Lotus's Journal, 24 July 2008

Has anyone watched the U-tube videos by Joy Nash? Type her name in and watch all her videos, especially fat rants 1-3. The one about staircase wit was so funny, but it made me sad at the end where she talks about living in the moment and accepting your body the way it is today, because in 10 years, we will look back and think how cute we were. I am so glad I am getting off the diet bandwagon and the deprivation-overeating cycles. i haven't binged once since I started this. I don't have that "this is my last cahnce to eat this because tommorow I am having nothing but spinach and water" syndrome that has happened so many times in the last month or so.
I know this is the first time in about 5 years I have actually been taking care of myself, rather that obsess about how fat I am and how much I "am allowed" to eat. Who are these "experts" anyway? The diet industry don't want us to lose weight permantantly, they want us to keep coming back for more and keep buying the next "new" diet plan or supplement or magic solution.
There is no magic diet. Some people can stay on deprivation diets indefinitely without it dramatically decreasing their quality of life. But I think for the majority, dieting and obssesing over weight can really take over the rest of your life.
i feel like I have woke up out of a 5 year coma and found that I have not explored any of my other interests or developed my assets, social life or personality, because I have been too centered around weight obsession. I mourn the past as wasted time, but I will not let the present escape me. I feel as though I have been given the gift of a new start. And I AM happy with the weight that I am.
Daily affirmations help! It's becoming more true every day. Why would I want to be a starved obsessed size 1 at 112 lbs with no boobs again when I can be a size 3-5, eating what I want at 118-120?
if I would have been happy with my body the first time I lost weight, I never would have gained it all back through binging.
But enough dwelling on the past.
I am letting it float away into space. My happier future of weight management, not obsession, awaits.
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If we could all be at the same place you are :) I also love Joy Nash's "Fat Rants". I'm nearing my 30's and finally being more comfortable with my body...I had tried every diet, and now am finally allowing myself to eat and not obsess, and in turn this is letting me relax a bit and enjoy life. Kudos to you :) Ps. I can't wait to say I'm a size 5! 
24 Jul 08 by member: Carnalucious
There's definitely more important things to worry about than weight if it's not a deadly issue. I'm 32 and have obsessed most of my life over my weight. I've been on and off diets for 20 years and it wasn't until last winter when I realized what I've been doing to myself. I'm a comfortable size 10 and would love to be a size 6. I believe I can make it happen in time as I make small adjustments here and there on my food choices and exercise routines. There are days that I'm down because I'm not losing weight as consistently as I'd like but then I realize how easy it is now for me to maintain my current weight when 5 years ago, I was starving to get down to the same weight. So relish in your successes...it's good for you and will push a positive effect on your loved ones, too. 
25 Jul 08 by member: fallingoff


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