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21 August 2014

Hit snooze 3 times this morning...and didn't really go to bed too late either.

Finally up and started my day with 10 minute ab workout -- I really focused on doing 20 reps of each exercise, and really tried to focus using my abs and resisting the temptation to exert my neck. (ipad workout)
Then did 20 minutes of full body weight training -- another ipad workout - with 5lb weights.
Then, just for good measure, did a 6 minute post workout cooldown workout - which was nice. Honestly I think I could have done more.....

Tonight 10 minute strength exercise with hubby. I've made him happy-it's a complete floor workout. He's got a busy day today, so he'll smile.

Back in the groove of cooking supper again. I really don't like when there is not a plan.

Shake for breakfast and for lunch worked yesterday. *Tomorrow will be last of Greenberry shake, so then I'll switch to mixing protein shake with the Carnation sugar free chocolate drink mix till I power through those. This is a temporary fix until I get my eating habits for breakfast and lunch back under control.

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20 August 2014

Smile! It's Wednesday!!! Last night went and volunteered at no-kill pet shelter. Weird not having my favorite girl there -- but heard she went to a wonderful family, the husband trains dogs. And let's face it Virgo is a very smart dog and needs stimulation! Started with my usual side trip to fold laundry first - good hours worth (normal). Then went and spent petting time with 9 dogs. The last two dogs -- one is a large hounddog, when I opened his kennel, my shirt sleeve got caught and he made a dash out into the open kennel area and was not really happy I caught him before he caused a true ruckus, and then tried the donkey stance when I tried to get him back in his kennel! (It was a workout). Then the last dog, who has been adopted and returned I think twice, due to one reason or another, I went to pet him and he started a low growl. Okay, none of that mister. Hasty retreat. Funny note - a Shitzu was so matted that they had to shave his fur nearly off, (I thought he had mange)and they gave him a fleece doggie sweater with a hoodie. His face still has all the fur, so he looks like a mountain man with wild hair and wild facial hair, then part rat, including his tail...with a pink gangsta hoodie's name is Bubbles. LOL. Just ain't right!

Contractor 2 came at 7am, so I knew I had to be up, exercised, showered and dressed by 7am. Started doing Popsugar Pilates cardio workout - sounds interesting right? Apparently there is a HUGE glitch, cause about ever 1.5 exercises it would crash. So the first 10 minutes of my workout was do the exercise, get the heartrate up, system would crash, reboot and fast forward to where we left off. Repeat for 10 minutes. Then annoyed enough to go back to Sworkit Cardio - 20 minutes. (Oh it's a KILLER!) I should be part kangaroo as much jumping was involved this morning. Which makes my face BEET RED, and afterwards I sweat like a horse. Shower immediately following, which just made sweating worse (normally wait 40 minutes after exercise before showering). Hubby and I both were ready this morning when contractor arrived. This one gave us the impression it might be a greater task than he was interested in, or it was going to cost us alot more than what we budgeted to do it the way he feels best.

Decided to try having a shake in the morning - working on getting more protein in my body than not. Will just have to adjust should my digestive system get out of whack. We already know I like to eat...let's see if I equally like to drink! had to be Monday's Yoga or Tuesday's Strength exercises...but wow my hips ache!!! I'm taking that as something is being effected by working out. Either that or my body is protesting week 2!! I haven't stuck with a workout routine longer than a week in a long time. But let's face it...I MUST DE-STRESS! LOL!

P.S. Can you believe we already have a drawing from Contractor 2? (He is going on I guess he wanted to go ahead and get it done so he could relax!)
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19 August 2014

Well, I got an email yesterday that my favorite fur buddy at pet shelter got adopted over the weekend. It was at that point that I realized I might never be able to foster a child, as I was sad/glad for Virgo. But man how I will miss her!!! She became the only reason I went there....I met her in Feb 2014. She had been at the pet shelter since she was a puppy...and I think she was 1 year and 2 months when I met her. So she was over due for an adoption! I wish her the best.

We had contractor 1 come out and look at what renovations we want to do. How I wish there was a blueprint already done that I could point to and say "We want that one." But life just ain't as simple as that when you're talking renovations/additions to existing home. I anticipated 30 minutes....which turned into 1 hour and 30 minutes. Which I deem as good. He listened to what we were wanting, took our little drawing of what we wanted and said he'd come back out Sunday with a drawing for us to look at. Contractor 2 comes out tomorrow morning at 7am. So at least we've begun....

Hubby and I did yoga/stretches last night -- 10 minutes worth, and boy howdy...this workout holds the moves longer. Makes a difference for sure in my arms! Hubby liked this workout and I believe he has downloaded to his phone so he can do in his office during the day. I can barely contain my joy!!! :) He's doing whatever I have leftover at the end of the day. He's challenged with changing workout positions, so the need to find a slower paced workout can be a little challenging, but fortunately, most have a pause button. I did a Popsugar workout this morning -- 10 minutes of strength and I'll tell you, it was hard with the 5lb weights.

OHHHH, almost forgot text buddies....I NEARLY (Oh I came SOOOOO CLOSE!) had to text someone last night. I've been wanting crackers -- like the peanut butter filled crackers, which are not good for me and not whole wheat options. I literally leaned on the table and looked at them (envision a buzzard leaning over their dinner), I reached a finger out to touch them and graciously pulled my finger back. I didn't need them. Ate a snack size bag of salted peanuts instead. Trust me, it was the lesser of the two evils....cause with the pack of crackers, there was going to be at least 2 packets eaten had I started that foolishness. WHEW!!!!

So there IS progress going on here.
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18 August 2014

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18 August 2014

So I've come to the conclusion that I just like to eat. And I've noticed that I don't drink any liquid until I finish my food. Both equally not good options. I've decided in addition to weighing myself on Monday, I will measure my pooch too. I got my 5th day of exercising in with housework.

I made a mistake yesterday and took a late 2 hour nap, and then my mind was racing with all kinds of frivolous facts and calculations from 11:30p - 12:30a. Seriously had to keep telling my mind to "SHUT UP!" And guess who didn't want to get up and work out this morning? Ha!

I think part of my issue is that I've been having pretty much 2 cups of cereal in the mornings. Probably need to cut that in half, so I had 1 cup of cereal instead.

I love nuts...pretty much all kinds...and I love to snack on them. I know they are huge fat holders and I need to moderate my intake.

Caffeine -- actually done well without the caffeine.
Enriched/Refined grains -- struggled with this one....would have loved to have had some potato chips and Lance crackers. They called me from the table....and I kept eating healthier option stuff to drown out their calls.

Btw -- still haven't responded to the letter.
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