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2% Fat Milk (view info)

Greek Yogurt - Blueberry (view info)

Instant Oatmeal (view info)
 cup, cooked

Greek Yogurt (view info)

Bit-O-Honey Candy (view info)

Chocolate Covered Raisins (view info)

Apples (view info)

Milk (view info)

Multi-Grain Sandwich Thins (view info)

Multigrain Cheerios (view info)

Tortilla Corn Chips (view info)
 10 chips

Fried Egg (view info)

Soft White Roll (view info)
 pan, dinner, or small roll

Milk (2% Lowfat Without Added Vitamin A and Nonfat Solids) (view info)

Almonds (view info)

Oil Popped Popcorn (Microwaved) (view info)

Clementines (view info)

Baby Carrots (view info)

Cheddar Cheese (view info)

Turkey Burger (view info)
 medium patty