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218.0 lb
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213.0 lb
Performance: losing 1.6 lb a week

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140.0 lb
Still to go: 73.0 lb
I am Ketovore. 95% meat and 5% limited veggies...Trying to stay under 20 grams of carbs daily is super difficult but the tracker in this website should help me with that. And I practice intermittent fasting by sometimes eating one meal a day (OMAD) which is approximately 24 hours between meals, or having two meals a day (TMAD), which might be 16-18 hours of fasting between yesterday's second meal and today's first meal.

I no longer feel like I need to eat every 2-4 hours, like I did when I was on the Standard American Diet (SAD) and that is a HUGE deal for me. I now only eat when I am hungry.

I enjoy this WOE and am hopeful it helps me to become pain free, so I can lead a more active and fulfilling life. Right now, (October 2020) due to severe pain and inflammation in my body, causing limited mobility, my life pretty much consists of being sedentary, where most of my day is spent either on the computer or watching tv and about an hour per day (15 minute intervals) of doing household chores and cooking meals.

I did not start eating this way for the purpose of losing weight, as getting rid of pain and inflammation is my goal & the sooner that happens, the better! I'm far too young to retire to the couch for the rest of my life...I want to go out and have some fun before I die.

However, I won't complain, cry, or be disappointed if I do lose weight, as weight loss is definitely something I'd like to see happen.

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last weighin: losing 5.6 lb a week Down
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My New Blog...
Since I am having issues trying to get my journal feature working and customer support can't seem to figure out why it's on their end and not mine, I just thought I'd post this here.

I started a blog, and if you're interested at all in learning about Ketovore, I am sharing what I learn and my experiences with this way of eating there, as opposed to here, which was partly why I joined fatsecret...to connect with people interested in this journey. So, please feel free to stop by and have a look, leave a comment, and subscribe if it pleases you. Smile

My Ketovore WOE
posted 30 Oct 2020, 16:32
Journal Entry
I had a feeling I'd have to contact customer support but was hoping it was an easy fix. Thanks for suggesting. It's frustrating to be new on a site and have a series of issues at only 1 week into it. Last week I was somehow locked out of my account and my email was not recognized even though I was still showing up as a member. Then my recipe was pending for a few days so I asked why, and they said they were backed up and it would be a while. Now, this, and my cookbook doesn't show up, I'm guessing that has something to do with the recipe thing. I just wanted to make connections and I'm finding it harder and harder to do Sad
posted 24 Oct 2020, 11:30
Journal Entry
Thanks @egdw I will try the American site.

However, I'm not sure why what I'm asking seems to be confusing people, maybe I'm not asking in a clear manner, so here it is broken down...

1. I can't/don't use the app...I don't have a cell phone.

2. I use my laptop and visit the website directly.

3. I see everyone's journals and comments on their journals just fine.

4. My own journal does not appear under recent activity like everyone else's does.

5. I already set up my privacy settings to allow others to see my journal.

So, still my question remains,

6. why cant I see MY OWN journal entries under the "recent activity" screen when I click on "show activity from me?"
posted 23 Oct 2020, 16:06
Journal Entry
Exactly! Everyone can see the journals...That was the original question...Why is my journal entry not showing up under "recent activity" but I can see journals by everyone else? It wasn't a question about the forums.
posted 23 Oct 2020, 10:56
Journal Entry
I guess I don't understand too much about this site then. I don't have a cell phone, so I don't use the app. But, when I sign in the first page of information that I see is everyone's recent activity, which I am guessing is their journal entry posts..and there are a lot of those, and they all seem to have comments. So, if they don't see them with the app, then why are they posting journal entries? (Sorry, I'm not trying to sound like a smartass, I just truly don't understand how it works)
posted 22 Oct 2020, 17:21
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