LisaPhenon's Journal, 03 May 2013

I will be truly happy when my son gets a car. I am so busy every day running him back and forth to class. If he only has one class that day, I have to either sit in my car and starve or go get fast food. It kinda sucks. He's taking forever to get a car because he wants steak on a hamburger budget like most 18 year olds. Well, he's not taking Summer classes, so I'll have a little more time to myself soon. I'm not trying to sound mean, but my life really revolves around my children. I feel like a taxi driver and a short order cook most of the time, and lets not forget maid. It's great to go in the kitchen to cook dinner, and I first have to clean the kitchen so I can cook, and my 15 and 18 year old are relaxing on the couch on their laptops, and then my daughter says, "Hey Mom, what's for din din?" My kids are really great, but you know what I mean. Anyway, I have a super busy day ahead. Like every Friday, I have to do everything that I either put off all week or didn't have time for. Not to mention, my Dad's 66th birthday is tomorrow and I'm kind of pissed because I can't spend any time with him because his wife hates me, and will be jealous if he spends any time with me tomorrow. So, I had a little argument with my dad this morning. He requested that I buy him dress shirts to go with his new custom suits. So, I have to get to the mall at some point today. Of course, I have no idea where to get his shirts or what brand to look for. I buy Chris's shirts at JC Penny's but Dad has really expensive taste so I have no idea what to do. I'm in a crappy mood, but you guys have a great day.
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I know, it's like it doesn't occur to them that they, too, can help prep for dinner, wash the dishes when they're done with them, etc. Makes me crazy, I seem to always have to clean the kitchen before I can cook as well, especially on weekends! And then of course the spouse wants to do "projects"-I tell you, I am a big fan of Monday, because then I'm not working twice as hard as usual just trying to maintain standards!  
03 May 13 by member: CollyMP
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to take over your thread! I think Dad can make do with ONE dress shirt and maybe some really nice socks-dress shirts are EXPENSIVE! So sorry that his wife doesn't like you, but hey-you came first, she needs to understand that you deserve some time with your own father now and again.  
03 May 13 by member: CollyMP
Lisa - how frustrating. Can your son take public transport to college? Is her working? Just remember your kids are old enough to cook for themselves so if you need to just let them know that your are not cooking, there's bread and baked beans if there hungry. I know my daughter isn't a teenager yet (but she acts like it sometimes) so I am not yet experiencing the laziness however you don't have to put up with being a doormat. Put your foot down, you deserve better. Re your Dads wife, if she's going to get jealous let her, he's your Dad. He can sort her out. Also if the shirts are expensive just buy 1 and ask him his size and what colour he wants, otherwise, just get him something that is the opposite of a shirt, maybe a picture of the 2 of you in a nice frame. (that will stir up her up lol - no I'm not being mean, I am a stepmum but would never hate/dislike my stepkids) hope you day gets better 
03 May 13 by member: elk2804
Yeah, very true, but that woman is impossible. I'm just glad I don't have to deal with her anymore. I use to drive a Lexus that belonged to my dad, but I paid him every month to drive it, and of course I took care of all the upkeep for it. Well, she was so pissed about me having that Lexus. For the three years that I had it, she completely harassed me. I mean she followed me, cussed me out in a store. She left angry voice mails on my phone. I finally got a car with my boyfriend, a Sonata which I love, and she has left me alone, but she still pisses me off because she doesn't take care of my dad the way she should. He has a lot of health problem, and he busts his butt to make her happy, but all she can do is think about herself. Whatever. I'm sorry I'm going on and on. 
03 May 13 by member: LisaPhenon
don't worry Lisa. we all have at least 1 person in our lives who is a pain in the buttocks.  
03 May 13 by member: elk2804
Yeah lol. A big huge framed picture of me and my dad. She'd love that lol. and baked beans and bread. That's hilarious. I should do that. They'd think I'd lost my mind. Well, I have some frozen pizzas for dinner tonight, so I don't have to bother. But, yeah I think that one nice shirt will do fine. 
03 May 13 by member: LisaPhenon
and yes, Malcolm is working. He works really hard which is why I don't make him take public transportation. He walk to and from work and gets off at 11:30 pm, and then studies all night, and then gets up for school. So, I'm trying my best to support him, but I just don't get time for myself. I just wish he'd hurry up and get a car. He has the money for a decent first car, and we'd been to so many lots, but he never makes a decision because he's trying to get something amazing when he can only afford like a $6,000 car at the most. 
