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29 July 2016

Good morning! Coffee, Friday, not winter. Not a bad start to the day...

I'm going to have to set up a bedroom office (now that I have kids back in the house and my work calls are ramping up, I need somewhere to be besides my dining table for an option). I HAD an office...and then boy moved back home in Feb...then his friend came back last week and is renting a room until they get back on their feet again and pay off debt. He'll be giving me some rent money once he gets a job so in the meantime I have slave labor lol. I did let him know before he moved in that when my Dad visits, he trumps and gets the room for the 3 weeks. Friend can bunk in with Josh or find somewhere for that time period. I have a feeling Dad and I will take some intermittent trips so that the full house doesn't drive him/us crazy...

Realized at 5pm yesterday I had forgotten to had a little something and then my friend 1.5 hrs later says lets go to dinner! Ya know...I went :) I hadn't had much. I got 10 naked wings - MMMM! Glad to still see a drop. Eating later and some extra salt sometimes affects things.

Awake this morning at 5am...yay. Couldn't go back to sleep so got up a little after 6. So much to do and I still feel scattered. Lists are my friend today...

Enjoy your day, my friend!
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28 July 2016

Weigh-in: 176.5 lb lost so far: 19.1 lb still to go: 31.5 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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26 July 2016

What did YOU fail at today?

I'm seeing so many on here beat themselves up (or others doing it) for making a mistake/falling off track. It made me think of a video I saw about Sara Blakely (of Spanx fame) and a story she told about the question her father asked her and her brother every day at dinner.

Most of us remember being asked about our day, what did we learn, what did we do. Her father came at life from a different direction: What did you fail at today? And they were applauded for failures. If they didn't have anything that day they failed at, it was a bit of a letdown.

No, her parents didn't want her to be a loser. They realized that the only way we truly succeed and learn is to try and fail. It's during those failures, those times we didn't make the grade, that we LEARN and GROW.

Stop apologizing for what you didn't do.

Shift. Your. Focus.

What did you try new today? What did you do in a different way? What scared the crap out of you but you did it anyway?

If you didn't fail at something today, you're probably playing it safe to avoid conflict or ridicule or any other host of emotions.

Look for something to fail at today. If you learn something (and we all do whether we acknowledge it or not) you have grown.

So go on...go fail at something! What have YOU failed at today??'s the link to the video...
Sara Blakely video
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25 July 2016

Weigh-in: 177.0 lb lost so far: 18.6 lb still to go: 32.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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24 July 2016

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