kingkeld's Journal, 27 May 2012

Good morning!

It's Sunday morning, and it's already a beautiful one. At 7 AM the sun is shining brightly, so much that it woke me up.
I decided to let wife sleep in, I got up, did last night's dishes, made coffee and am now journaling from my exercise bike.

Yesterday i did 65 minutes on the bike and realized that I actually missed it. So here I am again, reminding me why I like to do this and why I need to do this. It's a great calorie burn, and it satisfies me so much after I'm done. I still tend to get bored actually spending the hour on the bike, but then I occupy my mind by watching shows, movies and concerts on the big screen, and by journaling.

Since wife isn't up just yet, I'll make this a nice, long journal. I'm in no rush. The bike goal for today is 30 minutes - legs are tired from yesterday's activities. But who knows - I might go longer.

Yesterday was awesome. First of all, I was satisfied with my weigh-in after the first week, though I see that I need to righted the leash a wee bit. It's no problem, I kinda knew this already. Seeing this, I really tightened up yesterday and found a good chunk of motivation.

1. A very reasonable breakfast, including extra lean ham, cheese, eggs and rye bread. I ate until I was satisfied, not overly full, and did it consciously. Didn't finish the plate.
2. 65 minutes on the bike.
3. Walked to the stores to shop for our extended weekend.
4. Stayed at the stored and had lunch buffet. I had:
- a small slice, probably 2 oz, beef roast. No gravy.
- cream potatoes, about 1/2 - 3/4 cup.
- a piece of salmon, about 2 oz.
- water
... And that's all. Had this been two years ago, I could easily have piled another 3000 calories on top of this.
5. Carried shopping home in a huge army backpack. Total weight of backpack: 30 lbs. The walk takes about 15 minutes, including a total of 4 flights of stairs. Ah, the wonders of not owning a car.
6. Put shopping away at home.
7. A two hour walk by the beach with Wife. We ended up taking a break at the beach restaurant. Så had a soda. I had coffee.
8. A walk back to town.
9. Finished off the walk at a cafe around the corner from home. Had another coffee.
10. Home around 5 pm. Been active all day.
11. Dinner was a garden salad with grilled chicken breast and fat free dressing. Yum.
12. Discovered the the Eurovision Song Contest was gonna be on TV, and settled in to watch.
13. Treated myself to a smoothie - 100g frozen berries, 1/2 cup 0.5% milk, a little sweetener.

Obviously I burned A LOT more calories than I consumed. I should probably have had more, but this fully satisfied me, and I don't want to have more than what satisfies me.

Something interesting dawned on me yesterday, around the cafe coffee. They always come with a little piece of chocolate.

Seeing the Paul McKenna shows, I've gone through a part where you can ween yourself off your worst food demons. Mine is by far chocolate. Well, normally I'd have the little chocolate, count it in my RDI and tell myself that it's okay - which it is -but sometimes it would get the ball rolling and let the carb monster out.

We'll, yesterday, I took one look at the chocolate, the word "gross" popped into my mind and I threw the chocolate away. What a great feeling to be able to do that.

For those of you who wants to learn more about this, I'm gonna post the 2nd show in my journal tomorrow. Don't miss it!

Tomorrow is a day off from work again. Another Danish holiday. Nice. This means of course that it will be a shorter journal, as I probably will be out and about, probably in the garden. Unless I take a bike ride first, then I'll journal while burning my calories.

Yesterday, I felt that I had total control of my calorie intake. It was awesome. I had no urge. I could probably have skipped the smoothie, but it fit so perfectly into the watching TV with Wife and I had it with no regrets. It's not that it was many calories, but technically, it didn't qualify as "eat when you're hungry". It was a a snack, but a very good choice.

Today, I feel the same way. I feel that I'm in control. I feel that I'm on track, doing right. I'm not concerned about traps such as snacks. We have snacks in the house, I could easily find 1000 calories to munch down, but I won't. Control.

Yesterday, at the cafe, I started working on my lesson plan for the class I'm gonna teach. I'm gonna base it on my many Fatsecret discoveries and experiences, but I'm also gonna share other things, such as Thought Field Therapy tapping, weeping off the foods you can't resist, the importance of water, my experiences of how to slowly incorporate exercise, the importance of making your weight loss journey bearable, how to handle food around stress -tapping comes in handy here- and prepping my gang for the Christmas holiday.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

It's gonna be a total of 13 lessons. 90 minutes each. Weekly weigh-ins and showing results from the whole group and from the biggest Loser of the week. Maybe some little mile stone awards? Just some little fun things.

What do you think? What's missing? I'm curious to hear from you guys. I want to make a successful class for everyone, so they can help themselves and so I can keep teaching.

Phew. 45 minutes on the bike so far. How time flies when I write. I love it. Maybe I should talk about the importance of a journal in my class too. To me, it's been a super tool to get thoughts out, put things in place, get opinions, solve problems and share success. And reading other users journals have taught me SO MUCH! I wouldn't have been where I am without this tool and you guys to help me out. It's amazing what we can do as a community, huh?

I wonder how much Fatsecret users have lost in total over the years? This would be an interesting question to ask the man behind the curtain. I gotta do that sometime. It's gotta be many many tons.

So what's in store for today? Nothing much, I think. I think wife wants to gang at home and watch some shows and movies. I'm fine with that I got my exercise done, did plenty yesterday too, so I'm down with slacking most of the day.

I do have to go shopping a little, as we forgot to buy cat food yesterday. That's okay. I can do with a 30 minutes walk. It'll be good, the weather is awesome.

Today I'm thankful for:
- a day in FULL CONTROL yesterday. It was an awesome day!
- getting my bike ride in even before breakfast, and making it a full hour, even if I had settled for 30 minutes.
- roasted chicken and new potatoes, with a salad for dinner. Summer food, tastes like sun shine! Yum!
- Styx' Grand Illusion live on blu-ray while biking. Great classic rock updated with great, modern sound.
- Being able to journal while biking. Can't do that outside. Beat that, mother nature! :-)
- Morning coffee! Gotta have it. On addiction the I actually like having around. Virtually calorie free is your coffee is without cream and sugar.

Have an awesome weekend, guys. Life is good.
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We watched Eurovision too. ... :-) 
27 May 12 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Honestly, I didn't care for many songs. I liked Iceland, and the one that was performed at #3, forgot which country. It was a very haunting, beautiful song. The winner was IMO beyond boring. Run-of-the-mill dance pop.  
27 May 12 by member: kingkeld
LOL Kingkeld... You couldn't have got a worse entry than ours (UK)..... Absolute pants - fancy sending a old "has been famous once" to represent us!!! What were the 'powers that be' thinking?!?! 
27 May 12 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
True true! For once, Denmark did better than the UK. Hey, at least you beat Norway. :) 
27 May 12 by member: kingkeld
I actually went to bed before the end of Eurovision, it was the worst I can remember for song quality. And, Sk1nnyfuture, as an Englishwoman abroad you could've knocked me down with a feather when old Hump appeared! The Turkish announcer told us a legend was about to take the stage - such a legend I'd have guessed he'd have popped his clogs long ago. The only explanation I can think of is that it was a tongue in cheek pop at the system... 
27 May 12 by member: Earthlady
"popped his clogs"...that's a new one on me ;) 
28 May 12 by member: Baxie
Must be an "English" term Baxie LOL 
28 May 12 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Actually, the Danes say "stille træskoene", which means - pop the clogs. :) 
28 May 12 by member: kingkeld
28 May 12 by member: Baxie


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