littles.

Still waiting for my car parts to come in so I can get them fixed but SO grateful that I work from home so I rarely even need to drive (think basically groceries LOL). Hoping the parts come in soon though. I promised my car I'd make it feel better and it's waiting.

(Coffee cup raised) Enjoy your morning buddies...
Weigh-in: 178.6 lb lost so far: 17.0 lb still to go: 33.6 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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04 August 2016

Weigh-in: 177.4 lb lost so far: 18.2 lb still to go: 32.4 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   (2 comments) on diet Atkins   losing 3.5 lb a week

03 August 2016

The best is the enemy of the good ~ Voltaire

Good in hand (is there ever enough coffee at 730am?) and preparing for the day's mental training ground. A new corner of a project that I'm figuring out...that has few absolutes and many different ways it could be view of the end result yet which is hard. There is no "right" way to do this all laid out. That specifically is what I've been needing to work on all year and each time I encounter it, still makes me afraid and want to avoid it. And yet I know that the reason I keep encountering it is that I haven't mastered it yet (can I be done now?) so it comes to me until I have learned the lesson well. God loves me and puts this in my path to grow, to be more the "me" I should be. It's not good to live in fear and, in this way, I do. It's frustrating (because I have expectations) and scary (since I don't know exactly what to do to avoid disagreement/conflict). And yet from an outside perspective (looking at me from a distance) I know I can do it. I'd just rather have someone else do it for me lol.

I have a friend that never seems to be afraid, she just does it. If it's wrong, she reevaluates, corrects and keeps on going. She doesn't feel it, there's no emotion attached to it. In some ways I wish I could be like that, be able to see whatever I do as just a thing, just work, not a reflection of me (because at this point it is). And yet, when I pass a hurdle and don't die, I grow and have an experience to share with someone else who is following a similar path, to encourage or instruct them. I can be what I'd like to have at this point. Doesn't mean I'd not like to shrink/pull back today though LOL.

Have a great day buddies...
Weigh-in: 177.9 lb lost so far: 17.7 lb still to go: 32.9 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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02 August 2016

Weigh-in: 179.2 lb lost so far: 16.4 lb still to go: 34.2 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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01 August 2016

Yeah, that thing I said about keeping yesterday in check? MMMM...didn't happen. I own it. An off weekend doesn't stop the journey, just refocus. There are days I want to smack my own head and say WTH are you doing? The reasons have nothing to do with reason or it would be easier to not do it. Oh well. New day.

It also occurred to me this morning that I'm back to not drinking enough (again). Coffee and watered down crystal light have become my liquids. Not awful but not beneficial. And then there's the ever-present body-catching-up-to-food issue. But again, new day.

Office/bedroom corner is basically set up but not really organized yet and my dining room table looks like a file cabinet exploded. Working on that corner by corner this morning in between stuff. I did find a paper that I started years ago titled 100 things I want to write about. I got to 75 in writing the list. Some of them I'd still like to write about if I get back in that mode. It's dated 2/14/08. Weird how much things change but are still the same inside my head based on that list :)

Have a great day buddies...
Weigh-in: 181.0 lb lost so far: 14.6 lb still to go: 36.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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