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13 August 2013

Everyday is a NEW DAY - and I am grateful! Today is a special day, for me anyway. Today is my middle son's Birthday! (the one who is a fireman)

I am headed out early to do some walking, then grocery shopping, then back home w/ some chores here to do! Doesn't sound like much of a day for MOM, now does it?

Well, it's not my day... it's HIS! His brother and sister (and SIL) will all be over on Friday Night for a special b-day dinner. (B-day Son has plans w/ his girlfriend for tonight).

Every year, when given the opportunity - I always offer to make them their FAVORITES for their B-day Dinner. When I asked him what he'd like he told me... "Mom, I can see you are serious about eating low carb again... so how about some 'steak tips, cauliflower mash, and a caesar salad...hold the croutons!'

OMG - I love this young man! (So, that will be Friday's dinner!)

I am looking forward to tomorrow's weigh in!!! I KNOW - did I just say that??? Well, I peeked ahead - and I am certain a little progress is being made! WOOT! WOOT!

Hope you have a wonderful day ... give it all you've got! YOU'RE WORTH AT LEAST THAT!!!!
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11 August 2013

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10 August 2013

For all of you weekend warriors who take weekends off (regarding your weightloss goals, or eating plans) you might want to skip this journal!

My body doesn't know the difference between SAT or Thurs!!! One thing I have learned - is that it requires effort to eat low carb, and switch your body into BURNING STORED FAT for fuel!!! So, why on earth would I want to flip that switch into the 'off' position!

Moreover, it can take anywhere from 2-14 days... to switch it back!

That's like repeating the last two weeks - just to get back to where I am right this second!

NO WAY!!!! I have worked hard these last two weeks to get into FAT BURNING MODE and I sure as heck don't want to screw it up!

I wrote down from memory what I used to do when things were working (way back in the beginning of this low carb journey):

Weigh In Every Other Day at Home - Record Once a Week here on the Site
Use Keto Sticks to measure Ketosis
Track Food Daily
Exercise (moderate/every other day) (at home exercises/daily)

I am off to the gym early this morning... then off to Walmart to try to find some new Keto Sticks!

Happy Weekend... Stay Focused!
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09 August 2013

Feeling really good about my 'do over'! Life is far too short to make this all about me :) (Ok, it's mostly about me in this journal...but in life... not so much!)

How are you doing?

Are you at all able to DEFINE your actual 'way of eating'? Do you have a plan, and is it Strict? Is it flexible? Do you count calories? If not, why not? Do you just strive for a 'healthy' lifestyle, but not really have a plan - a LITERAL plan w/ guidelines - to work from?

Are you making progress? Are you happy w/ the progress? Would you prefer to change what you are doing because you really aren't getting anywhere?

Why do we REPEAT over and over - what we think we should do - with NO REAL RESULTS, instead of looking at ways we can change something?

Of course, I am not talking about someone who is having the occasional slow down or stall - but someone who started out all ready to conquer this WEIGHTLOSS thing... and then your initial plan either didn't work, or you didn't work it. Either way... if you are not losing... consistently (most weeks) at least a pound a week... something is not right.

AGAIN - not talking about EVERY WEEK. And I am not talking about normal, occasional stalls.

But you know if that is you!!! You think - I'll get it together one of these days, and I'll start again - but for now, I'll just do my best - and try not to gain!!!

Is that good enough for you? (I'm just talking about the average joe)

It's not good enough for me...anymore.

Remember the Paula who was the NO EXCUSES QUEEN!!!

She's Back :)
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08 August 2013

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