03 May 13 by member: LisaPhenon
it is good to keep husbands and kids on their toes just so they realise Mums are human and have feelings. If us Mums let our families take us for granted then that is what they will do. My 7 yr was being 'naughty' awhile ago and not eating lunch and a few other things I can't remember. For 3 days I had her make her lunch, I put out the bread, fritz (like your balone) and lunch box. She had to pack her recess food etc too. It helped her be motivated to eat lunch, as Mum was not happy with wasting food. She's abit young to 'cook' but she can get food if she's hungry. Yes, I spoil her to a degree and can be soft but she knows when she crosses the line or is close. I am also abit of a hard arse, don't put up with too much ****.  
03 May 13 by member: elk2804
You might need to say something to your son. he needs the motivation to buy a car otherwise he never will and will keep expecting you too drive him around. You might want to think about talking to all your kids and say that 2xweek they can cook dinner so you get a break, they also clean up. Gives you abit of a break and maybe you can go for a walk or have a nice bath. I'd be straight with them and let them know you are stressed and it isn't good for anyone. Whatever you do following with action otherwise they won't take you seriously. anyway it's after 1am here and I need some sleep :) big hugs 
03 May 13 by member: elk2804
I know exactly what you mean. I'm no push over. I just have a soft spot when it comes to supporting my kids. I really want them to focus on their education and do well, and I try to make that easy for them. I think I just need to work on finding a balance so that I there is room for my needs. My daughter is sweet as pie, but she is useless around the house. The girl can barely boil water, and has no interest in learning to cook, but she has emotional issues, so I try not to push her too much. Well, I'm just glad it's the weekend. I don't cook on the weekends. So, I can kinda chill out tomorrow and Sunday. 
03 May 13 by member: LisaPhenon
Ok I'll do that. Thanks for your help. What country are you in by the way? 
03 May 13 by member: LisaPhenon
I am in Australia, SOuth Australia actually, the driest place on the driest continent in the world. Not good for allergies, asthmatics etc. Just been the last yr or so since they relaxed water restrictions. I am grateful that even in winter we get nice sunny days but it gets bloody hot in summer. You get sunburnt just walking outside (not quite but pretty close you can't stay in the sun too long). 
03 May 13 by member: elk2804
Oh cool. I'd love to see Australia. Have you been to the states? 
04 May 13 by member: LisaPhenon
I was actually born in Hawaii. My parents were studying an meet there. Dads english who was living in Australia an Mums Aussie who was living in New Zealand. We then moved to Houston so Dad could keep studying. They struggle financial and had to leave. So went to NZ for a few years an came to Australia when I was 5. I do have dual citizenship. I would like to visit Hawaii an the East Coast however I can not handle long flights. I use to fly around for work, saw abit of Australia. Longest flight was Melbourne to Perth about 5hrs but now I get edgy on a 2hr flight from Adelaide to Sydney lol. WOuld love to go to the UK as well but that ain't going to happen unless I fly first class an have lots of stop-overs, not quite within the budget lol 
04 May 13 by member: elk2804
Right well I hope you get to go everywhere you'd like to go at some point. I haven't had a chance to travel at all. My mother raised me in southern California. I stayed there most of my life. I had kids and got married young. I taught preschool for about 15 years until my marriage fell apart. I took my kids and moved to Utah. I stayed there for about five months, but my dad convinced me to come to Georgia because that's where he was living. So, I'm here in Georgia now. I've never been out of the states. I'm kind of embarrassed to say I've never traveled, but that's just not where my life led me. I do have a bucket list though... things that I want to do before my 40th birthday, and traveling is on the list. I'm sure I can soon because my kids are almost grown, and my boyfriend is very adventurous. He's traveled with the military, so hopefully those dreams will come true for me eventually. 
04 May 13 by member: LisaPhenon
My dream is too travel Australia. Like the States it has every season or weather, ie snow, rainforest, lots of beaches, tropical weather etc.  
04 May 13 by member: elk2804
sounds beautiful. To me, it would just be fascinating to experience different cultures. I want to eat different food, dance to different music, see how people live in general.  
04 May 13 by member: LisaPhenon
I love the multi-cultural aspect of Australia. So mant different cultures, religions etc. At my daughters school there are so many kids whose parents/grandparents migrated so she is able to have friends with many different backgrounds. It helps kids grow up to accept and respect people no matter their background or how they are brought up 
05 May 13 by member: elk2804


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