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30 September 2014

Six hours of hours of solid sleep, followed by one hour of drowsing while listening to podcasts.

Morning plank. Ten minutes on the Air Walk Trainer first thing in the morning to burn off glycogen.

The Sunny stepper arrived. Built like a tank and weighing almost as much. My neighbors across the hall never lock the front door but did today so the UPS guy couldn't get in. Otherwise, I might have had it delivered right to my door step. As it was, I wrestled it up the stairs. It's pretty much the upper limit of what I can move. It will take a while to clear a space for it in the bedroom although it does have a small footprint. The Air Walk Trainer does a good job of getting my heart rate up, but I hope the stepper will build up my leg muscles.

Cardio: 1 1/2 hours on the Sunny Air Walk Trainer. Steps: 935.

I've been getting more fiber with psyllium, but it turns into a slimy gel when added to liquid which isn't too bad in a protein shake but not attractive in soups. I may switch to using it in baked goods and use flaxseed meal in soups.

The Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle I used for smoothies is beginning to make that electrical smell. I wonder if the motor is burning out. It won't be a tragedy. I think I paid $10 for it (Kroger has great deals on discontinued appliances). I hedged my bets and ordered a refurbished Ninja Prep Pro from Woot for $40. I've been looking at food processors in that range as I shift to more whole foods. The Ninja looks like a good deal in that it has three containers and works as a blender and a food processor.

29 September 2014

Top 100 free Kindle books

Seven hours of solid sleep, followed by two hours of drowsing while listening to podcasts.

Morning plank. Ten minutes on the Air Walk Trainer first thing in the morning to burn off glycogen.

Yesterday, I added a can of Rotel tomatoes and a package of crinkle cut carrots to the slow cooker of beans. The slow cooker did a good job of emulsifying the beans, far better than the pressure cooker. I'm off the diet for several days while I eat my way through that. I plan to get some freezer containers so I can freeze future bean batches and not have to eat everything over the course of several days.

The cast iron skillet arrived. As FullaBella notes, it is heavy. I can see a lot of uses for it, including baking bread, pizza, and pies. The Subscribe & Save shipment arrived a week earlier than promised, which is fine because I can get back to consuming nuts and fish on a regular basis. Two Jarrow whey protein containers arrived. The one I ordered before I ordered the Subscribe & Save wasn't supposed to arrive until tomorrow. The Subscribe & Save order wasn't supposed to arrive until October 6. That's OK, I'll eventually use both. The tablet holder doesn't fit on the Air Walk Trainer. Another inch of clearance and it would have worked. I'm not upset because it's solidly built and I'll be able to put it to use with another piece of equipment - possibly the stepper or rower.

I overdid the protein today. Will cut back to one scoop of protein powder tomorrow.

I bought an Android app, Hydro+ drink water, to remind me to hydrate.

Cardio: 1 1/2 hours on the Air Walk Trainer. Steps: 519.

29 September 2014

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29 September 2014

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28 September 2014

Yesterday, I did cardio: 1 1/2 hours on the Sunny Air Walk Trainer binge-watching "The Finder" on Netflix. Steps: 1172.

I ordered Jarrow natural whey protein to replaced the Body Fortress, which has Splenda (sucralose). I've only got one scoop left and the Jarrow doesn't arrive until Tuesday. I decided to put it on Amazon Prime's Subscribe and Save so I don't run out in the future. Same for wild-caught salmon. I've been trying to eat fish twice a week, but I've been slacking off lately so Subscribe and Save takes care of that. I've got five items lined up for my first Subscribe and Save so I save 15 percent.

Had another wide-awake episode last night. Woke after 2 1/2 hours of sleep. Stayed awake until early morning, when I managed to doze off.

Morning plank. Ten minutes on the Air Walk Trainer first thing in the morning to burn off glycogen.

Today was a cheat day on the Alternate-Day Diet and a rest and recovery day for exercise.

Cardio: 30 minutes. Steps: 630.

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